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Is Peanut Butter Safe During Pregnancy?

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As soon as the pregnancy is confirmed, the expecting mother will get a list of the exhortation of “do and don’t do” from dear and close ones. Most of the advice received will be in connection with what she eats and drinks. There will be a long list of items that will be asked to be included in the daily diet, as well as, certain foods which you may like a good deal will be cut from your menu for the time being. Though most of the items that have been tagged ‘never consume while pregnant’ are reliable, some of them are proving to be myths by the modern science. One of such myth says that the expecting mothers are not supposed to eat peanut (or peanut products), as the peanut allergy will pass to the baby.
Peanut butter sandwich

Peanuts And Peanut Butter During Pregnancy?

If you are feeling uncertain about incorporating these healthy nuts in your menu, and you are going to push aside your most loved peanut butter for the time being, then it’s the time to disperse such myths and know the reality! Continue reading this article to know more about peanut allergy, the advantages of eating peanuts (in any forms) amid pregnancy, and when to avoid peanut butter in the course of pregnancy. Though peanut and tree nut are not same, if you are allergic to one, then it’s better to avoid the other also.
Again, most of us, wrongly consider peanut allergy and peanut intolerance as one.

What Is The Difference Between Peanut Intolerance And Peanut Allergic Reaction?

Peanut allergy and peanut intolerance, both are not at all the same. The peanut allergic reaction can be a life threatening situation. Even tiny amounts of peanut can trigger a severe allergic reaction, within minutes after exposure, on people having a peanut allergy. The symptoms include runny nose, skin reactions, digestive issues, wheezing and most significantly, a fatal allergic reaction called anaphylaxis, resulting in swelling of the throat and constriction of airways, thereby not able to breathe.
On the other hand, peanut intolerance is harmless, causing mild indigestion and disappears shortly after the consumption of the nut.

Why Are Peanuts Such A Disputed Topic During Pregnancy?

Different studies on this topic came out with different results. Therefore, it was fairly hard to arrive on a proper and correct decision.

  • One of the former studies was done among the children who developed different types food allergy. The outcome indicates that the children whose mothers used to eat peanuts in the course of pregnancy were more prone to peanut allergy than the children whose mothers avoided peanuts in the course of pregnancy. This result cannot be accurate. Foremost of all, the research is done among the children already have a food allergy. Therefore, the mother’s diet cannot be considered as the sole culprit
  • Older studies that created worry about eating peanuts amid pregnancy had a common tendency of approaching a relatively small group of people for the research and thus, the result was not balanced
  • Anyway, all these studies (though not flawless) point out that even though the mother is not allergic to peanuts, there is always a chance of passing a peanut allergy to the baby if the mother eats peanuts during pregnancy especially if peanut allergy runs in the family. Even AAP (American Academy of Pediatric) recommends avoiding the intake of peanut products amid the pregnancy. However, in 2008 AAP withdraw this recommendation. The withdrawal is owing to the fact that, after analyzing the studies done in this field, no evidence is found to prove that, by avoiding peanut or peanut products during pregnancy reduces the possibility of the child to develop a peanut allergy

Woman eating peanut butter

Is Having Peanut Butter Safe During Pregnancy?

Forget all the black remarks of having peanut butter in the course of pregnancy. Yes. It is absolutely safe to eat your favorite peanut butter (moderately) in the course of pregnancy, as long as you don’t have a history of peanut allergic reaction.
Moreover, the latest study done on over 70,000 families proved another interesting fact. Children are less likely to experience peanut allergy if their mom used to eat peanuts during pregnancy. Therefore, eating nuts and peanut butter during pregnancy help promote the immune tolerance of the baby and probably shield him from all sorts of nut allergies.
Besides, a pregnant woman can gain several benefits from eating peanut and peanut butter in the course of pregnancy.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Peanut Butter During Pregnancy?

Here are some advantages of eating peanut butter while pregnant:

  • Helps in getting rid of anemia: All types of nuts are loaded with iron.The peanut is not an exception. Eating peanut butter during pregnancy helps in preventing anemia from kicking in
  • Helps in gaining weight: When you are pregnant, you will be in need of put on healthy weight. If you are experiencing some issues to put on accurate weight, eating peanut butter is a great solution. These nuts are packed with calorie and can help you put on weight rapidly
  • Ideal for veggie lovers: Peanuts contain sufficient quantity of protein. The vegetarians have a relatively less choice for protein sources as there are no meat and egg in their eating routine. Peanut butter is a protein source that they can bank on
  • Alleviating constipation: Expecting mothers frequently whine of constipation. Peanuts are a rich source of fiber and can ease the symptoms of constipation to some extent

Also, Peanuts and peanut butter are rich in potassium, vitamin E, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and antioxidants. Likewise, nuts are rich in folate, which diminishes the danger of neural tube defects in the developing fetus.

When To Avoid Eating Peanut Butter While I Am Pregnant?

Though eating peanut butter will not harm your baby, you are not supposed to eat peanut butter if:

  • You are overweight: Eating peanut butter results in putting more weight. Therefore, peanut butter is not recommended if you have to control your weight throughout the gestation period
  • You are peanut intolerant: Even though peanut intolerance is relatively harmless, during pregnancy, if you are peanut intolerant, you should avoid eating peanut butter
  • You have any problem related to digestion: When you are experiencing loose motion, vomiting, or any other symptoms of digestion issues, it is better not to eat peanut butter until the symptoms disappear

We hope your anxiety about eating peanut butter amid pregnancy no longer exists. Remember to select natural peanut butter, which contains less added salt, sugar, and hydrogenated oil, which is healthier. Go ahead; never hesitate to enjoy your peanut butter sandwich.

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