How To Choose Maternity Tummy Sleeves

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Sindhuja Prabhu

Maternity tummy sleeve during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful time for the expectant mother. Her body undergoes a lot of changes, but she may not like them all. When her belly starts showing, she may need more time or support to carry on with her regular routine. Sometimes, she may not want it to “show” just yet. Maternity tummy sleeves are a blessing for such mothers who want some extra reinforcement to help them with their pregnant belly.

It is a functional item for use before, during, and after pregnancy. Smooth lines are made possible while wearing unbuttoned jeans or trousers thanks to the Pregnant Tummy Sleeve. Moreover, it provides protection when a top is raised for nursing access. Your back, front, and sides will all be covered by this item, ensuring that you feel supported and prepared for each day.

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What Are Maternity Tummy Sleeves?

A tummy sleeve is an elasticated fabric that you can wear around your pregnant belly. It can expand as your belly gets bigger. It offers good coverage and can cover up exposed skin when your top lifts up or even when you are unable to button those jeans. The sleeve will hide the button and offers a smooth look to the tummy area.

Maternity tummy sleeves can be worn over your clothes or underneath based on your preference. They are mostly worn underneath to offer support to the growing belly and to help extend the use of clothes.

When To Consider Using  Maternity Tummy Sleeves?

A maternity tummy sleeve is just an additional product designed to make pregnancy more comfortable for the mother-to-be. You can start using maternity tummy sleeves, if and when:

  • Your pregnant belly is just growing and starting to show, your top might lift up. You can wear the tummy sleeve and hide your skin from showing. If you wear a top or bottom in the same color as your tummy sleeve, it can look like a part of your outfit.
  • If you want to step out for work or even casually, but are unable to button those pants due to the protruding belly, you can hide the opening with the tummy sleeve. It will not only hide the exposed button but also offer a smooth finish
  • You want a little more support for your pregnant belly but are not keen on investing in maternity pants that come with elasticated bands for the tummy area.
  • You feel you are gaining weight and want to hide the loose skin around the hips, the tummy sleeve can hold it all in tight.

Benefits Of Using Maternity Tummy Sleeve

Using a maternity tummy sleeve can offer you a number of benefits such as:

  1. You don’t have to invest in maternity pants which can be expensive
  2. You can use these tummy sleeves with all outfits – your pants, skirts, shorts, or even underneath dresses
  3. No need to buy bigger tops to cover your exposed stomach
  4. You can wear it full size for full coverage or fold it down to cover just a limited area
  5. It is made of spandex and can expand quite well. You can use it for many months during and after pregnancy
  6. Offers good support when you are moving around or exercising, by hugging the belly firmly and securely.

Types Of Maternity Tummy Sleeves

Types Of Maternity Tummy Sleeves...

Maternity tummy sleeves are designed to be worn on your abdomen, covering your pregnant belly area. It can extend from just below your breasts to your hips. The material is stretchable and will expand as your tummy grows. So, you can use the same maternity tummy sleeve for most of your pregnancy. 

You can even use it post-pregnancy until your tummy shrinks back enough to fit into your bottoms without the sleeve’s reinforcement.

There is just one model when it comes to tummy sleeves, but you can get them in different colours. You can even find different material combinations.

How To Choose Maternity Tummy Sleeves

When you are out buying yourself a maternity tummy sleeve, keep the following tips and points in mind:


Choose the size carefully. You cannot go with your regular clothing sizes. If you seem to grow faster than average, you may have to invest in a bigger tummy sleeve. Similarly, if you are carrying twins or more, you will need a bigger tummy sleeve. Invest in a size you can use for the next few months if not for the entire pregnancy. You can use them postpartum too.


Check the material. Most of them are made with spandex and another material. Check if the material is smooth and not itchy. You will be wearing this on your bare skin and so it needs to be smooth and soft on the skin.


Some brands have multiple color options. In most brands, you will get a white, black, or nude color. Invest in a color you are bound to use more. Remember what color clothing you have and match your sleeve accordingly.


Consider your usage. Are you planning to wear it underneath your clothes or over your pants? You need to invest in an appropriate size accordingly. Id it for regular use or occasional use. You can spend money on it accordingly or even buy an expensive one and a not-so-expensive one.


Most of the brands are machine washable. However, some brands might have special washing instructions. Consider the instructions and buy only those you can follow. You don’t want any complications with the washing.


Stores do not allow trials for these products. You can check websites for reviews by users. This will throw light on various aspects of the tummy sleeve. You might find new ways to use it, issues you have never heard of, and other helpful comments too. When it is a review by a user, it can help you select the right product.


All products cannot be comfortable for everyone. Just as each pregnancy is unique, your comfort level is too. If someone has good reviews about a tummy sleeve, but you are not comfortable with it, do not hesitate to try another brand. A maternity tummy sleeve has to keep you comfortable. Never compromise on your comfort here.




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