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Is It Safe To Get A Tattoo During Pregnancy?

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Not really. Pregnancy is the most wonderful as well as the most confusing time for a woman. Your changing body and hormonal imbalance during those days can tempt you to do certain things which you may have not done before.
While it is good to given in to some of your cravings it is also important to understand where to draw the line. Getting a tattoo on a whim is not something you can do especially when you are pregnant. Here is a list of things you need to know before getting inked while pregnant.
Tattoo during pregnancy

Is It Safe To Get A Tattoo During Pregnancy?

It is not 100% safe neither is it recommended to get a tattoo during pregnancy. Most doctors advise against it and if you really want to get inked, it is best to wait until after your delivery. Hormonal imbalances during pregnancy are unavoidable. Women go through a series of phases and emotions during pregnancy. It is nothing to worry about but making important decisions about permanent changes to your body, during these months, is not something you should indulge in. You may feel strongly positive about getting that tattoo but chances are you might not feel the same once you have delivered your baby.

What Are The Risks In Getting A Tattoo Done During Pregnancy?

Major risk of getting a tattoo during pregnancy is contracting Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS through a dirty needle. If you do happen to contract any such infection, it is likely to be passed on to the baby. The ink doesn’t enter the blood stream but it affects the lymph nodes as it accumulates there. Moreover, not enough research has been carried out on the effects of the inks used for a tattoo on the developing fetus. The chemicals may not affect you but can have adverse effects on the baby.
During pregnancy the skin tends to get more sensitive than usual. The effect of needle piercing through the skin may cause shock or stress. The amount of shock can vary but if it is extreme it could lead to pre mature delivery. In case you already have a relatively fresh tattoo during delivery; most doctors will abstain from giving you an epidural. Epidural is given to relieve you of extreme labor pain. While some women do not opt for an epidural it is advisable to keep your options open.

Can A Tattoo During Pregnancy Affect My Unborn Baby?

Just like a dirty needle can give the expecting mother Hepatitis B or HIV it could easily make its way to the unborn child. Since these diseases transfer through body fluids they are easily transmitted from the mother to the child. The chemicals in the ink of the tattoo could affect the unborn child during the first 12 weeks, the effects it may have on the child are still unknown. If you still go ahead and get a tattoo while you are pregnant or lactating there is a possibility that you could give your child a serious infection.

Tattoo And Your Changing Body

Needless to say your body changes gradually as you near the due date. Getting a tattoo while your body is a little bigger than usual might look good for the time being but after you deliver and come back to your normal shape the tattoo might not look the same, since the skin stretches during pregnancy. There is a possibility that the tattooed area might develop stretch marks depending on where it is placed on the body.
tattoo in pregnancy

What Precautions Should I Take To Get A Tattoo During Pregnancy?

As said before, it is not 100% safe to get a tattoo during pregnancy, and you should first consult your obstetrician or gynecologist before making a decision. Despite the risks if you still decide to get a tattoo during your pregnancy, make sure you go to a registered and experienced tattoo artist. The artist must use a sterilized needle and wear gloves throughout the procedure. Ensure that he uses fresh ink and needles which are disposed off after the use. If, after getting the tattoo you have certain fears or feel skeptical about the hygiene standards of the tattoo parlor, make sure you do HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B tests.

I Badly Want A Tattoo. Are There Any Temporary Solutions?

An expecting mother can have strong yearnings. If you want to get a tattoo but know better and decide against it for the safety of your child. Don’t worry; there are plenty of solutions available in the market. You can get a sticker tattoo from a local beauty shop, which stays put for a couple of days without harming you or the baby. Or you could get yourself the good old henna tattoo. Just make sure the henna is chemical free and is made of natural herbs. It will not only satisfy your tattoo craving but will also cool down your body temperature.
Pregnant or not, decisions to get a permanent tattoo must not be made over night. Think about what you want to get made and how strongly you feel about it. We suggest you wait until you have delivered and are back to your original shape before getting inked but in the end it’s your body and your decision.

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