300 Popular Baby Names That Mean Weather With Meanings

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300 Baby Names That Mean Weather

The weather has a great influence on a person. A sunny day entices the person to grab fresh air or eat ice-creams, dress lightly, and enjoy the pool, whereas a winter day makes you lethargic and forces you to sip hot soup or coffee and get cozy in a blanket. Here comes the significance of baby names that mean weather. Keeping baby names that are derived from elements of the environment is a smart decision. Baby names that honor various facets of nature, such as clouds, sky, or rain, are wonderful options to consider.

Naming the baby is a milestone for the parents, as they look forward to giving it a beautiful name with a profound meaning. Though naming is not easy, there are millions of names to choose from. The name is an important entity that stays for life and even affects the child overall. So, it is important to keep a thorough lookout for the name.

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Names inspired by weather are quite common. Names that celebrate the different elements of nature have their own significance. Some of these names influence the personality of the baby to a large extent. Some such names are given as under.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aarush First ray of the sun
2 Abel Breath of God
3 Adad Thunder
4 Akash Sky
5 Alizeh Wind
6 Amaya Night Rain
7 Amihan Winter storm
8 Amun God of sun, air, and wind
9 Anan Cloud
10 Anil Wind
11 Anvindr Wind
12 Aria Air or wind
13 Arsa Sky
14 Aruth Wind
15 Barak Lightning
16 Baran Thunderstorm
17 Bayu Wind
18 Brishti Weather
19 Dhara The Earth
20 Fray God of weather
21 Guntur Thunderstorm
22 Hadad Thunder
23 Ilma Air or wind
24 Indira Goddess of rain
25 Iraja Daughter of the wind
26 Iris Rainbow
27 Kailani Ocean, sky, heaven
28 Kapheira Stormy
29 Mehul Rain
30 Mellan Lighting
31 Miku Beautiful Sky
32 Moushmi Monsoon Wind
33 Musnah Clouds
34 Naseem Breeze
35 Neeraj Born in water
36 Neha Dew Drop
37 Neil Cloud
38 Neven Sky
39 Niall Cloud
40 Nigel Cloud
41 Ninlil lady of the wind
42 Notus South Wind
43 Perun Thunder
44 Phirun Rain God
45 Pilvi Clouds
46 Prakruti Beautiful weather
47 Prasal Winter
48 Puleng Rain
49 Rabi  Gentle Wind
50 Rai Thunder
51 Rakia Sky or heaven
52 Rammam The thundering one
53 Reva Rain
54 Ritu  Waether, season
55 Saar Storm
56 Samir  Air or wind
57 Samira Wind, breeze, or air
58 Sarth Season of Autumn
59 Sema  Sky 
60 Shrabani First rain of the year
61 Sraboni Rain
62 Sunny Radiant
63 Syuri Stormy weather
64 Takasha Stormy weather
65 Tal Dew
66 Tamilia Violent weather
67 Tanaiya Stormy weather 
68 Tuuli Wind
69 Vaayu  Wind 
70 Vaedher Weather 
71 Varsika Rained
72 Zenith The sky point
73 Zephyr West wind
74 Zerua Sky or Heaven
75 Zeus Sky

Best Baby Names That Mean Weather

Best Baby Names That Mean Weather

Names that reflect weather are seen across the world. These names can be seen across all cultures. There are many names that reflect the different shades or elements of nature. The following are some of the best names that weather influences:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Adhira Lightning
2 Alari Water
3 Amani Spring; insightful
4 Anasuya Star
5 Anumeha After the rain
6 Aviv Spring
7 Barkha Rain
8 Doda Goddess of rain
9 Dujana Significant rain
10 Eashan Name of Sun
11 Grishma Warmth; type of season
12 Haima Of the snow
13 Harisha Happiness, Rain
14 Hemanta Early winter
15 Himanshi Beautiful
16 Hrutvi Name of an angel; season
17 Ikrut One season
18 Jayavarshini Rain of success
19 Jhilmil Sparkling
20 Karif Born in Autumn
21 Keya A monsoon flower
22 Khajal  Dew
23 Maheen  Moon
24 Manjari Blossom
25 Megh Cloud
26 Meghana A Beautiful Cloud 
27 Meha  Intelligent 
28 Mukil Cloud
29 Nehal Loving 
30 Niharika First Rain drop
31 Nila Moon
32 Nirad Cloud; given by water
33 Oshma Summer season
34 Pakalon Sun
35 Prasit First ray of the winter sun
36 Pravarsha Rain
37 Rasha First drops of rain
38 Reeham Light rain; little
39 Reham Drizzle; light rain
40 Ridhushni Season
41 Riham Light rain
42 Ritul Seasons
43 Rouble Born during the rainy season; money
44 Rutesh King of seasons
45 Rutuja Related to season
46 Saanvi Rainbow
47 Sabrang Rainbow
48 Savan Rain during the monsoon season
49 Savani Early morning raga
50 Shaoni Monsoon season
51 Sharad Autumn season
52 Shararth A season
53 Shavan Monsoon
54 Sheen Snow
55 Shirish A flower
56 Shishir Winter season; cold
57 Sienna Autumn season
58 Stav Season of Autumn
59 Swati Precious Drop 
60 Tondra Thunderous 
61 Tuhin Snow
62 Tusharika Snowflake
63 Uttank Cloud
64 Vaishaka A season
65 Varisha Monsoon season
66 Varshal Rain
67 Varsheni One who brings rain
68 Varshini Goddess of rain
69 Varshita Rain
70 Varunika Goddess of rain
71 Varusha Year
72 Vinita Polite
73 Vrishti Rain
74 Yami Twinkling Star
75 Ziva Spring season

Unique Baby Names That Mean Weather

Unique Baby Names That Mean Weather

Even though weather-inspired names are common in the present, there are many unique names that are also influenced by weather. Some of the unique names that celebrate the different colors of weather are given as follows:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Absara Moves in the rain or in clouds
2 Aella Whirlwind
3 Amreen Sky
4 Arpina Rising of the sun
5 Audra Storm
6 Brisa Breeze
7 Bronte Thunder
8 Corentine Stormy 
9 Cyra Sun or throne
10 Dalfon Raindrop
11 Dorrin Sullen, tempest
12 Ehan Full Moon
13 Eira Snow
14 Esen The wind
15 Flurry Swirling mass of snow
16 Frost Cold
17 Gale Sea storm
18 Guthrie Windy spot
19 Gwyneira White snow
20 Helen Ray of shining light
21 Helia Sun
22 Huyana Rain
23 Ishya Springtime
24 Jaanavi Moonlight
25 Jora Autumn Rain
26 Kairavi Moonlight
27 Kaveri Name of a river in India
28 Kiran A ray of light
29 Kuhu Sound made by a Cuckoo bird
30 Lumi Snow 
31 Mathi Moon
32 Meghna Clouds
33 Mehwish Moon
34 Mihira Sunlight
35 Misty Mist
36 Nephele Cloudy
37 Nilima Blue sky
38 Noelani Heavenly Mist
39 Raiden Thunder and lightning
40 Ramsha Like the moon
41 Salana Sun
42 Scirocco Warm wind
43 Sefarina West wind
44 Skye The sky
45 Skylar Name referring to the sky
46 Solveig Strong house, daughter of the sun
47 Spring Season of life
48 Storm Tempest
49 Summer A wonderfully warm season
50 Sunniva Sun gift
51 Talia Rain from heaven
52 Tanveer Ray of Light
53 Tarak Star
54 Tempest Stormy
55 Thali Raindrops
56 Thora Thunder goddess
57 Toril Thunder
58 Tornado Fierce wind storm
59 Udipti Fire
60 Urmi Wave
61 Uttara Northern star
62 Varnisha Rain
63 Varsha Rainy season
64 Varshitha Rained
65 Varun Celestial ocean
66 Vasantha Spring
67 Vasudha Earth
68 Veeyan Flowers
69 Vihaan Dawn
70 Wendy Variation of wind
71 Winter Cold season
72 Yamir Moon
73 Yuki Snow
74 Zephyrine West wind
75 Ziazan Rainbow

Cute Baby Names That Mean Weather

Cute Baby Names That Mean Weather

Weather-inspired or weather-influenced names are many, but some of them are really cute. The names that have any element of nature in them are long as well as short. Some of the cute ones that mean weather are:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Vaishant Quiet and shining star
2 Aditya Sun
3 Ahaana Dawn
4 Ambar Sky
5 Anshul Sunbeam
6 Aranyam Forest
7 Arnav Ocean
8 Arun High mountain
9 Aruna Rising sun
10 Arundhati Morning star
11 Arunima Early morning sunlight
12 Arushi The first rays of the sun
13 Avani Earth
14 Badal Cloud
15 Bahar Spring season
16 Barkha Rain
17 Bhanu Sun; Ray of Light
18 Bhaskar Sun
19 Bhumika Earth
20 Bhuvan The world
21 Chandana Sandalwood
22 Chandani Moonlight
23 Damini Lightning
24 Dharini Earth
25 Dhruv The pole star
26 Divakar Sun
27 Falak Sky
28 Gagan Sky
29 Greeshma Summer
30 Heeral  Rain
31 Himavat Personifying the Himalayas
32 Hridyanshu Moon
33 Iravat Rain clouds
34 Ishan Sun
35 Kapil Sun
36 Kayan Star
37 Kshitij Born of the Earth, horizon
38 Labonya Beautiful Rain
39 Makani Wind
40 Mayank Moon
41 Mehuli A small rain cloud
42 Mihir Sun
43 Mithran Sun
44 Neelesh Moon
45 Nishith Night
46 Nithila Pearls
47 Pavan Breeze
48 Prabhakar Sun
49 Prabhat Dawn
50 Prakrit Nature
51 Ravindra Sun
52 Ravish Lord Surya, sun
53 Rohit First rays of the sun
54 Sagar Ocean
55 Sahil Coast; Shore
56 Salil Water
57 Sameer Breeze
58 Sarang Moon
59 Shail Mountain
60 Shailesh Lord of the mountains
61 Shashank Moon
62 Suasha Breath
63 Suhayl The star Canopus
64 Suraj Sun
65 Surya Sun
66 Suryakanth Loved by the sun
67 Tapas Sun
68 Tariq Name of a star
69 Thendral Cool Breeze
70 Tushar Snow
71 Uday Rising Sun 
72 Urvisha Rainy Cloud
73 Vaishant Shining star
74 Veeraj Biggest in the universe
75 Vyom The Universe

Thus, just like seasons change, from winters to summers, from wind to rain, it is natural to derive names from the same. Names that are inspired by weather or different elements of nature that influence weather can even have a great impact on life.

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