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Marriage Woes and a Baby : A BIG NO

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A Baby Cannot Save A Bad Marriage, Leave This Fantasy Thought

A Bad Marriage cannot be saved by having a Baby.

A Bad Marriage cannot be saved by having a Baby.

Frequent arguments with each other, no peace in life but still thinking of having a baby! Wait!!! This is a very common and old thought that a bad marriage can survive after bringing a baby in the picture. We absolutely do not agree with this. In fact, if a couple plans to have a baby when they are not living happily with each other, it might affect adversely on your baby’s mental growth. If we leave exceptions the basic reasons for the tensions among couples are more or less as follows: inability to spend quality time with each other, no privacy, lack of financial stability, dissatisfaction due to sinking career or a third person in the relationship.
We wonder how people can handle a baby if they suffer from any of the above problems. When a baby arrives in life, a husband and wife get fully engaged in taking care of it. A baby requires lots of time to be devoted, many sudden expenses and if you are staying away from your family like grandparents , the ‘we’ time disappears from life for at least for a year. A bad marriage can only be made worst by having a baby. Planning and having a baby is a big responsibility which demands equal devotion from husband and wife both. A good and positive environment is the most important thing the parent should provide to their baby whether it is in the womb or has arrived in the world. It helps in proper physical and mental growth of the baby, and influences his behavior constructively. Expectations from partners rise, financial challenges have to be met, sex and romance take a backseat and all responsibilities multiply. Hence, cohesion between partners is imperative, and that will arrive only after you work closely with each other on improving your marriage.

If you are not able to understand each other as life partners and not able to reach a mutual agreement on a particular topic, how would you take important decisions related to baby’s life after having it? It is only going to make the life of all three very difficult. Before you think of a baby first try to work on your relationship. A good, loving relationship between husband and wife will help positively in growing and grooming your baby
. On the other hand if a child sees his mother and father fighting all the time, he or she might get badly hurt emotionally, be disturbed, may develop relation and trust problems and might become withdrawn. Giving birth to a baby need lots of patience, love, time and understanding among couples. Even post birth you both will be fully occupied at least for the first few years in taking care of your new born. Once your kid will start going to school you will be a little relaxed but then again it adds to new responsibilities, and this will go on and forth.
A happy, peaceful environment is what every child requires; it is the moral responsibility of the parents to provide a healthy atmosphere for a child’s development. If you are unsure about your own relationship, work towards improving it before even thinking about a baby.

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Jul 10, 2014

This article is a great help for those who are confused about having a baby due to their breaking relationship.



Jul 10, 2014

This article is a great help for those who are confused about having a baby due to their breaking relationship.

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