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Eye Patches For Kids

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For some children, wearing an eye patch could be a fun thing. However, for many other children, wearing eye patches will not be that easy. Sometimes, it becomes necessary for a child to wear eye patches in certain situations like post-eye surgery. Some medical conditions also necessitate wearing an eye patch for the kid. Now, most parents don’t have the right information about eye patches for kids. So, in this article, let’s discuss it.


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Why Would A Child Need An Eye Patch?

One of the main reasons for a child to wear an eye patch is a medical condition called Amblyopia or Lazy Eye. Normally as the vision of the child develops, both the eyes coordinate with the brain. But, when the child contracts Amblyopia, one of his or her eyes fails to coordinate with the brain. As a result, the brain stops receiving signals from that particular eye. Eventually, the child can lose vision on that eye permanently if no proper treatment is initiated at the right time. That is why, by using the use of an eye patch over the healthy eye, the weak eye becomes stronger. Another reason for wearing the eye patch would be the recovery post eye surgery.

How Long Does It Take Eye Patches For The Kids To Work?

It is important to know how long eye patches will take to improve the condition of the eye for your child. The first thing you should know is a child has to wear an eye patch for 6 hours per day to get any result. However, some recent researches show that even wearing eye patches for a couple of hours a day might help children in improving the condition of a lazy eye. Therefore, the state of the eye lazy in your child will play a big factor in determining the duration your child has to wear the eye patch. In short, eye patches for kids should be used the right way for the right result.

Does Eye Patch For Kids Really Work?

There was a time when everyone knew that if a child has a lazy, he or she has to wear eye patches and the condition will improve. It was seen as the standard method of treatment for the lazy eye. However, in many cases, the condition did not improve. But, there are cases where the child was treated successfully with the use of eye patches. So, what you need to understand is eye patches for kids is not the only method of treatment for the lazy eye. Other treatment methods can be used to treat this condition in your child. You should let the doctor decide what treatment measure will work for your child.

How Do I Get My Child Wear Eye Patch For Kids?

Many children don’t want to wear eye patches whereas some wear it gleefully. If your child does not want to wear an eye patch, find out some tips that will help you to deal with the eye patch for kids:

  1. Give Rewards: Every child enjoys having rewards. So, you can give certain rewards to your child every day after successfully wearing the eye patch for a certain period.
  2. Use Different Patches: Your child may not want to wear the same patches for the day in and day out. You have to experiment by giving different types of patches to your child and make it a fun thing for him or her.
  3. Wear It Yourself: When children see their parents wearing eye patches, they will surely get encouraged to wear it by themselves. So, you should start wearing eye patches along with your child.
  4. Let Your Child Design: Children love to create artwork and designs. So, you can give the eye patches to your child and ask him or her to design the eye patch according to his or her wish. It will encourage your child to wear it as well.
  5. Imitate Characters: There are so many characters in stories and movies that wear eye patches. You can help your child to imitate those characters or create a new character to imitate by using your and your child’s imagination.
  6. Time Matters: The eye has to be patched during the active hours of the child rather than while the kid is sleeping. Putting an eye patch during sleeping has zero effect on the problem to be corrected.
  7. Screen Time May Help!: Yes, you read it right.  Studies have shown that put a patch on your good eye and play video games in handheld game devices with the weak eye (within a time frame) can be very effective.

Does Wearing An Eye Patch For Kids Improve Vision?

Wearing eye patches for certain conditions may improve the vision. It is used in the good eye so that the weaker eye becomes stronger. Your child has to wear it for a certain time regularly to see effective results. The result your child can achieve by wearing the eye patch will depend on the state of the eye condition.

What Is Lazy Eye In Kids?

Lazy eye or Amblyopia is a medical condition that generally happens during the early childhood days. It happens because of the coordination of the brain, and a particular eye gets broken, and the brain stops receiving signals from that eye. The most common treatment for this problem is eye patches which are applied to the good eye to make the weaker eye stronger. Eye patches for kids is a strong remedy for lazy eye among kids.

How Long Does It Take To Fix A Lazy Eye With An Eye Patch?

Using eye patches is an effective way of treating a lazy eye in a child. However, a child has to wear an eye patch for certain hours in a day to ensure positive results. The child may have to do this for around 12 weeks to see improvement in the condition of the lazy eye. So, your child will have to wear an eye patch for a certain number of hours for around three months to get an improvement from the condition of the lazy eye.

Amblyopia or Lazy Eye can lead to permanent blindness if you don’t take evasive actions and take your child to an eye specialist. The doctor may prescribe wearing eye patches for kids. The doctor will instruct the duration of wearing the eye patch as well. Taking the help of the doctor will be the right step towards recovering from a lazy eye for your child.

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