Tips On Finding The Right DayCare

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Things you must know before deciding on a daycare

Working parents are often confused on how to make correct decision about a good daycare. Once you have made the decision to send your child to a child-care center, family day care, or in-home care, you must start your search from that moment only – finding a good option will definitely take some time. Since your child will be spending a good time in the facility, ensure that there is a nice, warm atmosphere and a nurturing environment that will contribute positively in your child’s development. Believe in yourself and keep few things in mind while searching for good daycare:

  • Decide Your Priorities: You want a daycare which is near to your house or office or the one that has been suggested by friends? Is your child’s personality development on your list or you just want him to be safe and have fun? Make a list of various questions like this and focus on your priority.
  • Search, search and search! Get the contact details of various daycare centers. Gather information from references or websites. If you choose accredited centers in your city that would be the best. Opt for word of mouth publicity and also be open to change as and when you find a better option.
  • Visit, Ask and Observe: Once you have your list ready, the next task is to visit these daycare centers to find out what all facilities they have, the kind of atmosphere your kid will have there. If your baby is too small, less than a year old, you will surely want more individual attention towards your baby. For this, you need to ask about caregivers to child ratio in each center. You could also spy, if you like!
  • Check for License: Do check whether the centre is approved by state government and it has got license to operate or not. Also make sure it has a sound security system. These days, especially in big cities there are daycare centers which give you option to watch live screening of daycare centers on your computer. Anytime at your office or home you can check out what is going on at the centre.
  • Caregiver’s Qualification: Caregiver is a person with whom your child will be involved a lot. A skilled and qualified person can positively add to your child’s growth.
  • Ask for References: Take other parent’s references from the centre and speak to them. If the daycare is good at its work, they won’t hesitate in giving numbers of their clients. It’s a good way to check them!
  • Basic Facilities: Though it is not required to mention but still check for all basic facilities which your child will need at the centre like food, wash areas, play area, rest area etc.
  • Take Your Child’s Inputs: If your kid is grown enough to speak to you, you must ask her/him about daily activities at the centre. It helps to know about daycare activities as well as you get closer to your child.

We are sure you have your own criteria also for choosing the right daycare for your child. It is also true that being a parent, you would know if something doesn’t feel right – trust your gut and look for other options if need be. So go ahead and find the best one for your little one!

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