Top 200 Popular Malayalam Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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200 Malayalam Baby Names For Girls

You and your family must be overjoyed with the grand entry of your little princess. In India, among Hindus, the birth of girls is considered to be the entry of Mother Lakshmi, and irrespective of cultural barriers, it is celebrated by all.  This auspicious day of naming ceremonies among Malayalam is done on the 28th day for baby girls. So if you are looking for the best and most popular Malayalam names, then check out this article on 200 Malayalam baby girl names with meanings.

In Kerala, most Malayalam families celebrate this occasion by tying a black or golden thread around the baby’s waist and whispering her name in the ear. Names are believed to carry spiritual significance and protect one’s identity. In this article, we have listed 200 popular, unique, good, and cute Malayalam baby girl names for you to choose from. 

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The name of a person reveals a lot about one’s personality. It’s the only thing that has remained constant since birth. Although the baby’s name in Kerala includes both the family name and the father’s name, it is crucial that the baby’s name reflect his or her background. 

If you are looking for popular Malayalam girl names, then check out the table listed below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aaradhya Worshipped
2 Aashna Beloved
3 Akshara Letters; syllables; eternal
4 Anaya Caring; compassionate
5 Arya Noble; virtuous
6 Avantika Princess of Ujjain
7 Chaitra A Hindu month; spring
8 Charvi Beautiful; lovely
9 Devika Little goddess
10 Divya Divine; heavenly
11 Devananda God’s Joy
12 Geetanjali Collection of poems
13 Hamsa Swan
14 Ishita Desired; superior
15 Janaki Wife of Lord Rama; Sita
16 Krisha Divine; attractive
17 Lekha Writing; document
18 Mahika Dew; Earth
19 Malini Another name for Goddess Durga and the Ganges
20 Naisha Special; unique
21 Nandita Happy; joyful
22 Neha Love; rain
23 Noor Light
24 Palak Eyelash; guardian
25 Priya Beloved; loved one
26 Rachna Creation; creation of God
27 Rasika Connoisseur; enthusiast
28 Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi
29 Sabrina Princess; white rose
30 Shaivi Prosperous; religious
31 Smita Smile; laughter
32 Sohana Charming; beautiful
33 Shilpa A stone
34 Sruthi Melody; musical tone
35 Tanya Fairy princess
36 Tejaswini Energetic; radiant
37 Tanushree Beautiful
38 Vanya Gracious gift of God
39 Vedika Altar; sacred place
40 Vidya Knowledge; wisdom

Good Malayalam Girl Names

Good Malayalam Girl Names

The pronunciation of Malayali names might be challenging for persons who are not native speakers of the language. Yet, good Malayalam girl names are not difficult to find. In the table listed below you will find them arranged in alphabetical order along with their meanings for your easy reference.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aditi Mother of gods; boundless
2 Ahana First ray of light; dawn
3 Anamika Ring finger; nameless
4 Ananya Unique; matchless
5 Anika Little sister
6 Aradhana Worship; respect
7 Bhavna Meditation; contemplation
8 Bindu Point; dot
9 Charu Beautiful; attractive
10 Devi Goddess; divine
11 Divisha Heavenly; divine
12 Esha Desire; wish
13 Gauri Fair; pure
14 Harini Deer; Indra’s wife
15 Ina Mother; strong
16 Ishani Goddess Durga; consort of Lord Shiva
17 Jaanvi Ganga river; daughter of the Earth
18 Jyoti Light; flame
19 Kamna Desire; wish
20 Kavya Poetry; literature
21 Lakshmi Goddess of wealth
22 Mahi The Earth; the world
23 Maya Illusion; magic
24 Meera Sea or ocean
25 Nivedita Dedicated; surrendered
26 Pooja Worship; prayer
27 Pragati Progress; development
28 Prisha Beloved; loved one
29 Radhika Successful; prosperous
30 Riddhi Prosperity; wealth
31 Riya Singer; graceful
32 Sana Radiance; brilliance
33 Sanjana Creator; gentle
34 Shivani Goddess Parvati; wife of Lord Shiva
35 Shreya Auspicious; beautiful
36 Savitha Bright
37 Simran Meditation; remembrance
38 Sneha Love; affection
39 Swara Melody; musical note
40 Zara Princess; blossom

Best Malayalam Girl Names

Best Malayalam Girl Names

Looking for the best Malayalam girl names for your little princess? Be it modern, traditional, or authentic Malayali baby girl names, check out the table below to find the perfect one that suits your baby.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aarna Goddess Lakshmi; wave; flowing
2 Ahilya Wife of sage Gautam
3 Aishwarya Wealth; prosperity
4 Alisha Protected by God; noble
5 Ameya Boundless; infinite
6 Anjali Offering; salutation
7 Anu Atom; formless
8 Anvi Gracious; kind
9 Aruna Dawn; reddish brown
10 Ashwini Female horse; constellation
11 Avni Earth; mother earth
12 Bina Melodious; musical instrument
13 Damini Lightning; powerful
14 Dhanya Fortunate; lucky
15 Ipsita Desired; wanted
16 Jaya Victorious; goddess Durga
17 Jiya Sweet heart; life
18 Kirti Fame; honor
19 Leena Delicate; tender
20 Medha Intellect; wisdom
21 Natasha Born on Christmas; gift of God
22 Navya New; young
23 Neelima Sapphire; blue color
24 Nithya Eternal; constant
25 Pari Fairy; angel
26 Rachael Ewe; innocent
27 Rajeshri Queen
28 Ria Singer; graceful
29 Sara A princess
30 Shilpa Stone; sculpture
31 Siya Light; Sita
32 Suhana Pleasing; beautiful
33 Tanisha Ambition; enthusiasm
34 Tanvi Beautiful; slender
35 Tara Star; hill
36 Trisha Star; wish
37 Tulsi Holy basil plant
38 Usha Dawn; the first light of day
39 Vishaka Unstoppable; celestial star
40 Vrinda Basil plant; goddess Radha

Unique Malayalam Girl Names

cute girl

There is an increasing tendency among Malayalis to use the initial letters of their parent’s names to create a unique name for their child. The name personifies a perfect character and says more than a word. If you are planning to keep a unique name for your baby girl then check out the 40 most unique Malayalam girl names.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Amba Goddess Durga
2 Amina Trustworthy; honest
3 Amrita Nectar; immortal
4 Anoushka Favour; grace
5 Athira Star; inner soul
6 Charitha Good character; moral conduct
7 Deepika Light; lamp
8 Deviga Goddess; divine beauty
9 Eshani Goddess Parvati; consort of Lord Shiva
10 Gayathri A sacred Vedic mantra
11 Geeta Holy book of Hindus
12 Ishaana Goddess Durga
13 Jahnavi Daughter of Jahnu Dhar; river Ganga
14 Juhi A flower
15 Karishma Miracle; divine gift
16 Khushi Happiness; joy
17 Lakshita Distinguished; focused
18 Mahima Greatness; glory
19 Nandini Goddess Durga; daughter
20 Nehal Affectionate; bright
21 Nisha Night; ambition
22 Niyati Destiny; fate
23 Poonam Full moon; night of the full moon
24 Prathyusha Sunrise; morning
25 Rekha Line; limit
26 Rina Rina
27 Saisha Meaningful; truth
28 Sakshi Witness; proof
29 Samaira Enchanting; 
30 Shalini Happy; modest
31 Shilpi Sculptor; artist
32 Shivangi Part of Lord Shiva
33 Soumya Soft; mild
34 Tanaya Daughter; born of
35 Vaishnavi Devotee of Lord Vishnu
36 Vandana Worship; tribute
37 Varsha Rain; shower
38 Vasundhara Earth; goddess
39 Veena Musical instrument
40 Zoya Love; life

Cute Malayalam Girl Names

cute Girl infant

We all love cute names and if you are from Kerala and want to keep a cute Malayalam girl name then take a look at the table listed below. Here you will find 40 Malayalam cute baby girl names with their meanings. It is advisable to choose a name for your infant that is easy on pronunciation and spelling.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Abha Glow
2 Abhilasha Wish
3 Adya First power
4 Alaka Lock of curly hair
5 Apla Little
6 Kanika Atom; small
7 Kasturi Scented
8 Lalita Beautiful
9 Lata A creeper
10 Linda Pretty
11 Manasa Mind; desire
12 Manya Respected
13 Meenakshi Fish
14 Mridula Gentle
15 Nirmala Clean
16 Nishi Night; ambition
17 Nita Well behaved
18 Oorja Energy
19 Oviya Artist; beautiful painting
20 Poornima Full Moon
21 Prabha Light; Glow
22 Purva Elder
23 Rachita Created; designed
24 Reshma Silken
25 Roshni Light; illumination
26 Sarita A river
27 Sanskruti Culture; refinement
28 Savitri A ray of light
29 Sneha Affection
30 Sukanya Comely
31 Swapna Dream
32 Tannu Delicate; slender
33 Trishna Thirst; desire
34 Ujwala Bright
35 Ushma Warmth
36 Vaishali An ancient city; a famous courtesan
37 Varuni Goddess Durga; consort of Lord Varuna
38 Vimala Pure
39 Yamuna Holy river
40 Zia Splendor

If you are in search of an authentic yet distinctive name for your little one, the Malayalam baby names listed above will provide you with an abundance of options. With the right name, a person can become well-known. So we suggest that you take your time and pick the one that meets your needs the best. We’ve put together a list of the top 200 Malayalam girl baby names for you to choose from. We hope it will be fun for you to choose a name for your princess.

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