How To Choose Premium Baby Care Products -Tips & Tricks

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Babies are the miracles in the life of any couple and they leave no stone unturned to give the best to their babies. Due to the advent of technology no more are the new parents oblivious of what is good for the child. They do in-depth research on the internet and keep visiting stores. They are conversant with the fact that the same products that are used by the adults are not safer for the babies. Their bodies are softer and gentler, so they need products that are not too harsh for them, that are less chemical based, etc. The present time witnesses a plethora of baby products and every company uses a different way to present them. These are done to tempt the parents as they are made with varied colors, shapes, sizes, labels and featuring the latest cartoons or kid’s characters. So, the parents start buying and stocking the same but what is important is to know which of these are a safe bet for the baby and its health.

How To Choose Premium Baby Care Products -Tips & Tricks

How To Choose Premium Baby Care Products -Tips & Tricks

Choose Products Designed For Babies

There are umpteen products designed for babies in the market with varied designs, textures, colors, shapes, and sizes. However, it is of utmost importance to choose and pick the ones that have been designed for the babies keeping their health and safety under consideration. One must be wise and understand the products that are made by keeping the babies under consideration. The baby’s doctor or the pediatrician is the appropriate person to guide the new set of parents about the same as apart from being trained on medical education, he also has a good know-how of the products that are safer than the others as they keep coming across the new set of baby products. Right from the bedding of the baby, to its chair, tub, furniture, bathing products, lotions, and creams, etc. Let us discuss each one of them in detail as below:

1. Bedding:

The bed of the baby is the place where they would be spending the whole night sleeping. This could be a crib, cot, etc, so it becomes very crucial to choose it very wisely. Given below are a few pointers that will help in selecting the proper bedding for the baby. These are:

  • Always opt for a light and smooth fabric as the babies in the initial days find it very tough to regulate their temperature so it is best to give them a mattress with a soft and properly fit sheet.
  • Since the skin of the baby is soft and delicate, the fabric should be such that allows the baby to breathe comfortably so soft cotton is a good choice as choosing other fabrics like synthetic, rayon, velvet, silk or wool could prove to be dangerous as the child could get allergic to.
  • Choose for neither too big nor too small sheets as they will not solve the purpose, it is thus important to always go for fitted sheets.
  • With babies around, it is important to note that they will end up dirtying the place initially so one has to resort to the bedding that can be cleaned comfortably. Thus, not advisable to go for dry cleaning ones.
  • Choose nice and bright colors, catchy designs and patterns as it entices the baby to come to bed and they are more economical to be replaced when the time comes.

2. Care Products:

The skin of the baby is very soft and delicate so all products that are available for the baby’s care should be carefully investigated before buying. It is important to go through the labels and see what all the product comprises of. Ideally, all the body washes, soaps, lotions, shampoos that are designed and made for babies are much milder and softer for the baby’s skin and hair. Moreover, the preferred products for the babies are also the ones that are devoid of fragrances as they are safest for the bay since they catch no infection as they are made with organic products and tested well.

3. Furniture:

The baby spends most of the time in the house in the initial days, so it is important to set up his nursery and make it colorful, comfortable, spacious as well as structured. The furniture of the baby comprises of cradles, bassinets, tables, gliders, rockers, etc. Let us study each and pay attention to the important points associated with it. These are given as under:

  • Cradles and Bassinets: The cradles are a comfortable place for the baby to sleep during the day, a cozier option than sleeping in a crib. The cradles are much more mobile and can be moved from one place to another allowing the parent to keep a check on the baby while they are also working. It can also be placed next to the parents’ bed if one needs to feed the baby at night or comfort the baby in case he is crying. These should be only used until the baby reaches the weight limit as mentioned on the cradle. The mattress should be a proper fitting one and there should be no spaces left making it loose for the baby.
  • Tables for Changing Diapers: Diapers constitute a major portion of the baby’s initial years so it is important to buy a sturdy table with straps and rails if one decides to or one can even opt for waterproof pads and even placing a mat on the floor or the bed.
  • Rockers As Well As Gliders: Babies love the back and forward motion while they are playing and even if they feel sleepy. This chair should be sturdy and made from wood than the alluring and fancy materials as they will not last for very long. The ones made from wood should have rounded corners for the child’s safety as well.

4. Bath Products:

Bathing is a time which is enjoyed by most of the babies. The products used for the baby’s bath should also be chosen after a lot of research. One should opt for towels and sponges made from cotton and not net as they can hurt the baby and he might develop rashes. Keeping the baby’s sensitivity of the hair and skin, products are mild and not too strong, with negligible fragrance and shampoos that are tear free as well.
Thus, one can say that the market is flooded with assorted products for the babies and gradually many companies have started targeting at baby’s products. It is important and advisable for the parents to only go for the companies which have a reputation and standing in the market and not get carried off by the advertisements as most of them do not take any guarantee. It is best to be vigilant and invest in the best product for the child as no risks can be taken regarding the development and health of the baby.


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