Baby’s First Food- Green Peas Puree (4-6 Months)

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  • Are Green Peas Good For My Baby?
  • When Can I Introduce Green Peas To My Baby?
  • Should I Use Fresh Green Peas Or Frozen Peas For Making My Baby’s Puree?
  • Green Peas Puree Recipe (4-6 Months)

Are Green Peas Good For My Baby?

Though they look small and tiny, the nutritional value of peas is considerably high. This bright green vegetable is a great source of vitamins A, C and B1, and offer folate, phosphorus, iron, proteins and fibre. However, peas can cause gas in some babies, just like in adults, so you may want to wait a couple of months before introducing them to your baby. Just like with any other new food, do not forget to go by the 3 day wait rule for babies.

When Can I Introduce Green Peas To My Baby?

Though it is safe to introduce your baby to peas by the time he is 6 months old, some parents may prefer to delay till the baby’s digestive system is more mature – around 12 months of age. The best way would be to check with your pediatrician who would be able to advise you better.

Should I Use Fresh Green Peas Or Frozen Peas For Making My Baby’s Puree?

Frozen peas are more readily available than garden fresh peas. Frozen peas also tend to cook easily, whereas garden peas require some work and time. You may also notice jars of canned peas, but they should not be used for your baby’s food as they contain salt and/or sugar. Though fresh peas are your best bet, frozen peas would also do the job equally well. If you are lucky enough to find fresh peas, shell them just before you decide to use them – preferably on the same day that you buy them.
Here is an easy green pea puree recipe for your baby. pregnancy pillow

Green Peas Puree Recipe (4-6 Months)

Recipe Type: Baby food Category Puree Age: 4-6 months Cook Time: 3-8 Minutes Prep Time: 15 Minutes


  • A cup or more of frozen or shelled fresh peas
  • Some water or breast/formula milk

peas puree

Directions For Preparing Green Peas Puree For Babies

  • For frozen peas, just wash the pea kernels thoroughly. If using fresh peas, scrape the peas from the pods and wash them
  • Take a pressure cooker or a bigger container and place a smaller one inside it with the peas. You can also use a steamer basket
  • Boil/pressure cook / steam for 3-8 minutes until the peas are very tender and you can see the skin coming off. Frozen peas will take lesser time while garden peas will need more time
  • The leftover water can be used to thin out the puree, hence you may reserve it
  • Use a masher, blender or other appliance to make the puree. The skins could remain as they are, hence use some water or breast/formula milk to thin out the puree
  • Do not add too much water else the puree will become runny and thin
  • You can use a mesh strainer to completely get rid of any remaining skin
  • Always use sterilized bowls and spoons to feed your baby
  • Serve the baby when the puree is at room temperature, neither cold nor hot

Additional comments: Hot steamed peas when placed in ice-cold water is known to blend into smoother purees, with skin not being much of a concern.
Do consult your pediatrician if your baby has any food allergies and always follow the 3 day wait rule for introducing new foods to the baby

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