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Home Remedies To Treat Postpartum Hair Fall

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During pregnancy you might have experienced a wow feeling about your thick and lustrous hair, but once your baby is born – your hair suddenly starts falling with increased speed – giving you a feeling of – poof! Apart from feeding and cleaning the baby, the continuous falling of hair is most likely to keep you worried. Stop worrying. There are several Home Remedies To Treat Postpartum Hair Fall
Treating post-partum hair fall
Since after a baby is born, a major setback for many women is regarding the way they look and feel and postpartum hair fall bothers almost every new mother. No, there is no need to worry and you are definitely not going to get bald, it’s just a temporary phase and this time also, we can put the absolute blame on hormones present inside our body. Read on to find out the Home Remedies To Treat Postpartum Hair Fall.

What Causes Postnatal Hair Loss?
12 Home Remedies To Minimize Hair Fall After Delivery

  • Treat Deficiency 
  • Egg white 
  • Fenugreek(मेथी) seeds 
  • Avoid colors, styling tools 
  • Curd 
  • Massage techniques 
  • Amla(आंवला) or Indian Gooseberry 
  • Choosing the right shampoo 
  • Medicated oils 
  • Coconut 
  • Dry fruits and flax seeds 
  • Herbal help “Bhringraj”(भृंगराज) 
  • Alarming Signs Of Hair Fall After Delivery

What Causes Postnatal Hair Loss?

Normally we lose at least 70-100 hair per day. However, the increased levels of estrogen during pregnancy halts this process and most of our hair go into the resting phase of hair cycle. Therefore, instead of falling, our hair stay on our head and we get the most desirable volume. Increasing levels of hormones during pregnancy cause your hair to be in a resting phase called telogen, for a longer period.
Thus, it brings hair fall to its minimum during pregnancy, which makes your hair look dense and thick. This usually occurs after five to six weeks and ends by about six to eight months. Many women notice hair fall in the first month, while some other say it starts at about 3 months after the baby’s birth. Some thinks that is realtion between breast feeding and postpartum hairfall.  However, it’s a complete hormonal thing and will subside by itself, but still you can prevent it to some extent by using some simple tips stated below. This is because the hormones start getting settled to their pre-pregnancy stage.
It can be really disturbing, but too much of stress may add to one more reason and cause hair fall. So try to be calm and patient and gear up to take good care of your hair.

12 Home Remedies To Treat Postpartum Hair Fall

When your baby is born, estrogen levels also start declining and all the hair, which were in resting phase start falling out. There is not much that can be done to stop hair loss after delivery. Generally the hair come back to their pre-pregnancy state after 6-8 months of baby’s birth. But your hair texture might change after pregnancy temporarily or even permanently. It can be extra oily or very dry, limp or broken. Let us discuss some effective home remedies which help in keeping your hair healthy, and promote hair growth. These out-of-the-kitchen remedies also help in minimizing hair fall and damage caused due to pregnancy:

1. Treat Deficiency

It is always better to start with the root cause of excessive hair fall. Postnatal vitamin intake is as important as prenatal vitamins. If you are low on iron, zinc or any other essential nutrients, which can be identified after consulting with your doctor, you should focus on your diet. Along with the supplements prescribed by the doctor, add natural sources of iron, zinc and vitamins to your diet. Eat food items which are rich in Vitamin C and B complex to stop hair fall. These vitamins can be found in legumes, peas, green leafy vegetables, oranges, yeast, sprouts, curd, buttermilk, soya, whole grains and nuts. Consuming these on a regular basis will help in the reduction of hair fall

Egg white

Make a hair pack by blending one egg white and two tablespoon olive oil well. Apply it on your hair for around 30 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm or cold water

Fenugreek(मेथी) seeds for postpartum hair fall

This common, small and easily available herb can do wonders for your hair. Soak fenugreek seeds in water at night. Apply the strained water on the scalp next day and leave it for 1-2 hours. Fenugreek seed’s extract makes your hair healthy and also treats dandruff if any. Repeat the process once or twice a week for early results. You can also make a paste of roasted methi (मेथी) and then apply them on your scalp or you can add them in your oil while you are heating it to lukewarm level. It is known to cure hair fall in a very effective way since centuries

Avoid colors, styling tools

Avoid using heating tools for styling your hair. Frequent coloring might add more problems to hair. Let them dry naturally, do not use blow dry for drying hair too often. This weakens the roots of the hair. Never comb wet hair. If you want to do it use a wide toothed comb for wet hair to avoid hair fall. Gels or sprays are absolutely not recommendable for those who suffer from hair loss problem

Curd for postpartum hair fall

Curd is an excellent tonic which can help you in arresting the excessive hair fall and will simultaneously improve the quality of hair as well. It is also known as one of the best conditioner for hair. Apply the paste of curd on the scalp and leave it for 10 mins. You can even add yogurt into your diet to enhance the nutritional value of your diet

Massage techniques

Regular massage of your scalp will increase the blood circulation and will also promote the hair growth. You can use lukewarm oil for gently massaging your scalp for at least for 5-10 mins in a day and if in case you don’t prefer oil then just massage your hair with the tips of your fingers. Massaging will also leave you relaxed and calm. Adopt correct technique to oil massage and shampooing your hair. The same way should be followed to shampoo hair
Postpartum Hair Loss Problems

Amla(आंवला) or Indian Gooseberry

Amla is being used from so many centuries for nourishing the hair. It is a powerful tonic which can be added directly in your diet in the form of juice or you can boil them with oil till they turn black and afterwards can massage hair with same oil

Choosing the right shampoo

Biotin is known to be good for hair growth. Try choosing shampoo that contains biotin

Medicated oil for postpartum hair fall

Massaging hair using medicated oils like Mahabhringraj oil, Arnica oil or Amla oil at night regularly can be highly beneficial for hair growth. Rosemary oil is recommended for hair as it helps to supply oxygen to hair follicles, which are responsible for hair growth

Coconut for postpartum hair fall

You can use coconut in many forms to arrest hair fall. Use of coconut milk on scalp can reduce your hair fall, also you can burn the hard shell of coconut to ashes, preserve these ashes into a jar and then add these ashes every time to the oil before massaging it in your scalp. Regular use can check hair fall and can even make them darker, shinier and full of volume

Dry fruits and flax seeds for postpartum hair fall

Add Flax seeds to your regular diet. These are rich in omega-3 and fats.Eating plenty of dry fruits and taking more water throughout the day also lead to good hair

Herbal help “Bhringraj”(भृंगराज)

If possible, take some fresh leaves of plant Bhringraj(भृंगराज) and let them dry in shade, afterwards grind it to powder and start taking approximately 2-3gm of powder either with honey or milk twice a day. You can also make paste from fresh leaves and apply directly at the scalp. If in case you don’t have any access to the plant then try the tablets and powders available in the market. Bhringraj(भृंगराज) plant is known as “keshraj”(केशराज) due to its wondrous benefits on hair
After childbirth it takes some time to form a schedule for yourself and get back to the normal life due to which often your hair get neglected and end up in a very bad shape. So, the first step towards hair fall prevention should actually be keeping them clean. Wash them gently but with a good shampoo and please don’t tie them when they are wet, we understand that you are busy, but if you can’t do much at least try to keep them open till they are fully dry.

Alarming Signs Of Hair Fall After Delivery

Postpartum Hair Loss
This process of hair fall may last from six months to one year. A woman may lose up to 500 hair per day after pregnancy. You should start noticing usual hair growth between 6-12 months after your delivery. If hair fall continues with the same intensity till your baby becomes one year old, speak to your doctor about it. You may have some kind of deficiency which is common for all new moms.
Lastly, taking too much of stress may wash off all your efforts to keep your hair healthy. If you have long hair and you are not able to manage these along with the baby, get a haircut and keep them short for some time. (after all you always have an option to grow them back!) Relax and enjoy motherhood!

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excellent info


swarupa das

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Also my hair problem


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