Creative Monthly Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

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Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

Baby Photoshoot

Every moment becomes precious when you finally meet your little one after ten months. How would you feel if you could capture these memories in a snap and save them for the rest of your life? Yes, we are talking about the recent sensation globally, baby photoshoots. The best part is that you can do a perfect professional-like baby photoshoot in the comfort of your house. The first step is to research and explore baby photoshoot ideas at home

You capture precious moments with adorable photo session ideas you can do right at your house. From DIY props to creative poses, discover tips and inspiration for stunning baby photos that will melt your heart. Get ready to create lasting memories with these monthly baby photoshoot ideas  at home without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

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How to do a Baby Photoshoot at Home?

When you can’t afford to spend several bucks on a professional baby photoshoot, you need not worry. You can simply create the space for a baby photoshoot at your home. The following are some of the essential steps for perfect portraits.

1. Pick a Theme

Use your creativity and pick a theme. A bird, angel, or flower – any theme you want your little one to wear.

2. Create The Setup

Sometimes, dressing up your little one in a theme-based dress is impossible. In such cases, create a background setup for the theme and leave the little one in the backdrop with a usual wrap-around.

3. Choose Appealing Colors

Ensure that you choose camera-friendly color combinations that are aesthetic and appealing. Also, make sure that it suits your little one’s costume.

4. Incorporate Proper Lighting

Colorful lights and cushions could enhance the look and feel of the portrait.

Now, let us look at different ideas for baby photoshoots month-wise.

One Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

One month baby photoshoot

During the first month, your little one will sleep most of the time. It is also the easiest way to click them. Especially when the little one is just born and completing the first month, any sleeping position would be adorable. Some of the 1 month baby photoshoot ideas at home are

  • A head cap and towels, wraparounds, and blankets to cover them when they are asleep is a simple but effective photoshoot idea.
  • A small basket covered with beautiful blankets with your little one sleeping on the basket like a king or an angel can be adorable.
  • The most popular one-month portrait is the baby on the belly with hands on the chin. Cover the little ones all around except their face.
  • Ensure that the nose is not covered and they are safe and comfortable during the photoshoot.

Two Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

2 month baby photo session

Your little one has grown and might respond to you with a smile. This is a perfect time to click them when they smile randomly. Some of  the 2 months baby photoshoot ideas at home are:

  • If your little one is on the sleeping marathon, never mind! You can still click them while they are asleep.
  • You can use flowers, floral designs, colorful blankets, or soft toys around your little one to enhance the portrait. Sleeping inside the basket pose would still work for a two-month-old.
  • Sleeping, yawning, and smiling are some of the most common poses that you can capture at home.

Three Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

2 month baby photo session

Your three-month-old can now identify the parents very well. They may begin to express themselves with a smile. Some of the 3 month baby photoshoot ideas at home are: 

  • One of the most accessible poses is to make them sleep on the back and stand straight to click a snap while making them smile. Take the help of people at home to enhance their smile.
  • By this month, the little ones might get used to tummy time. So, keep your camera ready to click beautiful snaps when they are on the tummy.
  • You can also try the lift-up pose, where either of the parents can lift the little one over the head and click a fantastic picture.

Four Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

4 month baby photo session

During the fourth month, your little one could begin to smile socially. They could give unique eye expressions during this month. You may now begin to understand every reaction of your baby, whether they are comfortable or not. Some of the most common 4 months baby photoshoot ideas at home are:

  • Create a background and arrange a proper lighting setup. Now, allow your little one to move around the setup. Click a lot of candid pictures and frame them up.
  • The eyes are the critical capture point during this month. Keep your little one’s favorite toy around them and allow them to hold it and play. It could bring out a lot of reactions with their eyes wide open.

Five Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

5 month baby photo shoot

During the fifth month, most of the babies would start swimming and moving around in the place. They may also start cooing and pulling things toward them. These are great moments to capture! Some of the 5 months baby photoshoot ideas to try at home are:

  • Ensure that the photoshoot place is neat and free from hazardous things. Allow your little one to move around and click a candid when they keep moving.
  • You can keep their favorite pull-away toy and allow them to pull it. Click a snap just when they raise their hands to pull to make a lovable picture.

Six Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

6 month baby photo ideas

Wow! Your little one has made their way to celebrate half a year. It’s time for celebrations. If you plan to cut a cake, choose a thematic cake that portrays half a year, like half a moon, half a circle, or half of anything. You can also prefer to choose colorful ones instead of thematic ones. Here are some of the 6 month baby photoshoot ideas at home:

  • If your little one has started crawling and sitting up by this month, it would be best for you to capture those moments along with the celebrations.
  • You can allow them to sit in the rocking chair or with the toys. Click a candid when they joyfully keep playing with the toy.

Seven Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

7 month baby photo ideas

During the seventh month, your little one would explore the art of grasping things with their fingers. They may start reaching out to things across the hall.

Create a perfect setup for them to move around and click snaps as they move around the places trying to hold onto things. Clicking the naughtiest side of your little one is one the popular 7 months baby photoshoot ideas you should try at home.

Eight Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

8 month baby home photo ideas

Your little one might slowly stand up, holding on to things. You can also notice the white pearls are just beginning to grow.

Standing pictures and poses are very common during the eighth month. You can also make funny faces and give way to the white pearls to show up by clicking a snap.

Nine Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

Nine month baby home shoot

The ninth month is the perfect time to include siblings, parents, and pets in the photoshoot. Your little one will be ideally moving all around the house and most comfortable at home.

Create a play time with the siblings and pet and click a cherishing moment.

Ten Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

Ten month baby home shoot

By the tenth month, you might have started solids, and your little one might be curious to try out new flavors of fruits and vegetables.

Create a perfect setup for them to sit. Keep several items they like and allow them to eat by themselves. They might become shabby, but it will be the most beautiful picture you can ever frame.

Eleven Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

11 month baby home photo ideas

Your little brat might start slowly running and climbing on things during the 11th month. It would be the right time to capture the mischief.

Click at the right time when they try to be naughty and shabby. Gone are those days when all they had to do was look like an angel or a hero for the photoshoot. Now is the time to showcase the actual little character within them.

Twelve Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

12 month baby home photoshoot

Wahoo! It’s time to roar and celebrate the first year of your little one. Decorate your house with colorful decorative items, thematic backgrounds, and aesthetic lighting.

Choose a perfect birthday costume for your little one based on the theme. Accompany it with perfect accessories and click as many snaps in different poses. By this time, your little one might get used to posing and may pose like a pro for your clicks. A family picture would be perfect for framing.

Every moment with the babies is precious. Gone are those days when people cannot click many pictures of the newborn. When the little one achieves each of their milestones, capturing them and cherishing the moments after so many years would be great. Several ideas could suit either the boy or girl babies individually. Make sure to incorporate creativity in choosing the theme and color for the photo shoot. Happy memories!


1. What Are Some of The Photoshoot Ideas For a Baby Boy?

For a baby boy, you can always choose a blue backdrop with various themes, including forest and animals. Superhero and cartoon themes are also a great idea.

2. Which Props Can I Use For The Baby Photoshoot at Home?

You can use the following props When planning a baby photo shoot at home- hats and headbands, wraps, blankets, and swaddles, baskets and bowls, hammock, baby toys and superhero photo props.

3. How to do a Baby Photoshoot With Pets?

Place the pet with your baby and allow them to play with each other. Click a candid snap. You can allow them to snuggle and click a portrait.

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