When both parents are working, striking a balance with the kid becomes essential

Bringing up a little child when both the parents are working is a very difficult task. Effective parenting requires a lot of time, effort, dedication and sacrifices. Even if a working mother is ready to sacrifice her job for the betterment of her baby, the economic conditions of the house may not let her do that. With the standard of living going high with each passing day and inflation being at its peak, the family cannot survive on the earnings of just one family member. This compels the new mother to get back to her job as early as possible, after the maternity leave.

Now the question arises, as to how to take care of the newly born. It is very difficult for the parents to leave their child at home, while the child also faces various problems at home,  not finding his parents around. Even though the child does not understand who he is spending his day with, he misses the love and care of his parents. Not only the new-borns but also the kids of any age, who don’t get to see their parents the entire day, face various problems.

  • The kids feel lonely and left out without their parents.
  • They often develop a sense of insecurity
  • They may feel neglected
  • They are unable to share their problems with their parents during the day and at times even after the parents are back but too tired to listen to them
  • They miss the love, attention and care they deserve
  • They might get detached from their parents in the long run since they spent very little time with them.
  • They have to depend on others even for some basic needs like food, changing clothes etc.

Every problem in this world has a solution. You must try to ensure that you give lots of love and undivided attention to your child when you reach home.

The solutions could be:

  • Leave the child in the custody of the grandparents. This way he will be nurtured well and given proper care.
  • Look for a nice day care center, if grandparents are not available. Check if the day care fulfils the basic needs of your child. Take feedback on your child’s activities each day to know what is happening in his life.
  • If you have nice and friendly neighbors who you can rely on, you can also leave your kids with them. Provide snacks for your kid as well and arrange some toys or games for the day, so that your child can spend his day without troubling them much and without putting extra burden on them. But this would be a very temporary arrangement, may be a day or two.
  • Look for a full time nanny who stays at home when you are not around and takes care of your child. You should make sure that nanny you choose is trustworthy and you can depend on her for your baby and your house.
  • Take up part time jobs instead of a full time, so that you can be with your child for a longer duration as he needs you more until the age of five. Once your child has learnt to take care of himself, you can go back to a full time job.
  • There are many day boarding schools these days which could keep your child for longer hours. It may be wise to choose one such school for your child.
  • Look for work opportunities that are closer to your home. This way you can cut down your travel-to-office time and be able to make yourself available whenever he needs you.

So, if you are doubtful of planning a baby just because both of you go to work, you don’t need to worry much. There are a lot of ways to strike a balance between personal and professional lives.