Interesting Facts About April Born Babies

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Tarasha Chandra

April Born Babies

April is the month of positives as it comes after the chilly winters. It marks spring, and we get to see beautiful, and vibrant blossoming flowers, freshness etc. So, the babies born in this month also exhibit similar characteristics. Here is everything you need to know about April babies.

Did you know that babies born in this month are more optimistic, successful, energetic, happy, and fearless? They have contrasting characteristics as they can either Be Aries or Taurus. Let’s explore the various facts about babies born in the month of April.

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Astrological Signs – Aries and Taurus Babies

Astrological Signs: Aries And Taurus Babies

April born babies can either be Aries or Taurus. Babies born from the 21st March to the 19Th are Aries and are symbolized by Ram and the ones born after the 20th are Taurus represented by Bull.

Characteristics of Aries Babies

Aries is the first zodiac sign and ruled by Mars. Babies born from 21st March till 19Th April fall under it.

  • Aries babies love to boss others and are leaders.
  • These are the babies who are ready with some cute answers all the time.
  • Aries babies are the first ones to blabber and say mumma—aghooooo… daddda—-etc.
  • The parents of these babies need to be on a roll as the babies get ready to explore the house very early.
  • The Aries baby can eat, spill, crawl, and all at one go, indeed, giving a tough time to parents.
  • Any baby who gets aggressive and cannot control is most likely a Aries baby.
  • Ever seen a baby who does something wrong but calmly and honestly admits it, it is the Aries baby.
  • These babies are always out for adventure, somersaults, jumping, and undertaking risky games.

Characteristics of Taurus Babies

Babies born after 20th April are Taurus babies.

  • Taurus babies take their own sweet time in learning anything new.
  • Babies that pull each other’s hair or kick or trouble others are Taurus babies
  • These babies love to go to parks etc.
  • They have immense energy and do not get tired easily, but of course, parents do!
  • Ever seen babies using toys or utensils to create music and produce sounds like bang, clang etc? They are Taurus babies
  • These babies love to scribble on walls, do drawings, etc.

April Birthstone and Birth Flower – Diamond and Daisy

April Birthstone And Birth Flower:

Here is everything you need to know about April birthstone and birth flower.

April Birthstone

The babies born in April are said to nail the jackpot by having diamond as the birthstone.

Some characteristics of this birthstone are as under:

  • It is said that diamonds are stars that fall from heaven above and this makes babies born in April lucky. It is a believed that wearing a diamond birthstone helps to improve different facets of life. The babies who wear diamonds are more peaceful in nature.
  • This birthstone helps in retain their innocence.
  • The ones wearing diamonds show confidence and strength in them

April Birth Flower

  • Every month has a special flower that symbolizes certain aspects just like a birthstone does.
  • The April Birth flower is Daisy which is the oldest on earth.
  • Daisies for babies represent purity, love, and calmness.

Personality Traits of April Babies

There are some unique characteristics of babies born in April and they are

  • April babies are the first ones to make pillars and pyramids with blocks etc. as they are confident by nature.
  • These babies are generous, loyal, and have many friends.
  • They love to be independent which indicates more mess.
  • They are good-looking and tall.

Famous April Birthdays – Notable Individuals Born in April

The month of April exuberates intelligence, beauty, and creativity. Some famous individuals born in April are:

  1. William Wordsworth – Notable literary gem whose poems are outstanding.
  2. Charlie Chaplin – Remembered well for his baggy style trousers and a bowler-style hat. He made sure to put a smile on every face.
  3. Adolf Hitler – Who wouldn’t know Hitler, the famous dictator during World War II.
  4. William Shakespeare -The English poet whose works and sonnets gave him a unique position in Indian Literature.
  5. Mukesh Ambani – The stalwart in the business world.
  6. Sachin Tendulkar – The greatest batsman in the cricket history.
  7. Pd. Ravi Shankar – Famous sitar player and a great Indian musician.
  8. Queen Elizabeth II -The queen of the United Kingdom who was known for her services.

Important Events in the Month of April

world health Day -April 7th

The month of April has some great events that help and educate us about our health.

  • World Autism Awareness Day2nd April – A great way to educate people about autism.
  • Easter Festival4th April – Celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.
  • World Health Day7th April – To create awareness about health-related issues.
  • Good Friday10th April – Honoring Jesus Christ and his followers by fasting and worship services.
  • Earth Day22nd April – The day to offer support to environmental protection.

Interesting Facts About April

Every month has some interesting facts that set them apart. A few such are given as under

  • Aries is a fire sign, and the lucky numbers are 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 63, and 72, the lucky color red and the lucky day is Tuesday.
  • The lucky stones are Diamond and Ruby.
  • Taurus is an earth sign, and the lucky numbers are 5, 6, 32, 33, and 41, green being the lucky color, and the lucky days are Friday, Saturday, and Monday.

Thus, April undoubtedly marks the beginning of a season that is full of warmth, innocence, and freshness, and the same is exhibited by the April babies One can see people from all walks of life born in this month doing wonders.


1. What is the April Birthstone, and What Does it Symbolize?

Diamond is the April Birthstone and symbolizes purity, strength, and longevity.

2. Can You Name Some Famous Individuals Born in April?

Some famous individuals born in April are Adolf Hitler, William Shakespeare, Kasturba Gandhi, Robert Downey, etc.

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