Despicable Me Minion Names

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Despicable Me was released in 2010, and the movie did exceedingly well. In 2013, the second part of the series was released, followed by the third part, which was released in 2017. Each movie from this series has done wonderfully in the box office. Despicable Me series is very entertaining for children and grown-ups. In this movie series, people got to know about minions. They are a cute little creature that you would want to adore. Their yellow color enhances their cuteness. Even after watching minions several times, you just can get enough of them. Their stupid acts are so hilarious that you will laugh out aloud. But, there are specific facts about the Minion Names that most minion lovers don’t know. However, those facts are fascinating, and you will love to learn them. So, in this article, let’s talk about those unknown minion facts and some lesser-known minion names that played a significant role in the movie.


Some Unknown Facts About The Minions In Despicable Me Series

The story of the minions is portrayed quite smartly by the directors of Despicable Me series. They kept many things secret. The directors wanted the audience to ponder them. You may not even think about these facts about minions. Also, if you have watched the entire series, there are so many more things to learn about Dave, Bob, Stuart, and Kevin. Here are some of the unknown facts about the minions in Despicable Me Series.

  • Pierre Coffin is the co-director of Despicable Me. He is the person who gave voice to all the minion characters.
  • The design of minions is inspired by the Jawas in Star Wars. Also, you can see some inspiration taken from the movie WillyWonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  • Minions are multilingual. Their language is unusual because they speak a mixed language. Their language is a mixture of English, Spanish, Italian, and French. Because of their language, you can wonder What Are The Minions Names when they speak in the movie.
  • Most of the minions are boys. You will find very few girl names in the movie. All the major names in the film, such as Dave, Stuart, Carl, Bob, Phil, Steve, and many others, are boys.
  • The choice of the color of yellow and purple to indicate good and bad minions are made smartly. Yellow and purple are the opposite colors in the spectrum. Therefore, you can see how intelligently the directors worked for the movie.
  • Even after the three parts of Despicable Me series, the audience is yet to find out how minions reproduce. It is a secret that is still to unveil by the directors.

5 Less Acknowledged Minion Characters That Played a Major Role in the Movie

The story of Despicable Me revolves around Dave, Stuart, Bob, and Kevin. Other minions played second fiddle to these main characters. But, some characters were not shown more widely in the movie. However, they played an important in the overall development of the story. It is essential to look at those characters as well while analyzing the story. So, here are five lesser-known Minion Character Names that played a pivotal role in the Despicable Me series.


Tom is also a two-eyed minion. He has a buzz haircut. He can be seen cleaning the mess after Agnes’ birthday party along with Stuart. He followed Gru when he was kidnapped. Tom was also there in the Silas Ramsbottom scene with Stuart. He turned evil after injecting PX-41 serum. Tom plays a very significant role throughout the movie.


Jorge is a tiny minion. He is two-eyed, and you can see him dressed as a fireman in the scene where Gru’s telephone catches fire. In that scene, you can see him with Carl dressed as a fireman. He is a very lovable character, and you will enjoy his antics in the movie.


Carl is a One-Eyed Minion Name who is very small in size. He loves to spend time with his friends. He also loves to make noise. Carl’s favorite activity is skateboarding. You can see Carl in the ice cream party scene and fire scene. He is hilarious to watch.


Larry is a two-eyed minion with a buzz haircut. He is also a very short minion. He loves to dance. Larry has a soft corner for missiles in his heart. He is the first minion to taste jelly when minions get jelly for the first time. He hated the taste of jelly, and hence, he gave it to John. Larry has a negative side as well because he was among those minions who turned evil. This is one of the notable Despicable Me Minion Names.


Paul is a tall minion with a sprout-like haircut. He is not all funny with his behavior. Moreover, he can even behave rudely with others. You can see him writing a CV for Gru by using a computer. He does turn into an evil character. But, once the antidote is given, it becomes normal again.
Finally, Despicable Me is a brilliant movie that can be enjoyed by everyone. The minions in the movie are so cute that you will fall in love with them. You can watch the movies of Despicable Me series over and over again and get entertained every time you watch it.

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