Fine Motor Skills Development : 24-36 Months

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Everything you want to know about motor skill development in toddlers

At the age of 2-3 years, gross motor skills develop at a great speed in toddlers and their body balance and co-ordination increases. Toddlers between 2-3 years love to play in the park with swings, slides or ball. Physical activities rapidly increase by the time he becomes three. In fact during this phase it may be difficult for you to make him sit still. Eagerness at this age makes children moving all the time and hence generally they cannot focus on one thing for a long.

By the age of 2.5-3 years your toddler’s control over leg and arm movements improves significantly. He can easily kick the ball and even catch it sometimes. Eating with a spoon and a fork is common at this age (not very neatly- you will still be clearing the mess).Running short races is fun for him and he loves to do it. He can roll down, hop and jump with both feet easily by the age of three. Large buttons are easily manageable for him. He can even undress himself and easily takes off his shoes and socks. It’s easy for him to wash his hands by himself. He can ride his tricycle in better way now using both the feet. He may help you sometimes by keeping his toys or shoes or bags at their place. He will now try to imitate your personality – the way you dress up, speak, and walk – so you need to be very careful as your child will start reflecting your own behaviour.

Things a toddler should do

The child’s memory sharpness is well developed by now and he can easily recall or remember incidents from past. He loves to play with the other children. Toddlers at this stage start playing role plays as a game – so it is very likely that your girl wraps a dupatta and plays being Mommy. A three year old can wear pants with elastic bands easily, brushes his teeth or may even try taking a bath (which essentially means splashing water .He can take out stuff like water bottles or chocolates from the refrigerator. He can hold a glass or a cup in one hand. He is now able to switch on and switch off television by his own and may switch the channels too. Sharing becomes difficult for him. Some may even start scribbling alphabets, the easy ones (which are made of sleeping and standing lines). Eye –hand coordination is much developed by three years and he can play and direct the toy car or an aero plane through remote control. Control may not be too good though. He is able to open the door. He may throw ball overhead. He can count up to 2-5 objects. He may collect and categorize the similar objects. He is able to catch a ball thrown with short distance (but not every time). pregnancy pillow

Many other skills also improve sharply during 2-3 years of age. Communication, behavioral and social development is at a greater pace at this stage. He learns few basic rules of grammar (he/she/is/are). You just need to let them explore their world and encourage them for physical activities for better growth.

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