Communication:The Mantra For Expecting Parents

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It is essential for any married couple to share a good rapport but it becomes all the more important for a couple expecting a baby to understand and communicate about the changes they are likely to face in the near future. During pregnancy, an expecting mother’s body undergoes major physical and hormonal changes, and that leads to a number of behavioral changes. Due to hormonal changes, the expecting mother might become very sensitive over trivial issues, may easily get frustrated, sad or extremely emotional, but her partner may need to understand that this could be just a temporary and reversible change in her behavior. Some couples may not share their inner thoughts about their partner, leading to a communication gap while it is important for them to discuss the issues that are likely to become a cause of worry for them. Most common issues faced by an expecting couple may include:

expecting couple fight

Mood Swings: This could become the major cause of drift between the couple. An expecting mother might become hypersensitive and emotional owing to the hormonal changes. The chances of flaring tempers and unnecessary arguments are predictably high. She might fight over small things and become sad often. In such a situation, her partner needs to understand and help her out instead of reacting or provoking her further by fighting back. It is not about who is right or wrong, but easing off the tension. Remember, stress can be harmful for the development of the baby. Wannabe parents must try to avoid even minor squabbles and must try to spend good time with each other. They should try to get involved in activities that strengthen the bonding between them. Lack of understanding between the couple can be dangerous in the long term due to newer challenges that they would encounter in different phases of parenting. While a husband should understand that mood swings in pregnant women are common and learn to deal with them gently, expecting women must try to make it easier for their partners to understand and cooperate. pregnancy pillow

Insecurity: As an expecting mother undergoes physical changes, the feeling of looking unattractive and fat may make her feel low and sad. She might feel insecure. It is important for her partner to assure that none of those changes make her less important or valuable than she has ever been and she is loved more than ever for bringing in the joy of parenting. Moreover, some studies reveal that the insecurity doesn’t engulf only the mothers, but it also occupies the psyche of would-be fathers. They fear that with the arrival of the new one, they might not be loved or given attention in the same manner as earlier. The expecting mothers must try to assure their spouses that their love and affection for them will not be reduced even after the arrival of the new one. Spending quality time with him will make him feel special and secure, too.

Communication Gap: Most of the couples hide their thoughts from their partners which can strain their relationship. It is important for the couple to share all the thoughts, worries or fears with each other. Sharing thoughts will act as a stress buster and will help in developing better understanding. It will also help them in making better parents for their child. Communication gap will only complicate things further, therefore, one must break the ice and discuss one’s thoughts with the partner and help each other in overcoming all the fears and worries.

Work Pressures: Both partners have their fair share of work pressures, and pregnancy means additional responsibility. Working women should inform their teams and refrain from taking on new projects. Men should also try to be home on time and spend some quality moments with their partners so as to wipe off work related stress. Be there for each other and understand your priority for the time being.

Always remember that pregnancy is a temporary phase and it is the time when you can either develop a strong bond or drift apart. It is better to understand your partner and build a healthy relationship rather than distancing yourself from your partner. Do not let your mood swings or work load create troubles in your beautiful life. Welcome the baby together with happiness and enthusiasm.

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