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Is Using An Air Conditioner (AC) Or Cooler Safe With A Newborn?

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The birth of the baby changes the entire outlook of the parents. Their whole life becomes a whirlwind due to the many changes that take place in their lives. The parents leave no stone unturned to offer comfort to the baby. In the present times, though, one must decide the usage of an air conditioner or a cooler is safe for the baby.
Generally, doctors believe coolers are more advisable than air conditioners rather than letting the baby stay in a hot and humid atmosphere. The new-born babies are not able to adjust their body temperatures like adults can. This makes them prone to be infected with heart-related diseases like dehydration, heat strokes, rashes, etc. It has also been found out that a room that is properly cooled and has suitable ventilation allows the baby to sleep comfortably and peacefully. This even avoids the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). On the other hand, the room that is too cool can lower down the body temperature of the baby and make him dangerously cool.
It is thus important to know how to keep the baby safe and comfortable while using cooler or air-conditioner. Apart from that, we shall study which of the options between a cooler or air-conditioner are more suited for the baby. It is equally important to finding the reasons for the same. Also, find out a few tips to keep the baby safe and relaxed while using the cooler or air conditioner.

Which Is A Good Choice For Your Baby – AC Or Cooler?

To keep the atmosphere clean, and offer pure and air free of allergens, one needs to use AC or cooler. It is highly recommended that the parents use either AC or cooler so that the baby does not have to be in a hot, humid, and airless place. Given below are some of the pointers that can help you in deciding between using an AC or a cooler.

  • One needs to regulate and maintain the temperature with the help of an air-conditioner.
  • It is advisable to use air conditioners while it is more humid, especially the monsoon months, in which usage of coolers in these months is not too practical.
  • The present set of air conditioning systems offers clean and pure air for the baby, which is not the same as the air coolers.
  • Humidity can be controlled or removed by air conditioners than coolers.

Pointers To Keep Your Baby Comfortable And Safe While Using Cooler Or A

1. Maintain A Comfortable Room Temperature

It is imperative to ensure that comfortable room temperature is maintained while using air conditioners and coolers. Any extreme temperature conditions could be detrimental to the baby’s health. Also, any changes in the external heat or humidity can alter the cooling properties of AC or Cooler. The room due to this reason can become too cold or even too hot, making it extremely uncomfortable for the baby. If using the AC, it is important to set a timer for the time that is required to make the room cool. In case the AC does not have any inbuilt timer for the same, one can even use an alarm clock as a reminder. In case of using a cooler, one can leave the windows or doors partly open for the air to pass through, especially in the humid weather like the monsoon. Coolers are not too effective in monsoon as coolers tend to increase the humidity levels.

2. Keep Your Baby Away From The Direct Blast Of Cold Air From The AC Or Cooler

Whether it is Ac or a cooler, the baby shouldn’t get any direct air blast from any of them. It is important to keep the baby covered in a light layer of clothes covering especially the arms and the legs as it leads in the protection of the baby from cold air. One can even use a light cap to cover the head and socks or booties for covering the feet. It is also advisable to use a plain warm blanket but avoid covering the face. The baby needs to be dressed up only a layer more than the adults so that it is not overdressed or underdressed as both can lead to health issues.

3. Keep Your Baby Well Moisturized As Using An AC May Dry Up His Skin

Persistent usage of air conditioners can lead to dryness in the room. This it is ideal to use a bowl of water in the room. Apply little oil around the baby’s nose to prevent the dryness in the nasal passage. if the baby nose bleeds, it is best to consult a medical practitioner before continuing the usage of AC.
4. Don’t Take Your Baby To A Warm Place Immediately After Leaving An Air-Conditioned Room
In case the baby stays in an air-conditioned environment for too long, exposing him to extreme temperatures might not be a good option. It is advisable always to switch off the air conditioner and bring the temperature to be normal before exposing the baby to any temperature fluctuations. This is important as sudden temperature fluctuations can make the baby sick.

5. Get Your AC Or Cooler Regularly Serviced For Clean And Efficient Cooling

This is the most vital point to remember while using Air-conditioner for the newborns. While using air conditioners or coolers for the baby, it is important to ensure that they are properly cleaned and serviced regularly. Doing this offers pure air for the baby to breathe through and even guarantees the effective function of the equipment as well. It is thus important to get AC or cooler serviced from time to time for effective cooling and proper usage.
Thus, one can say that choosing between AC or cooler for the baby is a personal choice. It can vary from one individual to the other. However, t what is important to note in mind are the precautionary measures that one needs to take and the tips to follow for the proper and healthy growth of the baby.

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