How to Choose the Right Baby Monitor For Your Baby?

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Not sure how to buy a baby monitor? If you’re new to parenting, you might be surprised to find numerous baby monitor brands at your disposal. From Wi-Fi monitor to radio frequency monitor and monitor with oxygen tracker, countless options may confuse you.

Thus, to help you out, we’ve curated an ultimate guide to buying the best baby monitor by considering these aspects. Let’s have a look.

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What is a Baby Monitor?

A Baby monitor is a device that allows parents to watch, listen and monitor their babies remotely from another room. Modern baby monitoring devices come with a station transmitter unit, microphone, receiver and camera. The transmitter unit sends data in the form of videos, sounds through a Wi-Fi connection and radio waves on the receiver device.

This means parents can watch their babies and hear whenever they make noise or cry. A baby monitor helps to sort out parenting to an extent.

Do You Need a Baby Monitor For Your Baby?

Need a Baby Monitor

Some parents may wonder if they need a baby monitor or not. Generally, if you’re in a small home and can listen to babies’ sounds and monitor them easily, you don’t need to buy a baby monitor.

Parents who have healthy babies don’t need to be monitored regularly. However, some newborn babies who are weak or premature need to be monitored. You can consult your pediatrician or nurse to know whether baby monitoring is right for babies.

Keep in mind that there is no reliable substitute available to monitor babies other than in-person monitoring. Sometimes doctors may recommend using baby monitoring devices for babies when:

  • When your babies need to resuscitate
  • When your baby has a slow heart rate and pausing breathing
  • Dealing with a medical condition

Top 3 Different Types of Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are available in different forms and designs. Some use radio frequency, and some use Wi-Fi networks. Modern baby monitors have exclusive features like audio and video; some baby monitors come with a display. Depending on your requirement, you can choose any baby monitor listed below.

1. Audio Only Baby Monitors

An audio baby monitor is more like a walkie-talkie that helps to listen to noises made by your infant when you are not around them. These are pretty simple and easy to operate. Parents can keep the monitor’s base in the baby’s room or near the baby’s bed. Now, you’ll be able to receive signals on your receiver.

2. Video Only Baby Monitors

Video monitors are ubiquitous, and most modern baby monitors come with a video receiver screen. This baby monitor sends recorded video from the monitoring camera to devices like phones and tablets. The baby monitor uses a Wi-Fi broadcast network and Smartphone apps.

3. Wi-Fi Baby Monitors

Wi-fi baby monitors are easy to access because they use an internet connection to work. It has audio and video features that allow you to monitor your babies from anywhere in your house. You will receive recorded data on your Smartphone and other devices. Besides this, it comes with myriad features that make baby monitoring a lot easier.

How to Choose the Right Baby Monitor For Your Baby?

Choosing the Right Baby Monitor For Your Baby

Nowadays, baby monitors come with different features. You can look after different functions and features depending on your lifestyle and requirement. Here are some features to look out for in a baby monitor.

1. Infra-Red Night Vision

A baby monitor with infrared night vision can help to monitor your infant even in a dark room. This will be perfect for keeping an eye on your tiny one in night light. You get a clear picture of your baby even in dim light.

2. Two Way Talk

This type of baby monitor allows you and your infant to listen to voices of each other from different locations. It makes them believe you are around them. With this type of baby monitor, you can calm your crying infant with your voice.

3. Video Recording and Snapshot

The majority of baby monitors offer audio recording. However, there are some excellent options available that offer video recording and a Snapshot option. These baby monitors are quite expensive but give you peace of mind of being able to monitor your infant from a distance.

4. Voice Activation

The features are helpful to alert you whenever your baby awakes. Many baby monitor manufacturers offer this feature so parents can stay active and track their babies without disturbing them.

5. Room Temperature

A room temperature monitoring feature ensures that your baby’s room has an ideal temperature. This feature allows you to keep a tab on room temperature. Parents can adjust the room’s temperature based on the noted temperature.

6. Battery

Some of the baby monitors are operated with batteries. Hence, if you have selected a battery-operated model, check our reviews and how long the batteries work. Be sure it would not get down within a few hours.

7. Range

Ideally, baby monitors are available with different frequencies such as 49 megahertz, 900 Mgh, and 2.4 gigahertz. Before you make your decision, be sure to examine its clarity and interference.

8. Video Quality

Last but not least, check the video quality of the baby monitor. It has to be sharp enough to record everything. A baby monitor with a blurry camera and video quality is not an ideal option at all.

When to Start and Stop Using Baby Monitor?

There is no specific age recommended for stopping using baby monitors. However, some doctors believe parents should stop using baby monitors when their children can express distress and sense things around them. Ideally, you should stop using a baby monitor when your infant turns 4-5 years old.

Pros and Cons of a Baby Monitor

Baby monitors have some pros and cons. These are as follows:


  • Baby monitors help keep an eye on your babies in your absence.
  • It’s an excellent option for short-term emergencies and you must go out for some reason. With this, you can easily track what your babies are doing.
  • Babies monitors come with exciting features like night vision, allowing you to check when your toddler is awake at night.
  • Allow you to check the room’s temperature so that you can adjust it as required.


  • These devices are a little bit expensive.
  • Signal interference can cause connectivity issues and hindrance

Here are some of the best options to buy in India.

1. VTech DM112-2 Safe and Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM112-2 Safe and Sound Digital Audio infant Monitor

This baby monitoring device is ideal for tracking babies’ activities at night. It offers two parental units to record everything by eliminating disturbing sounds. It comes with DECT 6.0, which ensures crystal clear data transmission and even allows wireless communication.


  • Easy to set up
  • Noise-free monitoring
  • Two ways communication
  • Sound activation


  • Batteries aren’t reliable

2. HelloBaby 3.2-inch Video Baby Monitor

HelloBaby 3.2-inch Video Baby Monitor

The baby monitor offers a maximum range of 950 ft to track your babies from a distance. The two ways of communication allow you to communicate with your babies, and its digital zooming lens enables you to watch them closely.


  • Easy to install
  • Night vision
  • Long lasting batteries
  • Strong connectivity


  • Volume control isn’t accessible

3. Philips Avent DECT Audio Baby Monitor

Philips Avent DECT Audio Baby Monitor

This baby monitoring device provides the best crystal clear sound and digitally enhanced cordless technology. You can expect 100% privacy and transmit information without disturbance. Moreover, you get two ways of communication to listen to the sound of a baby.


  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Light indicator
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • Night light and lullabies


  • It is expensive

4. Babysense Video Baby Monitor

This monitor comes with 900ft frequency so you can move freely in your backyard without worrying about your toddler. The monitor will send an alert when your infant awakens or starts crying—featuring video recording and sound activation that helps to keep you connected with your tiny one even if you are outside.


  • Two way talking
  • Easy to install
  • Infrared night vision
  • Room temperature monitoring


  • It doesn’t have long-lasting batteries

5. Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

The MBP36 Remote Wireless Video baby monitor comes with 3.5 Inch LCD color screen, which gives a clear and complete picture of your child when you are away. The Tilting and zooming options give you a detailed view of the surroundings. The Camera has infrared night vision, which means you can check on your baby even if the room is pitch dark.


  • Color LCD with infrared vision
  • 2.4Ghz FHSS technology
  • Two-way communication
  • Detects Room-temperature
  • Remote Camera Adjustment
  • Five Polyphonic Lullabies
  • Up to 200 Meters out of range alert


  • Battery life could be better

6. SereneLife Wireless Video Baby Monitor

SereneLife Wireless Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor comes with video activated mode and an LCD screen. It allows you to track your baby’s sleeping without any screen glow. Moreover, the two ways of communication allow you to communicate quickly and listen to your baby’s gurgle and giggle.


  • Portable
  • Highly durable
  • Crystal clear video recording
  • Pre-installed lullabies


  • Screen brightness isn’t adjustable

7. Qubo Baby Cam

Qubo Baby Cam

The Baby Cam comes with 1080P FHD live remote monitoring. You can download the Qubo Mobile application and monitor your infant. You can have two-way communication with your baby and make them feel your presence even when you are not around. It has infrared night vision that gives you clear night vision. The monitor sends an instant notification when your infant cries.


  • It helps create a virtual cradle for your baby
  • Automatic Lullaby Player
  • Daily time-lapse
  • SD card comes along with the Cam
  • Works well with Alexa.


Storing a video requires a premium account in Qubo

8. Aobelieve Baby Camera Flexible Mount for Nooie Cam 360 Video Baby Monitor

Aobelieve Baby Camera Flexible Mount for Nooie Cam 360 Video Baby Monitor

The Baby Camera is made of stainless steel that is strong enough to hold the weight of the Nooie cam. It gives a perfect camera angle and a flexible mount. It is easy to wrap around the crib or mount on the crib to better view the baby.


  • Compatible with nooie monitor
  • Easy to fix
  • Flexible
  • 42 cm length


  • Setting up is very difficult

9. MonBaby(A) Baby Monitor With Sensor Alarm

MonBaby(A) infant Monitor With Sensor Alarm

The Baby monitor comes with a sensor alarm that allows you to check the changes in the breathing pattern of your little one. The sensors immediately notify you whenever there is a pause or abnormal changes in the breathing pattern. The baby monitor also has a wearable that needs to be wrapped around the infant. The wearable detects the temperature of the baby’s skin and the sleeping environment. The monitor sends you an alarm notification whenever the temperature exceeds the preset values.


  • Sensory Alarm
  • Tracks breathing levels
  • Tracks sleeping positions
  • Zero Radiation levels
  • Tracks skin and the surrounding temperature


Unreliable Battery life

10. ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor

ANMEATE Video infant Monitor

This baby monitor will be excellent for keeping a tab on your baby’s activities. It features a high-resolution LCD screen, two-way talk, night vision, and sound activation. You can even play lullabies on this device to make your baby sleep in your absence.


  • Affordable
  • Automatic night vision
  • Multiple camera expandability
  • Long battery life


  • The beeping sound is a bit louder

Babies monitors are excellent for eyeing your babies from a distance. With these devices, you feel connected with your toddler and communicate with them. Now that you’ve complete information about the device, it will be easier to choose the best baby monitor to keep monitoring your infant from a distance.


1. How Do I Mount a Baby Monitor to Track My Baby’s Activities?

You can mount it on a wall with a tilted angle or mount it on a tabletop surface from where your baby nursery is easily visible.

2. Do Baby Monitor Devices Have Lullabies?

Yes, these baby monitoring devices come with pre-installed lullabies.

3. Is it Best to Choose a Baby Monitor With Infrared Night Vision?

Yes, if you want to record and monitor your baby’s activities at night, it would be great to have a baby monitor with a night vision feature.

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