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Is It Safe To Drink Kombucha During Pregnancy

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When you are expecting a baby, you could face constipation which is a dreadful thing to have. Also, during the pregnancy, you would love to have your energy levels high all the time. If you are someone who is looking to stay active even during your pregnancy then including Kombucha in your diet could be one of the best things could do. However, if you have no idea as to what Kombucha is or is it safe enough to consume during pregnancy or looking to find out the side effects Kombucha produce during your pregnancy then you should carry on reading this article.

What Is Kombucha?

In one word, Kombucha is fermented tea. It is made by using white, black, or green tea. It is fermented for about a week with yeast, bacteria, and sugar. Kombucha is a highly popular drink which was discovered in China during the 3rd century B.C. Nevertheless, you can find Kombucha tea all over the world at present. This probiotic drink is also popular with the name of mushroom tea.


Is Kombucha Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, Kombucha is not only safe but also highly beneficial during pregnancy.  However, just like any other food, when it comes to consuming Kombucha during pregnancy, moderation is the key.

How To Drink Kombucha During Pregnancy?

Mix a few ounces of Kombucha in a glass of water. By this means you will receive all the benefits of this brew, plus some extra hydration which is important during pregnancy. However, never drink more than a few ounces at a time. Also, never cross 12 ounces limit per day. Remember never to cross the ounce you drank before getting pregnant. That if you used to have 7 or 8 ounces before pregnancy, stick on to that quantity.

10 Health Benefits of Kombucha during Pregnancy:

If you consume it during your pregnancy, Kombucha can offer a wide number of health benefits. So, if you are contemplating on including Kombucha in your diet during your pregnancy then here are some of the health benefits that you can get by doing so.

1. Detoxifies Your Body:

Kombucha has glucuronic acid which acts as a detoxifier in your body. This compound combines with the toxins in your body including environmental pollutants and which becomes soluble due to the reaction with glucuronic acid. This helps your body to excrete the pollutants. Kombucha detoxifies body effectively during your pregnancy and creates a barrier which prevents your body from absorbing toxins directly from the atmosphere.

2. Provides Antioxidants:

Kombucha is filled with compounds that will provide antioxidants to your body during pregnancy. These compounds include beta-carotene, vitamin C and E, and other important carotenoids. Moreover, there are other properties in Kombucha such as polyphenols which are also a great source of antioxidants. The amount of antioxidants found in Kombucha is also most 100 times better than vitamin C and almost 25% better than Vitamin E. If you drink Kombucha during your pregnancy days, it will eliminate the certain risks of health issues that are associated with oxidative stress.

3. Boosts Energy:

Kombucha makes the iron in the black tea free. Because of this, the hemoglobin count of your body increase by far. Along with this, the oxygen supply in your body also improves. This will result in the increased energy level of your body during pregnancy. Kombucha also enhances the body’s capability of absorbing the non-heme iron. With a good hemoglobin count, you will be able to avert the risk of getting caught by anemia during your pregnancy days.

4. Prevents Hypertension:

Hypertension is a common thing in pregnancy. Most pregnant women suffer from this because of the tension associated with everything that is going around inside their body. However, having Kombucha will allow you to reduce that hypertension considerably. Kombucha has shown great efficacy in preventing dizziness during pregnancy which happens due to hypertension. Kombucha is also used to treat the high blood pressure quite effectively.

5. Improves Immunity:

Because of the oxidative stress during the pregnancy days, the immunity power of your body tends to get very low. However, having Kombucha could result in the improvement of this immunity power. The high content of vitamin C will elevate your immunity power substantially. The antioxidant power of Kombucha provides a safeguard for you are your baby from tumors, cell damage, and various inflammatory ailments.

6. Heals Gastric Ulcers And Promotes Digestion:

Kombucha heals the gastric ulcer ailment quite comfortably. It provides a safeguard to the mucin content in your stomach. Drinking Kombucha will literally make the gastric acid secretion minimum which might, otherwise, damage your mucous membrane. Kombucha is one of the healthiest drinks that you can take to prevent gastric problems like heartburn and constipation. It also enhances the digestive power of your body which eliminates the chances of constipation, a very common thing to have during the pregnancy days,

7. Prevents Kidney Stones:

Kombucha is one such drink that safeguards your kidney from damage. One of the main reasons for kidney damage is environmental pollutants. Drinking Kombucha during pregnancy will prevent the calcification in your body. Hence, Kombucha will prevent kidney stones from forming.

8. Provides Probiotic Benefits:

This fermented tea is high in potential probiotic content. Probiotic is highly beneficial during pregnancy. It decreases the risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Intake of probiotic even reduces the odds of IUGR, by reducing the level of C-reactive protein which plays a vital role in low birth weight and small size for gestational age.

9. Prevents Leg Cramps:

Drinking Kombucha will increase the absorption of calcium and minerals, thereby, help to get rid of leg cramps during pregnancy

10. Fights Insomnia

Pregnancy is a stressful time and what most expecting mother compromise is their deep sleep. Kombucha is a natural adaptogen. Adaptogens are substances that facilitate your body to react better to stress by its soothing effect on nerves. Therefore drinking Kombucha during pregnancy will help to fight insomnia.

6 Side-Effects of Drinking Kombucha While Pregnant:

Despite the fact that Kombucha is one of the best things that you can have during pregnancy, there are some side-effects of drinking Kombucha which you just cannot avoid. Having a proper idea of the risks associated with having Kombucha will allow you to make the decision of whether or not to have during pregnancy properly:

  1. Kombucha has caffeine which could be harmful to the mother and the baby.
  2. Kombucha has a little bit of alcohol which is not good for your body during pregnancy.
  3. Some properties of Kombucha could prove too harmful at the initial stages of your pregnancy.
  4. Too much Kombucha drinking could lead to excess consumption of calorie.
  5. Excess Kombucha drinking could cause digestive problems.
  6. If stored inappropriately, homemade Kombucha or unpasteurized variety in the market may develop mold or harmful bacteria in it, which is not at all safe during pregnancy.


I Have Never Had Kombucha Before. Shall I Have It Now?

Pregnancy is not the right time to start new practices, even if they are healthy. But if you want to try it, first take permission from your doctor. Then try a few diluted tablespoons of this drink (instead of a cup) with your meal.
If you are drinking Kombucha for the very first time then it causes severe allergic reactions. So, it is better to avoid drinking Kombucha for the very first time during your pregnancy. Also, consult your doctor at least once before including Kombucha is your diet.

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