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Aparna Hari

Are you searching for the most adorable first birthday ideas and themes for your little one? We can see you nodding a BIG YES! So we’ve combined a list of the best first birthday ideas and themes that you will love and the grown-ups will enjoy as well. Whether you have a baby girl or a baby boy, you’ll find a variety of themes from Mermaid-themed parties for girls to outer space theme parties for boys.

Planning a birthday theme for your baby’s birthday can be quite a task and involves a lot of planning and preparation. Make sure that you capture all these memories in photos and videos to show your baby when they grow up. Babies do have a favorite toy, a favorite cartoon or a character, or even a favorite movie. Starting with this as a basis will be a good first step.

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First Birthday Ideas And Themes For Baby Girl

You are teary-eyed to see how quickly your baby girl is approaching her first birthday. It’s time that you collect some out-of-the-box ideas for her grand birthday celebration. Your baby will surely love the unique experience that she’ll be getting with these first birthday ideas and themes.

Here are five of the most beautiful themes for your baby’s first-ever birthday. Now, at this age, she’ll love all these themes and bundles of celebration ideas. But as you know, she’ll not remember how big her first birthday celebration was. So, make sure to have a good camera or hire a professional photographer to create memorable pictures and videos of your baby girl’s birthday celebrations.

1. Princess/ Angel Theme

Make your little one a fairy princess with a tiara and a silver gown. A beautiful castle-styled home will make your princess look even more adorable. And tiny and cute wings for your baby girl is a great idea as well. Beautify the background with gold dust, pink and white balloons, and light gold-colored curtains for a fabulous birthday party.

And don’t forget a tiara cake which has creamy frosting to make your little princess relish the eve to the fullest. A customized banner and cake with your cutie’s name written on it are just what you need to make everything complete.

2. Minnie Mouse

Decorate the party with the playfulness of Minnie Mouse. Keep Minnie Mouse toys at your little Minnie’s birthday party. Your baby will surely build a place in her heart for this popular Disney character.

Apply your imagination and creativity to get unique ideas for this theme of so many possibilities. And of course, the party is incomplete without a Minnie Mouse bow headband for your baby. Most important of all, a Minnie mouse dress with polka dots would give your cutie pie a perfect photo-friendly look.

3. Mermaid Party

The world of magical fairytales and your baby can’t stay without meeting each other. You can buy customized birthday cakes which are inspired by underwater themes. Moreover, what a stunning way to celebrate the 1st birthday it is – you may go ahead and make the whole celebration look like it’s under the sea.

Transform the room with shells, aquatic color balloons, nets, and so on. Fill some buckets with water, and scatter toys around them. Babies will take great pleasure in dipping them underwater and having a splash if it’s warm weather.

4. Alice in Wonderland

It’s up to you to decide the vibe of this theme. The Alice-inspired decorations can either give the birthday party a memorable vibe of a fairytale or any other way you want it to be. For instance, snowflake motifs and white faux fur will make it a wonderful winter-themed wonderland.

Imagine how lovely it would feel to see sparkles, tulle and florals at your baby girl’s party. Moreover, floral crowns and a mini-indoor garden will add up to the shine of this wonderland that you’re creating.

5. Barbie Birthday Theme

Fill up the room with shades of pink to get a perfect Barbie theme. Create paper flowers out of construction paper. And decorate the home with pink ribbons. Have a stock full of heart-shaped sandwiches, ice cream, pink lemonade, and strawberry.

Let your baby become the Barbie of the birthday party with her outfit. Place Barbie dolls around the house. And to make the first birthday unforgettable, click pictures of your baby in that dress. You may give away Barbie dolls and accessories as favours to your baby’s little buddies as well.

First Birthday Ideas And Themes For Baby Boy

Your cute baby monster is turning one, and its celebration time! After going through all the sleepless nights, crying, and a year filled with love and milestones, you’re officially permitted to have the biggest-ever celebration.

To make your job easier, below you’ll find the best themes and ideas for your baby boy’s first birthday. Go all out and have fun on the BIG DAY with your baby and all your loved ones. These handpicked first birthday ideas and themes make the party enjoyable and photo-friendly as well.

1. Winnie The Pooh theme

The touching story of Pooh the bear is a beloved part of our childhood days. So, it’s a great idea to make your little one familiar with Winnie the Pooh and his friends. Seek inspiration from woodland and recreate it beautifully as a theme, and bees should definitely be a part of it.

Make the vibes sweeter with lovely quotes from the story. It’ll do a wonderful job for the table’s background. Furthermore, a small story time session for all the little ones will make the part even more memorable and friendly.

2. Minions Theme

Minions are as playful and mischievous as your little one. So, you can be assured that this theme will be relatable for them. A combination of yellow and blue balloons should look outstanding for the Minions theme. Make your baby a Minion by dressing them in a yellow shirt under blue overalls, just like Minions.

And let them wear cute Minion goggles. To make the party Minion friendly, place cardboard cutouts of inventions and decorate the house with a Banana theme – Minions love Bananas. Other than that, get a custom-made Vanilla cake in the shape of Minions for the best look.

3. Construction Site Theme

If playing with cement mixtures and bulldozer toys pleases your little one, then they’ll love the construction site theme. Your baby engineer will look great in a check shirt, blue overalls and a hard hat. And when we come to the room’s setting, use warning boards, handlebars and work-in-progress signs made from cardboard.

They’ll give a good feel of being on a construction site. The cake should have brown frosting to make it look like dirt and it should have a small bulldozer too. And to entertain the tiny guests at the party, pile up some construction site toys or all-wheeled toys.

4. Sailor Theme

Babies who love playing with water or love Popeye- the sailorman will have the most wonderful time with the Sailor-themed party. Be creative with multiple colors of blue to organize a party depicting the sea. Your baby will look like a small cute sailor in a white and blue outfit.

The settings will look phenomenal with sea waves, a lighthouse and lifeboats made using cardboard cutouts. Distribute sailor hats to your baby’s buddies to wear while partying. Boat themes will look the best on the cake as well, so go for a boat shaped look.

5. Outer Sky/Space Theme

And here we come to the most intriguing theme of all, Outer space! Be it little ones or adults at the party, both have a thing for the unknown and unexplored outer sky. So, dress your baby as an astronaut with a space suit.

And to add extra amusement to the party, buy little alien outfits for the other babies in the party. Decorate the room with banners and printers with stars, rockets, planets, the moon, and so forth. Arrange the party in the evening, it’ll suit the theme. And add a toy telescope to entertain the children.

You may go ahead with any first birthday ideas and themes which feel like it’ll give the birthday party the most treasured moments. But remember it’s your little one’s first-ever birthday, their first ride around the sun. So don’t mind if they start crying when it’s time for a photoshoot. Give them lots of cuddles and kisses.


1. What Food is Good For First Birthday?

Your one-year-old will find mini sandwiches, muffins, cheese cubes, crackers, bananas, yoghurt, and so on very delicious.

2. What Are The Things Needed For First Birthday Celebration?

Theme, cake, guest list, venue, timings, scale of the party, clothes for your baby, you and your spouse, choosing a host or an MC, music play list, and return gifts are some of the important things you need to plan well in advance. This planning will make the party more organized and comfortable for the guests.

3. How Long do First Birthdays Last?

It’s a good idea to keep the party at most one and a half to two hours long so that your baby doesn’t get overtired and starts crying.


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