How Much Water Should I Drink During Pregnancy?

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Roughly, about 2 liters, spread in 8 or more breaks.

Pregnant or not, we need water to stay healthy. Our body and all the essential organs must get adequate water to work appropriately. Water helps vitamins reach the cells, aids in digestion, eliminates pollutants out of the body, and even regulates the body temperature. As a matter of fact, 55% to 65% of our weight is from the water. Therefore, drinking required amount of water is absolutely crucial.

Do I Need More Water Now That I Am Pregnant?

Yes. Throughout pregnancy, the mother requires more water to meet the demands of the transforming body. Water is necessary for healthy blood cells which have a more significant role during pregnancy.

Why Does The Body Require More Water During Pregnancy?

Water intake during pregnancy needs more attention as the blood in the body increases tremendously. In addition to increased blood volume, as the pregnancy progresses, the amount of amniotic fluid also increases which demands more water intake. It is water that carries all the extra nutrients that you are packing up to the developing fetus. Your nutrient rich blood reaches the placenta and the baby all with the help of the magic potion, water. In addition, water is one key factor of breast milk and drinking more water increases the chances of more milk production.
It is important to stay hydrated when pregnant as dehydration triggers preterm labor.

How Much Water Should I Drink During Pregnancy?

Normally, a person should drink at least 8 glasses of water, each about 8 ounce, roughly equal to 2 liters. But a pregnant woman is recommended to drink minimum 10 glasses of water which is around 2 and a half liter per day. During summers, increase the amount of water to another three or four glasses as more water is lost from the body through sweating. However, instead of gulping it all at once, it is important that you space in sips at regular intervals steadily throughout the day.

Why Is It Important To Drink Pure More Water Than Other Fluids?

It is appreciated when you drink more pure water during pregnancy. This is because juices are packed with sugars and though they count for fluid intake, they also come with extra calories. Milk, vegetable juices, decaffeinated teas etc. are all ways to stay hydrated throughout the day and not just depend on water. However, limiting the intake of caffeinated drinks and sodas is appreciated as they provide nothing more than empty calories.

Will Drinking More Water Increase My Chances Of Fluid Retention?

Never. Please don’t turn away from drinking water thinking that it can result in fluid retention. An interesting fact is that the more liquids you drink in the course of pregnancy, lesser is that chance of fluid retention. So if you have swollen ankles, drinking more water actually helps.
Water in pregnancy

How Can I Know That I Am Drinking Adequate Water?

Urinating frequently and the urine being pale or colorless is an indication of your water intake is on the mark.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Water During Pregnancy?

  1. Prevents dehydration: Staying well hydrated is very important during pregnancy. Dehydration, in the course of pregnancy, gives rise to complications such as premature contractions, pre-eclampsia, edema etc.
  2. Help in relieving common pregnancy issues: Adequate intake of water during pregnancy helps to pass pregnancy issues such as headache, fatigue, nausea etc. more easily
  3. Help in shipping nutrients to the baby: Water helps the mother’s body assimilate vitally important nutrients into the cells and carry vitamins, minerals, and hormones to the blood cells of the baby. It’s this nutrient rich blood that makes it to the placenta and finally to the baby in the womb
  4. Prevents urinary infection: During pregnancy, there will be more waste that will need to get eliminated from the body of the mother. Water will help in breaking the waste and expelling it from the system thus, helping in maintaining the health of kidney and urinary tract and precisely will keep UTI at bay
  5. Prevents constipation and hemorrhoids: Drinking more water helps in digestion and in good bowel movement thus helping the excrement to move rapidly down the digestive track preventing constipation. Constipation is one of the common issues that bothers the mother during pregnancy.
    The pressure applied during constipation increases the chances of developing hemorrhoids. Therefore, by drinking water both constipation and hemorrhoids can be prevented

What If I Don’t Like The ‘Taste’ Of Water During Pregnancy?

Some women don’t like the taste (or tastelessness) of water during pregnancy, here are few tips to overcome this feeling and also to get over the nauseous feeling:

  • Take pure water in a vessel and put a piece of lemon or neatly washed mint leaves or coriander leaves or whatever smell and taste applicable to you and leave it for some time. Now try drinking this flavored water
  • You can also boil water with coriander seeds, fennel seeds, grated ginger etc. according to your wish
  • Drinking tender coconut water, buttermilk etc. can also help to keep you away from dehydration

Ensuring Water Safety During Pregnancy

Here are some tips to make sure you are drinking pure water and to keep away from waterborne illnesses:

  • Ensure you drink either filtered, boiled or sealed bottled water
  • In case you’re going out, it is better to carry your water bottle to make certain it is perfect and safe
  • If you buy branded bottled water, make sure it is not damaged, well-sealed and never forget to check the ‘date of packaging’ or ‘best before’ tag
  • When you dine out, ask for bottled water and get it opened at your table
  • If you feel like drinking ice water, drink chilled bottled water rather than adding ice cubes. Because, the ice cubes, if made with unfiltered water, may carry germs
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