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Cute Jewellery Ideas For Babies

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You love dressing up your kid, who doesn’t? But you’re always wondering how you can stand out by being unique? Hang in there Mommy, we’re all in the same boat! From cute bows and ties to pretty ribbons and clips, we’re sure you have tried pretty much everything to jazz up your little one’s game. But there’s always one question on your mind, “what sort of accessories or Jewellery can I make my baby wear?” Especially for baby boys, because Jewellery is majorly a girl’s game right? Not really, we are here to give you ample reasons to pep up your little man and your pretty lady in some cool Jewellery ideas that will not only look cute but also be safe for them to wear for long periods too. So read on!
When it comes to Jewellery, there are so many options for men and women alike. However, when it comes to babies and kids, there’s not much that has been explored or let’s say, promoted enough to catch everyone’s fancy. But today, we shall bring to light, some very cute, simple and elegant Jewellery options for, not only baby girls, but also for baby boys, which are:

  1. Baby Bracelets: Made of tiny pearls, beads and designed in baby friendly shapes, bracelets are a popular choice for parents looking forward to doll up their little ones. There are a lot of options in bracelets. Customized, personalized, antique, Gold, Silver, charms, no charms, there’s an endless list for choices and options to create a unique piece just for your baby. The best part about bracelets is that they are Unisex and not restricted to girl categories. Jewelry Ideas Babies
  2. Personalized Jewellery: A fairly newer trend, customized or personalized Jewellery is catching up big time these days. This is mainly because it gives you the option of giving a name or identity to the piece of Jewellery and adds your own touch to it. Be it chains, pendants or bracelets, you can simply ask the seller to add baby name, birth date, sibling name or anything memorable to the Jewellery. The beautiful, baby friendly designs combined with personalized messages or words make these Jewellery options an instant hit.
    Personalized Jewellery Babies ideas
  3. Barefoot Sandals: Still unknown by most people, barefoot sandals are a huge thing in Western countries. Although worn mostly by baby girls, barefoot sandals are nothing but cute straps or beaded threads that run across your baby’s little foot thumb and around the ankle looking like sandals at first glance. However, there’s no sole to it which means it just looks like footwear, where it actually isn’t. Now that’s creativity! They come with all sorts of beads, ribbons, bows, flower designs and what not.
  4. Baby Pendants: A simple chain combined with a pretty looking pendant can be very elegant, cute and pretty thing for a baby. However, there are many options to choose from. Customized, Turkish Evil Eye, Spiritual, Religious are some of the more popular themes chosen by parents for their babies.
  5. Earrings: A relatively more girly choice, earrings are the perfect accessory for baby girls. They look very pretty and cute on babies and the right design can just do wonders for your baby’s outfit. Although you would need to get your baby’s ears pierced for earrings, there are some options in earrings that do not require any piercing and can easily clip onto your little buds ears. We would recommend that you check your baby for any metal allergies before putting on earrings to avoid reactions on the delicate skin.
  6. Rings: Designed in all shapes, sizes, materials and combinations, rings are a beautiful addition to your baby’s Jewellery kit. Clubbed with a beautiful bracelet, rings can complete your baby’s look immediately. However, this is something that requires constant checking because rings, if ill fitted, can cause blood circulation to stop in the finger, leading to swelling and discomfort. This is why we recommend that you check the baby’s finger size very well and make sure the ring is slightly loose to wear. Also, you cannot make the baby wear it for long because rings tend to get tight and small as the baby grows.
  7. Evil Eye Jewellery: Believed to ward off evil spirits from the baby, evil eye Jewellery options like bracelets, pendants and earrings can serve a dual purpose of complementing your baby’s look and keep it protected. These days, Turkish evil eye concept is very popular across categories. The combination of turquoise evil eye, black and white beads with delicate and elegant designs look very pretty and cute. These are ideal for gifting too!

Although there are many more options to choose from, we’ve listed the more easily available and popular ones for you so that you can continue the joy of dressing up your little one just as much as we do!

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