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Is It Safe To Take Betnesol Injection During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy even though thrilling is also the roller coaster ride, requires one to be very cautious and careful about various factors. Like before following out a new diet or fitness regime, you should be very careful. It is more significant when it comes to taking medicines, (let it be old ones or new) as it concerns the health of the baby in your womb. It is very crucial to take the doctor’s recommendation before going ahead and taking the medicines as some of them could be too strong and can impact the baby.

Is It Safe To Take Betnesol Injection During Pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Take Betnesol Injection During Pregnancy?

Certain medicines are like steroids and antibiotics can harm the baby. Here we discuss the pros and cons of taking Betnesol. Betnesol is one of the most potent steroids available. If taken, it can lead to pre-term labour, thus resulting in heart ailments, lung issues as well as problems with the brain of the baby. In the present times, though, there are many other medicines available that can help to postpone the labour as well. Despite this, many doctors still administer Betnesol to the expectant mother in case its benefits are more than the losses.
Therefore, as an expecting mother, one should have a basic knowledge about not only what Betnesol is, how safe is it, what is the right dosage, how and when it should be administered, but also its side-effects.

What Is Betnesol?

Betnesol (also referred medically as Betamethasone IM/PO, Betaject, etc.) is one of the famous and recommended corticosteroids (a steroid or a medicine that helps to offer relief from swelling, inflamed areas, allergies, itching, etc.). This medicine treats different types of hormonal disproportion and immunity ailments. The Corticosteroids or cortisone-type medicines are integral for the functioning of the body and controlling the salt, water and stress levels as well. It even helps in the smooth functioning of the heart. What you have to note is that doctors administer Betnesol shots only if the body has sufficient corticosteroids.

Is It Safe To Take Betamethasone Injection During Pregnancy?

There is not enough data to gauge the if administering of Betnesol in the course of pregnancy is safe or not. As per the FDA, this medicine comes under the C drug category. The drugs which belong to category C is tested on animals, and the drug also should have shown contrary effects on the fetus. It has no regulated research performed on human beings as well. It is, therefore, advised and administrated only if its advantages weigh more for the unborn baby than the risks it poses for the mother. This shot will be administered only when other treatments fail for the complications that take place in the prenatal period.

What Is The Ideal Dosage Of Betnesol Injection While Pregnant?

The quantity of the injection of Betnesol varies from one individual to the other, which depends on the health of the expectant mother, in case of any complications, the doctor will take the required steps likewise. Betnesol is a part of few creams as well, so applying any of them comprising Betnesol needs doctor’s approval at first.

How Is Betnesol Given?

Betnesol should be administered in a specific way. It is important to know the right way of giving it. Since it is given to the pregnant mother, it becomes even more crucial to be careful and cautious. Given below is the method that should be followed while giving Betnesol, and they are as follows:

  • Betnesol injection can be administered via drip that runs either into the muscles or the veins.
  • You can apply it directly to the affected parts.
  • Doctors will inject it into the tissue that is inflamed.
  • The doctors used to prescribe this medicine for a short time basis ranging from some days to a few weeks.
  • The dosage of Betnesol should not be stopped abruptly as it can result in symptoms of isolation.

When Is Betnesol Administered During Pregnancy?

It is important to administer Betnesol only when required. Betnesol is usually administered during pregnancy only when the under mentioned complications related to pregnancy are seen:

Pre-term Labor:

In case the birth of the baby happens before time, that is around 32-35 weeks, the lungs are not fully developed and do not function properly. This injection should be given for the lungs to develop faster. The shot is usually given a day before the pre-term labour is anticipated.

Fibronectin Test For The Foetus (FFT):

The washed secretions from the cervix are tested for fibronectin (a protein that helps to fasten the uterus to the amniotic sac). The test helps in evaluating the probability of pre-term labour. FFT is counted as a common procedure if one has multiple or twin foetus. In case it is positive, betnesol injection will be administrated.

What Are The Side Effects Of Betnesol Injections During Pregnancy?

Side Effects Of Betnesol Injections During Pregnancy

Side Effects Of Betnesol Injections During Pregnancy

Betnesol should be administered under the doctor’s guidance and only under certain conditions that have been listed above. This is a drug that can cause risk to the mother, but it is equally useful for the baby, so one needs to weigh if it is more beneficial or harmful depending on the circumstances. It even has some side-effects which one needs to be aware of, and they are as follows:

  • The Betnesol injections can decrease the immunity of the body and the inflammation that happens in the body, thus making one more susceptible to being infected.
  • Giving more than prescribed dosage can even result in mood swings and behaviour changes, making one depressed and irritated.
  • Administering of the injection can delay the growth and development of the babies as well as reduced heart rate etc.
  • It also affects the production of natural steroids in the baby’s body.

Thus, it is just not injections but even over the top remedies which comprise of Betnesol can also lead to some adverse detrimental outcomes. The steroids that are applied in the skin that are meant for relieving from inflammation and itching can be absorbed by the skin, which can most probably get transmitted to the baby. So it is crucial to be vigilant before applying any cream that has Betnesol. Betnesol is undoubtedly not the ideal option to be used for pregnancy and prescribed under challenging situations and more specifically when nothing else works.

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