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women happy with pregnancy test Women are so eager to get pregnant and feel excited while testing for pregnancy. Women prefer checking for pregnancy in the house. False pregnancy tests bring stress for women having trouble conceiving.

Are you keen to get pregnant? And wanted to know more in detail about the Pregnancy Test? Find out Everything About Pregnancy Tests.

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What is Pregnancy Test?

A pregnancy test, detects the human pregnancy hormone-human chorionic gonadotropin. When an individual gets pregnant, their blood or urine sample is tested for HCG testing. At home, women do with the test markers of blood and urine.

What Are the Types of Pregnancy Tests?

There are two types of pregnancy tests, both quantitative and qualitative.

  • The quantitative blood tests are accurate. They detect pregnancy faster compared to urine and blood.
  • The other pregnancy tests are qualitative blood or urine tests.

All these tests detect HCG, while the blood tests detect HCG faster.

How Soon Can I Do a Pregnancy Test?

How Soon Can I Do a Pregnancy Test

For confirmed results, wait until a week after you missed periods. Or else, wait for two weeks after having intercourse. These time intervals are to address the increase in the HCG of your body. After pregnancy, the body takes sure for the increase in the HCG levels.

Are Home Pregnancy Test Results Accurate?

Yes, take your test after a missed period, and the results are 99% accurate. The hCG present in a woman’s urine increases while she is pregnant, and so the tests are specific.

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How Early Can Home Pregnancy Tests Show Positive Results?

If you are using sensitive tests, then you get to know about pregnancy right from 8 days of conception. Post missing periods, if you have tested on the first day, then you could be pregnant for two weeks. Get the help of a due date calculator for the arrival of your baby.

Do I Need to Confirm the Test Result?

Yes, you need to confirm if you have a recent miscarriage or have given birth to a baby recently. The cells of the placenta tend to increase the levels of HCG, which results in false pregnancy.

Otherwise, 99% of home pregnancy tests are accurate when taken accurately. For accurate results, wait until the next week of your missed periods or two weeks of having sex.

What is a False Positive Pregnancy Result?

There are few false positive pregnancy cases resulting in massive grief for women.  The test says positive, but you are not pregnant. This happens because of blood or protein present in the urine. Often, false pregnancy happens because of tranquilizer and hypnotics. Women taking fertility drugs are also prone to false pregnancy results.

7 Possible Causes For a False Positive Pregnancy Result

Causes For a False Positive Pregnancy Result

Here are some of the top 7 possible causes for getting false positive result:

1.Blame the Expiry Test

When the pregnancy test is expired, the chances of false-positive pregnancy increase. The chemical couldn’t react as it should, and the HCG report gets wrong. So do not allow the test expiry.

2.While on Fertility Medications

When it is not possible to get pregnant, women go for fertility medications. The medicines of the In Vito Fertilization(IVF) always have high levels of HCG. All this results in a false positive pregnancy result. Especially if you are testing for pregnancy immediately after taking medication. Usually, doctors warn the patients about this issue to get rid of their false hope.

3. Story of Early Miscarriages

Many women are on cloud nine after seeing the positive pregnancy result. But very soon, they get devastated getting periods. This happens because of early miscarriage. There are few unhealthy pregnancies, and this is one such. Often, medically this pregnancy is reported as a chemical pregnancy.

4. Life-Threatening Ectopic Pregnancy

Embryo thrives when it is in the uterus. But there are few cases where the fertilized egg grows in the fallopian tube. It is called an ectopic pregnancy. The embryo produces HCG when it is in ovary or cervix as well. In all these scenarios, it is a fast pregnancy test.

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5. Left Out Residual HCG in the System

After the delivery or miscarriage, the placenta cells remain in the body for almost six weeks. During this period, the HCG levels increase and show a positive for a pregnancy test.

6. Don’t Let the Test Result Wait

Most of us are in the loop of hurry burry life. Yet times, we forget to notice the line indicators on the pregnancy card immediately or in a specific time frame. There are tendencies for the result to change as the urine starts evaporating. So, here are the chances for the fake pregnancy.

7. Molar Pregnancy

The uterine tumor grows in the case of molar pregnancy. Genetical problems result in abnormal pregnancy as only fathers’ chromosomes are present. Problems with embryo or placenta show a false positive test.

Taking a pregnancy test involves a lot of stress and anxiety. Many women opt to do the test in the house. They will be excited as test results positive. But there are many false-positive pregnancy tests as well for various reasons. Knowing about them helps you in not getting distresses. Know the reasons for miscarriage or false pregnancy and conform it twice before you build hope.

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