Expecting a New Family Member? 4 General Considerations for Your Newborn’s Room

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Expecting a New Family Member? 4 General Considerations for Your Newborn’s Room

There are so many mixed emotions when preparing to welcome your newborn into the family. Parents are excited and, at the same time, worried about their preparedness before the baby is born. One of the priorities is preparing the baby room to ensure the newborn finds a comfortable shelter when they arrive. 

Nevertheless, this should be an enjoyable task when done in good time. You do not want to be making repairs that can risk the health and life of your baby once they are born. Follow the 4 steps below to come up with the right baby room.

1) Choosing an Ideal Room

If you have multiple choices, select the most convenient room in your house. Look for the proximity to the master bedroom. Other aspects to consider include room temperature and exposure to the sun. 

If your house is in a metropolitan or windy area with fair tree cover, you are bound to experience noise problems. The howling wind, screams from playing children, and multiple honking horns can cause major distractions to the newborn.

Consider soundproofing the room to make it a haven for your newborn. Check out this review on the best soundproofing curtains by A Quiet Refuge.

2) The Decor

Your creativity levels matter the most when decorating the baby room. While some parents might prefer contracting décor experts, doing it on your is more fulfilling. It is a great way to show love and care for your unborn baby.

Choose art that is quite easy to clean, as babies tend to touch everything around them. The type of decor will also depend on the gender of the baby. Comforting interior design and creative curtain patterns relax your baby and help them fall asleep more quickly.

3) Furniture

A changing table is perhaps the most useful piece of furniture you will require in your nursery. If possible, purchase a changing table with various compartments for gels, lotions, and other things you would need while dressing the toddler.

A breastfeeding chair is also an essential item for the baby room. Buy a comfortable and colorful seat to complement the design of the room. Place the chair close to a small bookcase or table with an under poach. This may be useful for placing your essentials while breastfeeding or reading bedtime stories.

4) Safety

Considering how toddlers wiggle and rarely remain still, a rollover and fall from a changing table is a serious danger. Do not leave your newborn unattended if they are not in their crib.

Other things to consider:

  • Avoid furniture made of plywood, particleboard, or pressed wood as these contain formaldehyde; this may cause throat irritation when inhaled.
  • When painting the room, steer clear of paints that contain volatile organic compounds (VCOs). Stick to water-based paints and allow the room enough time to dry.
  • If you choose to install wallpapers, avoid vinyl-based ones; vinyl wallpapers encourage mold growth and also contain volatile organic compounds. Consider paper-based wallpapers instead.
  • For the floor, use carpets made of natural fiber and not synthetic material. Synthetic rags pose the danger of emitting a considerable amount of VCOs. 

 Bottom Line

It is essential to start early when preparing your toddler’s glasshouse. With pregnancy comes many responsibilities and worries. This is the time you need to be there for your partner to reason things together.

In case you need to do some renovations, do it in good time to avoid the last-minute rush. Come up with an idea of the baby room design and create a checklist to make sure every task is crossed off weeks before.

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