Home remedies for lice: Effectiveness and prevention

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Lice Treatment at home

There are a variety of home cures that individuals say may treat head lice, but there is no scientific proof that they are useful or safe. Many of these therapies have had equivocal outcomes in research. Home cures for lice are usually found to be ineffective and may not fulfil safety regulations, according to scientists.

People contemplating these cures should consult with a doctor, evaluate the data, and balance the advantages and disadvantages of at-home lice treatment. Although experts disagree on the effectiveness of home cures for lice, they believe that nonmedical steps may be taken to minimise lice spread and prevent them from returning.

Home remedies for lice

Due to the fact that lice lay eggs that hatch swiftly, an infestation can swiftly grow. To get rid of lice, you have to get rid of both the lice and their eggs. Once the eggs have matured, a person who undergoes a therapy that does not destroy the eggs will need to reapply it.

Many individuals think that lice, eggs, or both may be killed using home treatments. Learn about these treatments, as well as when to seek medical help and how to keep lice from spreading.

Anise essential oil

Anise oil has the ability to cover and smother lice. Anise oil was proven to be one of the most effective natural therapies for lice in toddlers in a 2018 study.

Anise oil was one of only two natural medicines that completely removed lice, despite the fact that other natural cures were routinely effective. Other herbal cures often resulted in reinfestations within a few months for those who utilised them.

Anise oil may be found at health food stores and on the internet for those who want to buy it.

Olive oil

Olive oil has comparable properties as anise oil in that it can suffocate lice and prevent them from returning. It was considered among the most effective medicines in the same 2018 study as anise oil. Those looking for a very efficient home treatment could combine olive oil and anise oil.

Olive oil may provide further hair and scalp advantages. Olive oil may be found at many grocery shops and on the internet.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is widely used to heal dry skin and hair. Researchers in Brazil conducted a study in 2010 that looked at the effects of different natural head lice therapies and compared them to over-the-counter (OTC) medications.

The researchers discovered that pure coconut oil was the only medication that worked out of all the therapies they tried. An average of 80% of the head lice Trusted Source were dead within 4 hours of administering the oil.

In the same time period, the two most significant therapeutic shampoos eliminated 97.9% and 90.2 percent of lice, respectively.

Tea tree oil

Because of its antibacterial characteristics, tea tree oil is an excellent home cure for a variety of skin ailments.

Researchers tested the effects of a tea trees and lavender oil mix on head lice in 42 participants in a 2010 study. 41 of the subjects had no head lice after three treatments at periodic intervals. This achievement is comparable to several prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

Tea tree oil, on the other hand, has been found to be ineffective as a head lice treatment in other studies. In addition, tea tree oil can irritate the skin and create a rash or itching.


Lice are extremely infectious, and anybody may catch them. Having lice does not imply that a person is unclean or ill in any way.

Treatment decisions can be guided by a doctor or even another healthcare expert. Before eradicating a lice infestation, anybody with a weakened immune system, a history of significant skin reactions, or past experience with treatment-resistant lice should see a healthcare practitioner.

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