Fine motor skills improve fast between 18-24 months of a toddler’s age. Toddlers at this age try to explore everything which attracts them. They learn to become more independent. Physical activities increase as they love to walk, jump climb, run. Hand eye coordination also develops which can be seen when they play with blocks or try to put puzzle pieces together. By 18 -24 months, your bundle of joy is probably able to make towers using more than four blocks. Easy-to-arrange puzzle pieces are a good activity for toddlers. Some of the social and physical development milestones by the age of 18-24 months are:

  1. By 18 months a toddler understands more and starts using single words to ask for something like “water” when he feels thirsty.
  2. Sitting down, standing and walking alone increases at this phase.


    Toddlers at 2 years are able to drink water on their own

  3. Between 18-24 months a toddler is capable enough to make you understand what he likes and what he does not.
  4. Choices in food starts and demands for Maggie /pasta, chocolates begin.
  5. 18 months old toddlers can bend their body while standing to pick their toys or any other object, without falling.
  6. By 24 month, she moves her body up and down, may try to walk on stairs alone, and ride her tricycle (the one which is made for 2-4 years old) as well.
  7. For a 24 months toddler you need to be a good story teller as by now they love to hear short stories and even try to repeat it (may not be very accurately).
  8. Turning and tearing off pages has now been shifted to looking carefully the pictures on the pages, pointing them and asking what it is.
  9. Begins protecting her toys, “it’s my doll”, “that’s my car” is going to be frequent at this age. Me, my and mine are the words mostly used by the toddler.
  10. Starts watching cartoons and identifies the characters.
  11. Should be able to tell you five body parts, when asked, by now – if you have been training her.

18-24 months toddlers are at a quick learning and adapting stage, thus parents or caregivers need to be very careful while speaking in front of them. Toddlers at this age learn more from the surrounding atmosphere and try to repeat the words which they listen frequently. You may start with setting some routine for your child at this age like its story time, its bed time, its snack time etc. Letting them know what you both are going to do next gives them a little patience to wait. Imaginative, creative plays are their favorite pass time like collecting their small kitchen items and arranging them like your original kitchen. Trying to make living room at doll house for their soft toys or dolls, is something that girls enjoy the most. Little boys develop a knick for outdoors, balls and want to explore the entire house.

Play with your toddler like a kid and enjoy this phase!