5 Must-Read Tips For Keeping Baby Safe During Bath Time

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Bath time is the best time among all the time you spend with your baby. Babies love to play in the water and enjoy their bath time the most. However, it is very important to maintain the safety of the baby during their bath time. As there can be many harmful effects if your baby gets injured while bathing, it is mandatory to follow a number of safety tips to maintain proper safety of the baby while it takes its shower.
In this article, we shall discuss some of the top tips that must be followed by all the parents to keep the babies safe while they are taking a bath.

5 Must-Read Tips For Keeping Baby Safe During Bath Time

5 Must-Read Tips For Keeping Baby Safe During Bath Time

5  Must-Read Tips To Keep Your Baby Safe In The Bath Time

Baby’s safety is everything to the parents and maintaining it in the bathroom is very important. There are some essential tips that must be taken into consideration while the baby is taking its bath:

1. Ensuring Supervision At All Time Is Mandatory:

Strict supervision is necessary to maintain while your baby is taking its shower. Keep some baby bath toys to make its bath more enjoyable. But you must not take your eyes off the baby and have a proper check on each and every activity of the baby. Always remember that prevention is better than cure, it is vital to stay near the baby and take proper measures to keep it protected.

2. Have Everything You Need Within Your Arm’s Reach:

It is also necessary that you keep all the things near yourself such as the soap, baby lotion, and other bathing stuff. It is because you will not have to get up and close supervision of the child time and again. Once you have all the things near you, you will not have to constantly worry about your child’s safety. You can shift your focus to the important stuff that makes your baby have a playful bath.

3. Check The Temperature Of The Water: 

The temperature of the water with which the baby takes shower must be lukewarm. While summers, you may use a little cold water, but that too after you have used some lukewarm water. Also, it is a fact that once you begin taking care of the baby, you will start becoming cautious of everything especially the temperature of baby’s bathing water.
If the water is too warm, you may wait for a while to make it cold and then use it for your baby’s bath. This water will also make your baby love its bath a lot.

4. Add A Number Of Extra Safety Features: 

There is a need to add a plethora of safety features that will help in keeping your baby safe in the bathroom:

  • Shower Is The Best: Switch to a baby shower rather than a bathtub where there is a lot of water and which can cause harm in the long run.
  • Use Covers: Use covers on the faucets to prevent any injury if the baby falls while playing in the tub. Also, the baby will never hurt itself from the sharp edge of the faucet.
  • Engage In The Use Of Safe Baby Product Usage: You should always be very cautious about the type of baby soap or shampoo you would use on your baby’s body. Avoid the use of any chemical rich soap or shampoo that would actually cause harm to the skin of the baby. It is essential to use soaps and shampoos of a baby product brand recommended by your doctor or your family. It is beneficial so as to maintain the proper health of your baby’s skin and it is good in the long run for the baby as well.
  • Drain excess water: Babies love to play in water but always make it a habit of keeping the excess water drained. It is helpful in keeping the baby prevented from drowning if in case it falls into some unpredictable situation

5. Parents Should Always Stay Dry:

As parents, you should keep yourself dry as your baby is already wet and requires to be kept in a safe state. If you will be wet yourself, your hands will be slippery and you may cause harm to the child. Therefore, it is necessary to stay dry yourself and keep the baby in safe hands.

Some Common Baby Bathing Mistakes

Now you know some essential measures to be taken to keep your baby out of danger while bathing. Read on to know some common mistakes parents, especially new parents, do that can be turned dangerous for the baby.   Avoid these mistakes while bathing the baby:

  1. Forgetting To Test Temperature Of The Water: Water that is even slightly hotter for you can bring about scalding of the delicate baby skin. It is highly recommended to use the bath thermometer, however, if you don’t have one, use your elbow or wrist to check the temperature rather than the fingers.
  2. Using Too Much Soap: Using too much soap doesn’t mean a hygienic baby. On the other hand, too much use of soap will adversely affect the baby skin. Use mild fragrance-free soap, that too towards the end of the bath.
  3. Bathing Babies, Too Long Or Too Often: This is another mistake committed by the parents. Even though the notion is to maintain the cleanliness of the child, a long and frequent bath can zap his or her skin of moisture. The bathing time should be limited to 5-10 minutes.  The frequency of bath depends on several factors like age, skin type, skin condition etc.
  • For newborns 2 -3 bath per week is enough
  • For a baby with cradle cap more bath (daily once ) is needed to get rid of the flakes
  • A child with eczema should bath less frequently as frequent bathing may  worsen the issue

Some Final Words
Babies are little creatures that definitely need our care and support at each point of time. Once you start taking care of them, they are always in need of your extra attention to everything they do. Being innocent, they may not be able to handle difficult situations on their own. So, it is important that you take care of these necessary things and follow the given tips religiously to avoid any problematic situation and keep the baby safe and secured from all the hazards that may take place.


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