How To Select The Right Diaper For My Baby?

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A few studies have been done to figure the amount of money spent for the little one by the parents and amongst the items that most of the parents purchased amid the baby’s first year, diapers definitely score high. All the survey point that a significant amount of money is spent on diapers by most of the parents. The majority of the moms who take part in the survey reacted that their life will not go easy if there is no such thing as a ‘disposable diaper’.
Baby diapers
Here comes the relevance of analyzing this product which spends several hours constantly in contact with the highly sensitive area of your child.

What Is A Diaper?

A diaper is a type of an underwear that is fastened around a baby’s bottom and between his legs to absorb his urine and solid waste without using the toilet. Diapers can be broadly divided into two products even though there are so many varieties in the market. The most common are the reusable cloth diapers and disposable synthetic diaper.

How To Select A Diaper For My Baby?

Selecting a diaper according to the age and need of your baby is important. Here are some tips you can try while selecting the diaper.

Selecting A Diaper For Newborns

Newborns make little mess when compared to a big baby as all the infant is having is breast milk. But the frequency of the urination and poo is much more in infants than a big baby as the fluid intake is more. Till day five the frequency of diaper change ranges from 2 to 4 but after 5 days new born changes 7 to 10 diapers per day. As the diaper is changed in every 2 to 3 hours, absorbency is not a major issue. Select the diaper shaped and manufactured exclusively for newborns. This type of diaper bears a “U” shaped hole cut out on the front which makes room for umbilical cord stump. Once the stump is dropped off, the small wound will heal properly
as the notch cut will allow the wound to breath and you can take care of it.

Selecting A Diaper For A Six Month Old Baby

Once the baby turns six months he starts to eat solid foods. This results in more messy diapers. At this age, you should be careful when selecting the diaper. Always select well-fitting leak proofed diapers. Now the baby also starts to sleep longer during the night. Longer the sleep, the wetter the diaper. Hence, make him wear diaper designed for overnight use during night-time. This will give him uninterrupted good night sleep.
Selecting diapers for baby

Selecting A Diaper For A 1-2 Year Old Baby

Baby will be very active during this time. Select a diaper with plenty of stretches. The quantity of stool and the amount of urination will increase. So will be the building up of infection causing bacteria. Changing diaper more often is needed to avoid nappy rashes. Never let the child wear the diaper even for a minute after soiling. Once your child does toilet you can be pretty sure that he is not going to do it for a while. So in between the time, you can use cloth diaper inserts with reusable liners which are relatively cheaper and you can change every time he passes urine.

Selecting A Diaper For A Baby 2 Years And Above

Now as the child has reached potty training period, so switching them from diaper to pant diaper is recommended. The baby can easily pull down the diaper pant just as an under wear whenever he shows a sign to do toilet. Gradually we can ask him to try to do so. This pant diaper will help to hold the pee and stool they accidentally do. This way switching from diaper to training pants will become easier.

What Is The Right Age To Stop Diaper For A Baby?

There is no so-called right age to stop the usage of the diaper. Never stop using diaper before your child is ready. And ‘getting ready’ period vary with kids. Even though stopping the habit of using the diaper as early as possible is recommended, (taking a little pain from your part you can stop your child using diaper before his second birthday) never pressurize your child to do so. It can backfire. Any way it is advisable to stop the habit of using the diaper before his third birthday. Making your kid say ‘bye’ to the diaper is not an overnight process. It’s a gradual process of reducing the usage step by step, first during the day and then during the night that too after a good potty training.
There is no doubt that a disposable diaper is more convenient. Diapers are actually advantageous during the night and when you are going for an outing with your little one. It is also very helpful when your baby is ill or has just had some painful shots that cause difficulty in cleaning frequently which is unavoidable with a cloth diaper. But it is always better to reserve it for such needs only. For more on diapers, click here.


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