How To Choose Stretchable Tops During Pregnancy

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Sindhuja Prabhu

Stretchable pregnancy tops during pregnancy
A woman literally “grows” during pregnancy. She puts on weight and grows bigger to make room for the developing baby. In general, a pregnant woman will expand as her baby grows, but this is especially true of the belly. It’s important to be familiar with the concept of stretchable tops while seeking out casual wear that’s both functional and comfortable.

The baby doesn’t need clothes, but the mom-to-be does! Rather than constantly replacing your wardrobe, it would be more cost-effective to invest in loose, comfy tops.

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What Are Stretchable Tops?

As the name suggests, these are tops that can stretch. They are made of elasticated fabric that expands to accommodate the person wearing it. Though it is not a “one size fits all” it can stretch much more than your regular tops made out of cotton or other rigid materials.

How Can Stretchable Tops Help During Pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, it is not just your abdomen that grows. Your breasts, hips, and even your shoulders can gain weight when you are pregnant. It can be quite complicated to buy clothing.

At one point, when you buy a top that can fit in your very pregnant belly, it may be loose around the neck or shoulders, making the top look very ill-fitting. If you buy a stretchable top when pregnant, it can help you in the following ways.

1. It Fits Better

Stretchable tops can fit much better than the non-stretchable varieties when you are pregnant. Pregnancy can cause your body to grow disproportionately, which may not suit the standard clothing sizes. This can make it difficult for you to get clothes that don’t look a size too big or a size too small. Stretchable tops will stretch to fit your body well and make you look perfectly dressed.

2. Comfortable Fabric

Comfortable fabric.

Stretchable fabrics are generally softer and lighter. Pregnancy can make your skin very sensitive. Some fabric can feel very stifling or even itchy on your sensitive pregnant skin. Stretchable tops can be comfortable in this aspect.

3. You Can Save A Lot On Pregnancy Clothing

Buying the perfect fitting clothes when you are pregnant can be tricky. As you keep growing, buying newer clothes can quickly become an expensive affair. When you can use a few stretchable tops for a few months or throughout your pregnancy, you can save a lot on pregnancy clothing.

4. Stylish And Well Fitting

When you wear the perfect fitting clothes, you can look stylish and put together, instantly. Pregnancy glow along with perfectly fitting clothes can make you look and feel very attractive. Many women feel they have to compromise on style during pregnancy, due to the lack of well-fitting clothes. Stretchable tops can remove this worry for you.

5. Mix ‘n’ Match

Your jeans and other regular bottoms won’t fit as your pregnancy progresses. You may have to opt for maternity pants or bottoms wear. With a stretchable top, you can mix ”n” match with various bottoms and wear a different outfit every time you step out. These tops are versatile and can be paired with many bottoms.

Which Stretchable Top Is Right For You?

Which Stretchable Top Is Right For You_

A stretchable top is right for you if:

  • It fits well now and has room to expand more.
  • Feels soft and light on your skin.
  • Makes you feel comfortable and confident.
  • Does not leave you feeling constrained.
  • Offers support to your pregnant belly and not discomfort.

How To Choose The Best Stretchable Tops For Pregnancy

When you intend to buy maternity clothes, you realize you have too many choices. A stretchable top can save you a lot of money and trouble if you follow these tips.

  1. Check the sizes. Each brand has a different size chart. Always ask for the size chart and only decide.
  2. Try out the top to check if the shoulder fits you well. Since the material can expand, don’t worry about how well it fits around the tummy
  3. Remember the weather conditions around you. You can use this top for a few more months and the weather is bound to change. If winter is soon approaching, you may want to invest in a full-sleeved or a thicker top. Similarly, if the weather is bound to get warm, you can invest in lighter tops with shorter sleeves.
  4. Choose based on the intended usage of the top. Do you plan to use it during your day, at night or when you step out? You can find both loungewear as well as fancy tops in stretchable fabric.
  5. Some materials can cause your pregnant skin to itch. Check the material to see how it feels on your skin.
  6. Some tops, though stretchable around the body, may not be flexible around the head hole. Check if you can pull it on without much trouble; you don’t want to be heaving and struggling when you are pregnant.

Benefits Of Stretchable Tops During Pregnancy

Benefits Of Stretchable Tops During Pregnancy

There are many maternity clothing options for a pregnant woman to choose from. While they can be very attractive and comfortable, stretchable tops have their own set of benefits. Some of the benefits you can enjoy by investing in stretchable tops are

  1. They can expand to accommodate all parts of your torso, despite only certain parts gaining weight
  2. When your top is too tight-fitting or rigid, it can cause issues with your blood circulation, which is not safe during pregnancy. Stretchable tops won’t have this issue.
  3. You need not compromise on the fit and wear loose/ill-fitting clothes just because you don’t fit into the regular sizes
  4. You don’t have to try out clothing to buy every few weeks (it can be quite difficult to stand in a store’s changing room and try out tops especially when you are pregnant).
  5. The fabric will stretch and not cause any marks on the skin.
  6. You can team them up with pants, skirts, or even shorts – stretchy tops will look nice with a variety of bottoms.
  7. They can hug your pregnant tummy, offer a little support, and also make that pregnant belly look attractive.
  8. You can look very stylish despite being pregnant, without having to spend too much money on clothing.
  9. Also, you would not need to buy a new top every time you grow by size.
  10. You can use these tops even after pregnancy. Nursing mothers need good-fitting clothes to accommodate their changing bodies.

Every expecting mother deserves a pleasant and secure pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes, and she may feel a lot of pain and discomfort. Having the freedom to move around and the respite from pain are both benefits of wearing loose, soft clothing. As your belly becomes larger and larger throughout pregnancy, you’ll need all the assistance you can get to alleviate the nagging aches and pains. Clothes with a bit of stretch to them provide that additional support while also making it easier to move around.


1. Does Wearing Tight Clothes During Pregnancy Affect The Baby?

Babies shouldn’t be harmed by your wearing jeans that are just somewhat tight. The amniotic sac, your baby’s growing fat reserves, and your uterus all work together to shield your unborn child from everyday hazards, such as light compression. However, wearing restrictive garments for extended periods of time is not recommended as can lead to a host of health issues, such as pain, reduced blood circulation, and even yeast infections.

2. When Should I Stop Wearing Tight Clothes During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women who wear tight jeans, particularly in the second and third trimesters, are more likely to get yeast infections. Thus, the 2nd and 3rd trimester is the ideal time to stop wearing tight clothing.



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