Finding A Good Caregiver Can Be Difficult, But Is Not Impossible

Whether we accept it or not, but we all need help in raising our children. Some couples stay in a joint family with their parents being around for support and guidance while the others may have to manage everything on their own, as they may be away from their parents due to various reasons. It definitely becomes all the more difficult for working parents to manage their children and they have to take help of the day care centers or hire caregivers for their children. Finding a good caregiver who looks after your child close to the way you do it, is difficult but not impossible. Ofcourse, if you can get a relative to help you out, it would be the most preferred choice. You could also be a stay at home mom, if you wish to. If you plan to resume work after the delivery, you certainly need to make the decision to send your child to a child-care center, family day care, or in-home care.

Try following these tips to help you find one:

Talk to people

You can talk to your friends and people in your neighbourhood about your need for a caregiver or a nanny for your child. Ask them for any references that they can recommend or advice. Talking to people helps gather a lot of relevant information.

Know your child’s needs

According to the age of your child, see what kind of nanny would you require and for how many hours a day or how many days a week. If your child is finicky or does not stay with anyone else, except for you, look for a person who can handle him with more love and patience.

Keep track of the following important things before hiring a caregiver for your baby:

  • Check the background of the caregiver before hiring her for the job as you are entrusting her with your most precious thing, your child.
  • Look for prior experience in child care
  • These days caregiver also have the requisite knowledge about first aid and child care and development. Look for such certificates.
  • See the mannerisms of the person while you are interviewing her.
  • Look for an honest person. This is important because you leave your child and your house with the caregiver for the entire day.
  • Try to hire through a reputed agency as it will keep you out of the trouble of background verification.
  • Check the education of the person before you hire her. Basic education and good ethics are very necessary for bringing up a child.
  • Plan the first meeting with the child in your presence and see if the child is getting involved in her activities or not.
  • Let your child get used to her before leaving the child in her custody completely.

Even when you have hired a caregiver, you are not relieved of your responsibilities completely. You need to:

  • Make a diet plan for your child that has to be given to him for the breakfast, dinner or refreshments.
  • Mention the medical help that has to be given during minor troubles.
  • Also educate the nanny about your child’s allergies in medicines or food, if any.
  • Ask her about how she spent the entire day with the child every day.
  • Keep track of what she does and how. Don’t hesitate to ask questions regarding your child and his activities.
  • Ask her to spend some time making the child watch some educational programs on TV as it will boost his mental level.
  • Tell her the disciplinary limits that you have set for your child and your house.

Try to ensure that she follows the instructions left by you when you leave the house by visiting for surprise checks.  Don’t leave the entire onus on the care giver.