Does your Toddler Throw Tantrums?

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Written by Pradeep


Children these days are much smarter than what we think them to be. They know how to express themselves and how to get hold of things they want. Sometimes kids resort to aggression, and temper tantrums that causes a huge disappointment to parents. We, as parents keep wondering, how they get these ideas and where do they learn all this from – but we forget to focus on “why”.

There are numerous reasons why children get irritated and show their anger.


1.Inability to speak- When we talk of children who have not completed even 2 years of age we know how much they can speak. The ones less than one year can hardly speak and the ones more than that have a vocabulary of 15 to 20 words. When they are not able to express themselves, they yell and shout to explain.

2. Wants to sleep– when it is time for the baby to sleep and he is unable to sleep due to any reason, the child gets irritated and cries and screams to express himself.

3. Wants to get his nappy changed– There are times when the mothers get busy with some work and they forget to change the diapers of their child, the child feels wet and suffocated and cries for help to get the nappy changed. This at times is misunderstood by us as tantrums.

4. Wants more milk- If the child feels hungry, he is dependent on his mother to give him milk. Though, no one except for a mother knows well how much her child needs, still at times the child is not fed properly and wants more. Thus, unable to express, he / she gets cranky.

Children above 1 year of age

1. Wants a toy– If your baby wants to play with a toy and you are not able to understand which one he wants, the child gets offended and shows anger.

2. Hearing a “no” for anything- When the children of this age are stopped from doing anything,they don’t like it and it is visible from their behavior. They get aggressive and behave unnaturally.

3. Having a pain somewhere– If the child is having pain which he is unable to express, he throws tantrums and gets annoyed. The children of this age often face stomach aches due to formation of gases.

4. Too many people- The kids of this age often get irritated seeing huge crowds at home or at public places. They want their space and not finding it irritates them.

5. Lack of attention- The kids who are used to all the attention of their parents, often get cranky if they do not get the same attention at any day and cry and shout for the same.

As parents, it is your responsibility to understand the behavior of your child and help him come out of that situation. Only the parents can understand well what is troubling their child and what can be done to bring him out of that. Try to know your child better!


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