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If you have watched the Despicable Me movie series, you will find a creature named minions in it. These creatures are very, very strange. Their color is yellow, and they look like tablets. Characteristically, minions are very stupid. The madness of minions makes them so lovable for the viewers. While watching Despicable Me, you will burst out into laughter by watching minions go about their business. Can you believe that minions love banana more than anything else in this world? Well, minions are such strange characters. However, you will find the Minion Names are very lovely. Also, there are good minions, and there are wicked minions. The color of good minions is yellow, whereas the color of evil minions is purple. The directors have depicted the characters of minions very precisely. Watching minions with your child will be fun. But why would you be inclined to watch minions with your child? Which minion characters will attract you with their antics? Let’s discuss these things in this article.


Why Watching Minions With Your Child Is Fantastic?

Children love minions. The story of Despicable Me series attracts children more than anyone else. The story of the movie is good and offers many lessons that will help your child to grow as a human being. So, if you want to spend some fantastic time with your child, then you can watch minions because these yellow creatures will give you ample scope to laugh. Learning What Are The Minions Names, along with your child, will be fun. So, here is why you should watch minions with your child.

  • While watching minions, you and your child will have plenty of fun. In the movie, minions act very stupidly. So, watching them doing their business will make you laugh out loud.
  • Minions also give you some life lessons. They will teach your child to look at the brighter side of things. They will even encourage you to be happy with whatever you have. Your present moment could be the best time of your life.
  • Minions are so adorable that you are your child will fall in love with them. You love to see and remember the names of every minion character. You will never get bored while watching minions.
  • The story of the minions is excellent. The story has a good and evil angel, which you will want your child to see. In the end, the good minions prevail against the evil ones. This type of story attracts children very much.

5 Minion Character Names That You Should Watch Out For In The Movie

If you talk about popular Minion Character Names, then you have to talk about Dave, Stuart, Carl, Bob, and some others. However, the story of minions does not only revolve around these few minions. There are other characters among minions that play an important in the entire story. However, it is more likely that you would not notice them that much. But, don’t worry because, in this article, let’s talk about 5 of such minion characters.

1. Mike The Minion

Mike is a fascinating character among the minions. He has two eyes, and he combs his hair precisely. He works in the mailroom, along with Ken. However, after he gets splashed with PX-41 serum, he becomes evil. Though Mike is small in stature, he is a hard-working minion, and he follows orders accurately. The scene where he almost ate a box with a kitten inside is hilarious.

2. Ken The Minion

Ken, who works with Mike in the mailroom, is a tall minion. His sprout haircut suits him well. Ken loves to play video games like more than anything else, and your child will relate to him because of that. He also turns evil, but, in the end, he saves the kitten from the jaws of Mike. He is precisely the opposite of Mike. Ken does not like to work hard or obey orders. Instead, he wants to play video games all day long.

3. Donny The Minion

If you want a One-Eyed Minion Name that is also very funny, then the first that should come to your mind is Donny. He loves to sing and dance. However, he can be hilarious at times. His fickle-minded attitude is what makes Donny so adorable. You cannot disassociate dance and Donny. He even starts dancing with fruits in his head.

4. Steve The Minion

Minions are not very aggressive characteristically. However, Steve is different. He is also a one-eyed minion who combs his hair impressively. Steve is also fearless, and he was the last minion to get kidnapped. Interestingly, he was the first minion to be seen without any cloth.

5. Phil The Minion

Phil is a happy minion. He is one of the Despicable Me Minion Names that is always happy. Phil is a two-eyed minion who can be seen in a scene singing Copacabana along with Mark. You will surely love watching him Phil in the movie.
Finally, after you finish watching the movie series Despicable Me, you will want to remember the character names of the minions. Well, there are lots of them. So, you might struggle to remember the names of minions. However, watching the movie twice and thrice will help you to remember it well. Also, watching minions and their antics time and time again will never make you bore.

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