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Raising Toddler Girls

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If you think all babies are alike then you need to think again because it is scientifically proven that girls and boys are different from each other not only physically but emotionally, socially and mentally as well. Physically, girls are less likely to jump around the house like boys. However, this does not mean that they will make any less of a mess than boys. They may not jump around and break stuff but they just might paint your walls and carpets with their new set of colors. In such a case, you have to be really patient with them and make them understand that you do not want them to repeat the same. Do not lose your temper and start scolding them because you have to understand that they did not spoil your things on purpose.

There may be girls who like playing with guns and cars rather than dolls but this does not mean that there is something wrong with them. They are, after all, just children and their likes and dislikes differ from each other. You can also keep your little girl busy by asking her to help you out around the house. But do not limit her collection of toys to stereotypical dolls and kitchen sets only. Make sure that she has puzzles, blocks, sorting sets and other such toys that boost her mental capacity as well. Socially, girls like to talk more and make friends.

Toddler girls are known to learn and expand their vocabulary faster than toddler boys. They follow each and every one of your moves and they will, as soon as they can, start imitating you in every way they can.

Girls love to role-play so before you know it, you might just find your little girl trying to get into your shoes (literally), putting a little makeup and treating her doll the way you treat her. She will scold or pet her toys just the way you do so make sure that you do not say something in anger that you do not want her to repeat.

Also, all girls love wearing their mother’s things so if you are worried about her spoiling your accessories then instead of scolding her, all you have to do is keep them at a place that is out of her reach. You can also buy for her some accessories to play with (although they will be less appealing to her than yours).

She will also copy the way you talk and behave with others so make sure that you check your behaviour because children only learn by observing. Emotionally, being a kid, your girl will throw tantrums when she wants something she can’t have. This is common to all kids. She might get upset over the smallest of things like not finding her favourite pair of bands or not wanting to tie her hair in a braid. Do not scold but empathize with her and she will listen to you. Instead of ordering her or forcing her to tie her hair, you can either tell her patiently that she looks prettier the other way and compliment her or just let her have her way for once. Do not make a big deal out of such small issues because eventually she will grow up and understand that combed hair is a better idea . You have to reassure her that you understand her problems and that you love her.

As girls have larger vocabularies, talking and listening to them will also strengthen your bond with them. All you need to do is be patient and give them the love they require and deserve. There might be times when you will feel like you can’t handle anymore but at times like these, all you need to remember is to look at the problem from your child’s perspective and the solution will come to you easily

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