Meditation During Pregnancy 

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Meditation During Pregnancy 

Meditation has several benefits for our mental, emotional, and thereby physical state of being regardless of the phase we’re in. Pregnancy is no exception, in fact, the onslaught of emotions and hormonal changes that one goes through, meditation should be prescribed to every pregnant woman. Meditation during pregnancy can enhance the joy of being pregnant and have a positive impact on both the expectant mother and her unborn baby. 

Practitioners meditate to help them get into a deep state of relaxation and get a sense of calm. Doing meditation during pregnancy could be beneficial to both you and your unborn baby. Pregnancy hormones, along with several abrupt mood swings, are known to also cause sleep disturbances. This along with adding a new member to the family can often seem stressful and nerve-wracking. Meditation can help one cope with this brought on stress and anxiety as well. 

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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a way to clear our minds through physical and mental techniques. During meditation we focus our minds for a certain period on any one aspect – it could be a mantra, just our breathing, sounds around us, or just our body. 

Some meditation is often religious as well, but many are meant to help you center yourself, calm your mind, and relax your body. It is advised to practice the kind of meditation that suits your preference. 

How Does Meditation Help During Pregnancy?

How Does Meditation Help During Pregnancy_

Meditation is a practice that brings calm to a person’s otherwise busy and chaotic life. While expecting, a woman undergoes many upheavals in terms of emotional, hormonal, and physical changes. Meditation during pregnancy can be key for an expectant mother to regulate her emotions and find her balance amid the chaos. Some benefits of meditation during pregnancy are: 

1. Helps to Reduce Stress 

Meditation helps one cope effectively at the emotional level. According to experts, pregnant women who meditate often have lower levels of anxiety, stress, and even depression. All life changes come with a certain amount of stress and anxiety. Pregnancy is also one such life change and is also accompanied by other factors like hormonal and physical changes. Meditation can help cope with this stress better.  

2. Has a Positive Effect on Dietary Decisions 

Following a strict diet during pregnancy is very important. Meditation is also known to center our minds, and this could often affect our diets as well. It is said that the body doesn’t crave junk food and our calm and focused minds are able to make healthier choices. 

3. Boosts Overall Wellbeing 

The practice of meditation is known to affect our entire body by healing it. It is said that this also aids the well-being of the baby. The relaxation brought on by meditation is also known to release the pressure felt on the spinal cord and this leads to a general physical comfort in pregnant women. 

4. Reduces Risk of Premature Birth

According to some experts, yoga and meditation during pregnancy lead to fewer cases of babies born with low birth weight or born prematurely. More research needs to be done in this area, however, the general point is that the well-being of the mother and baby leads to better delivery. 

5. Helps Connect With The Unborn Baby

Meditation gives you a chance to sit restfully and quietly and focus all your attention. You might visualize your baby, rub your belly, and whisper positive affirmations. This connection is known to help during delivery as well. 

What Meditation Techniques Should You Do During Pregnancy?

What Meditation Techniques Should You Do During Pregnancy_

There are many ways to do meditation. Everyone may do it differently. While some may meditate on a mantra, others may just seem to focus on their breathing. The aim of meditation during pregnancy is to find calm and inner peace. Some ways to do that are- 

1. Focused Attention

Focusing your mind on any aspect or object can help clear the mind. It could clear the mind from stressful or anxious thoughts. You could focus on your breathing, sounds around you, an object, or touch, or even just visualize your unborn baby or focus on your own body. 

2. Deep Breathing

Doing deep breathing helps slow our breathing, and this relaxes us. You also take in more oxygen, which is beneficial for both you and your unborn baby.

3. Body Visualization

In this technique, you focus on your body.  Taking your attention to different parts of the body and the sensations felt by it. While scanning your body, continue deep breathing and you could also visualize breathing relaxation into any part of the body that feels tense. 

Are There Any Risks of Meditating While Pregnant?

Usually, meditation is a safe and helpful practice. However, at times it could also bring in or worsen a psychiatric condition in a pregnant woman. 

While meditation can help pregnant women cope with both emotional and physical stress, by relaxation and reduced stress, it is always advised to speak to your doctor if you are suffering from any anxiety or depression. It is not wise to rely on meditation only. 

You should also discuss with your doctor if you have a serious mental health issue so that you can be treated effectively and safely. 

Can Meditation Help When You’re in Labor?

Can Meditation Help When You're in Labor_

Meditation should be practiced all through the pregnancy if possible. This will help you be mindful and relaxed during labor as well. You would have developed a connection with your body which you can then use to cope during labor. 

Meditation is known to help calm the mind and reduce fear and anxiety during labor. Deep breathing and meditation can also relax the tensed muscles which helps in labor. 

Meditation Techniques to Try During Labor

One can try some of the following techniques during labor to ease the anxiety and stress:

  • Body Scan and Breathing: Meditating on every part of the body can at times help relax them.
  • Deep and Relaxed Breathing: Doing deep breathing slows down the breath and relaxes the body. 
  • Mindfulness: Focusing attention on either your breathing or the sounds.
  • Visualization: You could visualize your baby or your own body and work on breathing in relaxation to every part of the body.  

Are Mudras Safe During Pregnancy?

Are Mudras Safe During Pregnancy_

Mudra is a Sanskrit term meaning gesture. These are known as energy-flowing gestures or postures that are meant to connect our pranic force with the universal force. These are often hand positions that press the relevant points on the palm to cause an effect. 

Mudras are known to modify the energy flow with us and facilitate healing. Since they can affect so much, maybe not all mudras should be practiced during pregnancy. The following mudras are known to be beneficial for pregnant women-

1. Gyan Mudra or the Bonding Mudra

This symbolizes the union of the self with the universe. During pregnancy, the woman is the universe for the growing baby and this mudra can often help bond with the baby. 

This is also the best mudra to be in during meditation. The tip of the thumb should be pressed with the tip of the index finger. The other fingers should be left extended. 

2. Vayu Mudra or the Wind Mudra

Vayu in Sanskrit means the wind. This gesture helps regulate the air element inside our bodies. In this, the tip of the index finger is pressed on the base of the thumb. The thumb is also gently pressed over the index finger. The other fingers are kept extended. 

3. Prana Mudra or Lifeforce Mudra

This mudra is known to strengthen immunity and also activate the body’s energy. Prana in Sanskrit means life force and vitality. In this, the tip of the thumb is pressed on the tip of the ring and little finger. Other fingers are kept straight. 

4. Varun Mudra or Jal-Vardhak Mudra

This is known to enhance the water element in the body. Again, this could positively affect the amniotic fluid level and the issue of low hemoglobin. To do this, bend your little finger and press or tap it with the thumb. The other fingers remain extended. This is also known to help with dehydration. 

Incorporating meditation into your routine can only mean well for you. But there is no one-size-fits-all method or technique. In the beginning, it’s helpful to pay attention to how you feel after each session. Try different techniques and find the one that gives you the most energy. Meditating as much as possible during pregnancy will only provide you with both mental and physical health benefits. 


1. Is it Safe to Meditate While Pregnant?

Yes. It’s safe to practice meditation while pregnant. One can start meditating at any point during the pregnancy. Ideally, one should do it under an expert guide. In case of any doubt, check with your doctor before trying any particular method of meditation.

2. How Does Meditation Affect The Fetus?

Women who practice meditation during their pregnancy experience reduced stress and anxiety levels. This in turn has a positive impact on the baby in their womb. A happy and stress-free mother will have a happy fetus. 


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