How to Choose Maternity Pads For Postpartum?

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Written by Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

How to choose maternity pads for postpartum

Choosing maternity pads for postpartum and pregnancy is a challenge because the experience is never the same for all. After childbirth, your body needs time to get back to normal. You will have vaginal discharge and bleeding several days after delivery, preparing the body to return to normal. The vaginal discharge and the bleeding happens for several reasons. This is medically known as lochia, a process by which the body cleans the womb and removes the leftover fragments of the placenta to prevent infection. 

Maternity pads play an important role during postpartum. After your baby is born all the discharges may last for a few days to several weeks. It varies between mothers depending upon each body. Choosing the right maternity pad that can hold up postpartum bleeding can be difficult sometimes. This article teaches about maternity pads, why and when we should use them, and their benefits. Let us get started.

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Why Should You Consider Using Maternity Pads?

You should choose maternity pads for the simple reason that you are bleeding and you need some comfort. You may notice red blood during the initial days after delivery which slowly changes to pink and then becomes brown as bleeding reduces. 

Some mothers may prefer using tampons or menstrual cups. But your doctors are most likely to suggest you use maternity pads. Tampons or menstrual cups may increase the risk of infection. You may need to avoid using menstrual products for up to six weeks after delivery.

When Should You Start Using Maternity Pads?

Woman with her newborn

Maternity pads are commonly used after delivery to manage bleeding and vaginal discharge. Ideally, you should start using maternity pads immediately after delivery. Remember that you may require three to four packs, each with ten maternity pads in your hospital bag. During the initial days post-delivery, you may need to change your maternity pad once every two hours. The frequency may gradually reduce over time.

But, some women may also prefer to use them during labor or while traveling to the hospital to prevent the leaks of broken waters. At that time, normal pads and panty liners can come to your rescue.

Benefits of Maternity Pads

Here are some of the note-worthy benefits of maternity pads.

  • They are designed specially to support maternity. They help in absorbing heavy bleeding without giving you any discomfort.
  • Maternity pads are thicker and tend to be more absorbent than menstrual pads.
  • They are longer and wider in the back, with wings that give additional support.
  • Made of soft material that gives gentle cushioning.
  • They are much safer than menstrual products and prevent your vaginal from irritation and infection.

Different Types of Maternity Pads

Different types of maternity pads

There are different types of maternity pads available in the market. Each one gives you a unique benefit and comfort and eventually helps you deal with your phase. 

Here are a few types of maternity pads. 

1. Classic Pads

They are the traditional or classical form of maternity pads that come without extra frills.

2. Winged Pads

The winged maternity pads have a wing that can be wrapped around the underwear to provide additional security.

3. Organic Pads

Organic pads are made with organic cotton and are soft on the skin. Using organic pads can minimize the chances of rashes and irritation. 

4. Reusable Pads

For mothers concerned more about the environment, reusable pads are much preferred.

5. Incontinence Underwear

Incontinence underwear is also known as adult diapers. They help from leakage from all angles.

Tips For Choosing Maternity Pads For Postpartum

pregnant woman holding pad

It is essential to choose the maternity pad that gives you maximum comfort. The following are some critical features to consider before choosing maternity pads.

1. Absorbency

During the initial days after delivery, you may bleed heavily. It would be best if you chose a maternity pad that has a higher absorbing capacity. You can identify the level of absorbancy on the packaging.

2. Hypoallergenic Material

A good maternity pad should be made of hypoallergenic material that is soft and delicate to the vaginal area. It also prevents irritation and infection. E.g., Cotton and bamboo allow the skin to breathe and avoid infections.

3. Classic or Briefs

There are several types of maternity pads available in the market. You need to choose the one that best suits you. The classic ones resemble menstrual pads (with or without wings). The briefs are similar to underwear and are made of elastic mesh.

4. Fragrance-free

Ensure to choose maternity pads free from fragrance to prevent your vaginal area from irritation and infection.

Top 5 Best Maternity Pad Brands In India

If you are finding it difficult to choose the best maternity pad for your postpartum, go through the list provided below. We have filtered a few best brands of maternity pads available in India and listed them here. 

1. New Mom Dynamic Maternity Pads

New mom pads are a pack of 20 maxi pads. They are comfortable and help in better absorption. On top of that, new mom maternity pads fit perfectly because of their elastic side gathering. They are gentle on the skin, prevent odor, and are perfect for handling postpartum bleeding.

2. Profiklen Maternity Pad

Profiklen maternity pads are useful for pre and postpartum lochia and heavy postpartum bleeding. You get 5 xxl pads per pack and they are super soft on the skin with great absorbance. 

3. PEESAFE Maternity Pads

PEESAFE maternity pads are especially useful for pregnancy incontinence and postpartum bleeding. They can absorb up to 750 ml of fluid and are a pack of 8 pads. These pads are wide enough and are very gentle on the skin. They come with elastic sides that protect from leakage.

4. Azah Maternity Pads

Azah maternity pads are especially useful for postpartum bleeding. These are made of organic cotton and are ultra-absorbent. Azah pads are soft on the skin and can hold up to 500 ml of fluid without leakage. 

5. Abena Maternity Pads

Abena maternity pads are super soft, extra wide, and specially designed to hold up postpartum fluids. And, their air-plus technology lets your skin breathe and gives you the best experience when using it during heavy flow. 

Maternity pads differ from menstrual pads in size, absorbency, and comfort. If you want to have a comfortable post-partum, aim to buy a best maternity pad. Happy pregnancy!

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