Is It Safe To Get Bikini Wax Done In Pregnancy?

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Yes, it’s safe for you to get bikini wax while you are pregnant but there are few important aspects about which you should be aware before going for it.
Bikini wax in pregnancy

  • What Is Bikini Waxing?
  • Bikini Wax During Pregnancy: Precautions To Be Exercised
  • What Are The Benefits Of Getting Bikini Wax When Expecting?
  • When Should I Avoid Getting A Brazilian Wax?
  • Will I Be Cleaned In The Hospital?

What Is Bikini Waxing?

Waxing involves the removal of hair with melted wax. Bikini wax is refers to the removal of pubic hair in and around the pubic region with hot wax and then peeling the wax and the pubic hair together in a pull. Women opt for bikini waxing if they are wearing clothes that exposes the bikini area, like swim wear, or for their personal hygiene. Bikini waxing is also adopted for fashion and cultural reasons. Since the visibility of pubic hair is disapproved and generally leads to embarrassment, bikini wax has become popular in the last few decades.

Bikini Wax During Pregnancy: Precautions To Be Exercised

Before you agree to go for Brazilian wax, it’s better to ask your beautician to test wax on a very small area of your skin to see for any allergic reactions. During pregnancy, your skin becomes more sensitive now than ever before, so testing for any allergic reaction is a must. This can also be used as a test to check for your pain tolerance. Ask your beautician to use fresh strips and anti-septic soothing lotions to soothe any irritation, but if in case there is excessive irritation or swelling it’s better to halt the process and not to go for it. Going for a bikini wax in the later stage for your pregnancy can also cause vaginal swelling, so it is better to start earlier if you plan to have the area clean when labor strikes. Consult your obstetrician /gynecologist if symptoms do not subside even after few hours.
If you are one of those women who have a regular habit of going for bikini wax than it can be a better option for you. Just make sure to visit a reputable and clean salon or spa so that you can avoid catching any other infection from it, especially as it deals with the most intimate areas of your body.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Bikini Wax When Expecting?

One enormous pro to go for bikini waxing while pregnant is the fact that you really can’t see what’s happening down there, so instead of handling razor or cream with blind eye it’s better to leave the work to the professionals. Because the hair growth is more owing all to pregnancy hormones, you may feel that the hair is bothering you and to get rid of it may sound appealing. Also, you could want to avoid the razors that the hospital staff uses on you at the time of delivery, so getting a bikini wax done before the delivery could seem safer and better. It could
However, during the time of pregnancy your skin also becomes extra sensitive as more blood starts flowing towards your skin. This extra blood flow makes your skin start behaving further more sensitive towards all those tugs and pulls and waxing van be hurting more than before. Also, due to active hormones, your hair are perhaps growing at a much rapid speed now, which means you might have to go more often to those saloons for hair removal than ever before.

When Should I Avoid Getting A Brazilian Wax?

As always, you should not go for waxing or use any kind of products over varicose veins, chapped or sunburned skin or on already irritated skin. You can always consult with your doctor before waxing just in case to find out if there is any specific reason, especially for you that makes waxing unsuitable for your while you are pregnant. Although there are no studies to suggest that wax or sugaring products used for hair removal is unsafe, but the active ingredients used in them have not been well studied. Sometimes you may experience some normal secretions or discharge from the vagina, which can cause you a little embarrassment if they start flowing at the time of waxing.

Will I Be Cleaned In The Hospital?

If you are a first time mom and thinking about how many strangers will get a good look at your hairiness down there, then, you should be prepared for this. Believe it or not, until you’re in the hospital and ready to deliver you actually don’t even have an ounce of idea that just how many individuals will see your vagina on display during childbirth. Rest assured your looks won’t even matter at that time and your medical team will be busy in helping you with the procedure. We can just say that this will be the last thing to come in your mind while you are in active labor. Once you deliver, all eyes, including yours (if open) will be on the newly born baby and not on the pubic region.
It is also important to note that almost every hospital or nursing will provide you free help for cleaning your private parts when you get admitted for childbirth, even if you are in active labor or going for a C-section. So, if you are thinking to go for bikini wax only because you are worried about being hairiness down there, then please keep in mind that whether you do it yourself or not, there will be certain helpers in your hospital who will definitely clean your pubic area for you even if they see any small growth.
All in all, waxing while pregnant is definitely do-able and safe. Getting a bikini wax done is your own personal choice. Just keep in mind that it might leave you with some broken blood vessels which are visible but harmless and during pregnancy. The skin sensitivity can be a source of more discomfort than usual, but there is no harm done in doing it.

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