Dealing With Throat Problems

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Sore throat can be caused by either viral or bacterial infection. It’s not a painful illness but depending upon the severity it can be. At the back of the throat if itchiness or pain occurs, it might be an evidence of sore throat. Sore throat can affect to anyone but can be a major cause of concern for the people who smokes.


  • Its hard to speak.
  • A peculiar sort of pain occurs on tonsillitis.
  • Its hard to eat and drink.
  • A low fever with headache
  • Mums and influenza
  • Common cold
  • Swelling of tonsils
  • Snoring
  • Breathing from mouth
  • Pain in swallowing food and liquid

If a person is having any of the above mentioned symptoms then he/she must be suffering from a sore throat. For kids and babies a sore throat can be of great problem as they wont be able to swallow anything and this in turn can bring their health to risk as they are more prone to illness.


Since viral infection is the most common cause of sore throat that’s why an antibiotic should be taken to cure this and relieve your pain. Though frequent use of antibiotics can cause other harmful effects on your kids like resistance to a particular sort of antibiotic, allergic reactions, nausea,etc. Try not to give aspirin antibiotic to your babies.


If problem persist for more than 2 weeks then a person should seek medical attention as a common man will not be able to identify the severity and can worsen the situation by just ignoring it. In almost 80% of the throat cancer cases the patient could not able to determine the severity of the sore throat at earlier stage and ends up taking a prolonged treatment of throat cancer. It is always advisable to consult doctor once its recurrence is frequent. Pregnant women or kids should avoid having antibiotics without consulting.


  • Gargle with hot salty water mixed with licorice root
  • Consuming honey can soothes the pain as it has a natural tendency to heal wounds
  • Drinking marshmallows solution can be of great help
  • Drink hot tea mixed with a pinch of ginger juice

During the sore throat a patient should take a food which is soft in swallowing and does not have any chillies in it as it may worsens the sore throat problem. Also it is preferable to be on a liquid diet when suffering from it. Intake of cold liquid should be avoided as it may cause tonsillitis to swell which makes it impossible for patient to swallow anything down under the throat.

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