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Fidget Spinner – Is It Really Therapeutic For Kids?

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This pretty little spinning toy has taken the world by storm these days. Fidget Spinner is the latest toy craze amongst children and adults too. We did our own research around this toy that looks like a cross between an electric razor and a spin top. Here is an interesting account of a mom of 8 yr and 11 year old boys. Read how parents are dealing with this latest mania.

Is it really therapeutic or just a fad? 

Fidget Spinner, a term I heard for the first time a month back from my 11-year-old son. He came from school bursting with excitement. The words fell over themselves and all I could understand was Rishabh, awesome, fidget spinner, terrific!
I waited patiently for him to take a breath and asked him to explain. From what he told me it sounded more like a top, but one which could spin in your hand. I smiled to myself. All this hype for a top! His friend, Rishabh had got one to school and showed off to all the kids. Not really listening to him as he went on and on about it, I went about my routine. Next he would want one! I knew exactly where this conversation was heading. Having a deadline on my work schedule, I promptly forgot about this fidget spinner.
Fidget spinner, this term cropped up again in my life. This time from the 6th standard whatsapp group of which I was a part. My son discussing, I understood. Moms discussing, I did not! Irritation gave way to curiosity. Going through all the comments and opinions on the group, I realized that this fidget spinner was really something to think about. Amidst the avid discussion, I timidly ventured asking a question. What was this fidget spinner that everyone seemed to be discussing about. For a full five minutes, there was absolutely no response. I guess I had shocked my friends into silence. Not knowing what a fidget spinner was, was akin to not knowing your son’s class and section! I repeated my question. In response, within a few seconds, I received articles and pictures, detailing what a fidget spinner was. So much information on this! I was stupefied!

What Is A Fidget Spinner?

A fidget spinner as the name signified, was a toy which could spin. It had three blades and a central bearing which allowed it to spin freely. It was a ball bearing device which you could spin around between your fingers. It created a pleasant sensation in your fingers as it spun. This toy had become popular with school children in the past year or so. The manufacturers of the fidget spinner claimed that this toy had therapeutic advantages. It helped dissipate the nervous energy of hyper active kids.
I was not convinced and decided to read a little more into this subject. An article caught my eye. It was from a pediatrician and psychologist stating reasons why this toy was therapeutic.

  1.   Kids when nervous, would wring their hands or tap on a table etc. These spinners gave the kids an outlet for their nervousness. Also the hands got to do something instead of senseless tapping.
  2. Spinners were toys over which children bonded.
  3. Spinners diverted the attention of kids from their stress and problems.
  4. Spinners instilled confidence in kids as they controlled the toy. This led to a feeling of control over themselves and their issues.

This theory was thought provoking. I was convinced that this was a harmless toy and one which would not lead to any nuisance. Of course, I had to ensure that it did not become an addiction. Anything in moderation was good. Also, as I thought it all over, I realized that this toy had a few benefits.

  Benefits Of The Fidget Spinners.

  1. These were inexpensive toys. I don’t know if it was the given thing with most children, but my son went for the most expensive toys in a store. The prices on those would weaken my heart a wee bit and get my blood pressure soaring! At least this toy did not come with that concern. These were affordable.
  2. Children of all age could enjoy the spinners. These did not come with an age restriction.
  3. There was nothing about this toy which would cause physical harm to the children. It was certainly not an electronic device and would not damage the eye.
  4. These spinners did not run on battery or power. You spin it, it spins. That was the mojo.

Children these days are stressed out. Class work, studies, extra coaching, extra-curricular activities and the works keep them occupied without a break. When I was a child, I had time to go cycling, play in the parks, climb trees and visit friends. These days’ kids don’t have time for anything. They are running all the time, from school to tuitions to sports coaching and back home to homework and assignments. Don’t our kids need some relief from their routine? If a simple fidget spinner can give them a much-needed stress relief, then why not use one! I am not propagating the idea. Each parent knows what is best for his or her child. I for one, decided I am going to get a fidget spinner for my son. I will still keep an eye and ensure it does not turn into an addiction. But a fidget spinner it’s going to be for me and my son to relieve our collective stress!

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