Is Mineral Water Safe For Your Baby?

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Mineral water is commonly available these days and contains various minerals, salts and sulfur compounds. Most people whose water sources are contaminated or those who are travelling prefer to use this water as it is believed to be safe. But is mineral water safe for your baby? Whatever, we give babies—even if it is as basic as water, we need to first know if it is ok for them to consume, given their age. Sometimes, it is possible that consuming a certain type of water could be a source of problems in babies . Hence, it is always best to exercise caution.

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Is Bottled Water for Babies Unsafe?

It is very essential that babies and young children have enough fluids for better health and well-being. Water is considered the healthiest fluid available. A high proportion of babies and young children’s body weight is water– so it’s important to keep them properly hydrated. Do you know:

  • 75% of a newborn baby’s body is water.
  • It drops to 65% of their body weight by their first birthday.
  • Water is essential for growing teeth. Milk and water are considered the best drinks for growing children.

Contrary to popular belief, bottled water could prove to be an unhealthy option for babies. Here’s why:

  • It is believed that bottled water contains fluoride. It is true that fluoride is present in some foods that babies may take and even in the toothpaste they use, but an excess of fluoride could result in enamel fluorosis. This could cause white spots in those tiny teeth that are still forming in the gums. Moreover, some bottles do not indicate the fluoride concentrate in their labels, which adds to the risk. They do mention that it is purified, deionized, distilled and prepared using reverse osmosis, which is indicative of low fluoride, yet one can never be too sure of it, especially when it comes to using it for babies.
  • Contrary to popular belief, bottled water is not actually sterile. It definitely is low in lead when compared to water from the tap, yet it could also contain traces of bacteria that could be unsafe for your baby.
  • Bottled water may also contain high levels of uranium, which are not safe for the kidneys. Therefore, it is best to avoid it while making formula milk as well.

Precautions While Travelling with Babies

There are times when you need to travel and your baby needs to be bottle-fed. During those times, mineral water may be the safest option available to use. However, make sure of the following:

  • The seal of the bottle is not tampered with.
  • If your baby is below 6 months, it is a good idea to boil and cool it before using it. Use boiled water at a temperature of at least 70 degrees if you are using it for a feed. That way you can be rest assured that it is safe.
  • If you are travelling to a place which has a very hot climate, then your baby may need extra fluid to keep them hydrated all the time and this can be provided by boiled, cooled bottled water as mentioned above.
  • Check the label for fluoride content. Make sure that it contains less than 200 mg of sodium and not more than 250mg a liter of sulphate.
  • If you are using bottled water for your baby’s formula feed, never let anyone else drink from the bottle.

Baby Water vs Bottled Water

Baby water is specially made for babies. It has low Sodium, low Fluoride and zero Sulphate, making it apt for babies. And, hence it is always safer to use baby water over mineral water.

Is it Good to Use Mineral Water for Baby Formula?

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Yes, you can use mineral water to make formulas for babies. But you still need to boil the mineral water.
While using mineral water to make baby formula, always ensure the sodium content is less than 200 milligrams in each one litre bottle. Reading the label on the bottle will give you the desired information about Sodium content.

Water for Babies Below 6 Months

For the first 6 months, babies are exclusively on breast milk. That takes care of their complete nutritional requirement and there is no need to give anything externally, not even water. At this stage if you give water, it could lead to water intoxication because the little one’s kidneys are not able to manage the water overload. Post-six months, once babies start on solid foods, they can have small amounts of water externally. At this stage, water is better than juices which contain sugar that are best avoided.

Which Mineral Water is Safe for Babies?

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Many doctors across the globe suggest that distilled water is the safest. But in India, it is not a much preferred option. If mineral water is to be used, it must be free of sodium. Avoid carbonated water; it could cause discomfort to your baby’s digestive system. When in doubt, it is always best to consult your doctor before making a decision.

Mineral water could be a choice for your babies if you choose the right one. Make sure you decide beforehand and are well prepared, especially when you are travelling. There are some brands of bottled water available in the market that are designed to be exclusively used for preparing baby formula. These brands pack the bottled water following much stricter guidelines which are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Check with your doctor and stock those brands that fulfill the conditions mentioned above.

In India, using tap water is completely out of the question. You could use boiled and cooled, filtered water, if that is the only alternative you have at the moment. When it comes to your baby, every single thing that goes into the diet, including the water, has to be carefully selected. Because every day the baby is growing, one wrong choice could land you in trouble. So, research well, plan ahead and stay safe.

We hope this article gave you valuable insight into using mineral water for your baby. Do Share your experience in the comments box below.

Happy parenting!


1. Should I Boil the Mineral Water Before Giving it to my Baby?

Yes, it is highly recommended. If it is feasible, you can boil a bottle of mineral water. Let it cool and carry it for your baby.

2. What Water Can I Use for my Baby When am Travelling?

This is a tough situation. When you are strapped for choices, just pick the best you can. Stick to the same brand throughout, unless your baby shows a reaction.

3. Can I Give Mineral Water to My 4 Month Old?

No. Doctors recommend babies be on an exclusive milk diet until they are 6 months old. So it is best to avoid any type of water for your 4 month old.

4. What Water Can I Use for my New Born’s Formula?

Ask your doctor for recommendations. Sterile water is usually prescribed. Some doctors may advice you to use any drinking water but fully boiled.

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