Modern 500 Baby Girl Names Starting With K

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Baby Girl Names starting with K

Parents often take their own time naming their children. No two parents are the same. Whereas some parents prefer easy, short names, there are few who put greater effort into selecting a name. Alphabets play a significant role in the development of a child’s aesthetic aura. In this article, we have mentioned 500 Baby girl names starting with K.

Baby girl names that start with K are very emotional in nature. They are peace-loving and have a beautiful soul. They have creative and innovative mind that carries a special interest in art and music. Let’s check out some popular, common, cute, and pretty girl names with the letter K.

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We all love to name our children after popular names. We have mentioned 50 popular girl names that start with K. These names are from different cultures and religious beliefs. Parents can choose according to the meaning they want their baby girls to have.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Kacie Watchful
2 Kaida Little dragon
3 Kaina One with good leadership abilities
4 Kainat The creation
5 Kamaya The perfect one
6 Kanika An atom; Small
7 Karla A free person
8 Karnika The heart of lotus flower
9 Karolina Free Woman; Warrior
10 Kartiki Divine; Light
11 Karunya Compassionate; A gentle soul; Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
12 Kashni Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
13 Kashvika Blooming
14 Katerina Pure Soul
15 Katherine A Greek Goddess
16 Kathleen Pure and CLear
17 Katiya Pure
18 Katy Pure
19 Kaushiki Epithet of Goddess Durga; One who is covered in silk
20 Kavyashree Poetry that has good characters
21 Kayra Peaceful; Unique
22 Keisha Name of a flower
23 Kenisha Means beautiful life
24 Kennedy Refers to armoured head
25 Kesha Refers to hair
26 Keyanna One who lives life with grace
27 Keyara Name of a river
28 Khadija Name of prophet Muhammad’s first wife
29 Khloe Blossoming
30 Khusali One who brings joy to others
31 Khushika Happiness
32 Kiah A new beginning
33 Kiely Garden of flowers
34 Kimaayra Refers to the golden moon
35 Kimi Refers to a beautiful story
36 Kinaaz Princess
37 Kinsley It refers to king’s meadow; Royal
38 Kirati Epithet of Goddess Durga
39 Kirishika One who is kind and happy
40 Kiva Beautiful; Shelter
41 Klaudia Lame
42 Komal Tender; Compassionate
43 Kourtney Belongs from the King’s Court
44 Krishna Attractive; Lord Krishna
45 Krishti Refers to culture
46 Kristina One who follows Jesus Christ
47 Krithi Work of art
48 Krishnavi Dear to lord Krishna
49 Kylie Means boomerang
50 Kyna One who is intelligent

50 Modern Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With K

50 Modern Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With K

Are you a twenty-first century parent who is in dire search for modern Indian girl names starting with K? Below mentioned are 50 such names with their respective meanings.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Kaalaka Epithet of Goddess Durga
2 Kaami Perfect; Whole
3 Kaandhal Attractive
4 Kaashvi Unique
5 Kabutari Pigeon
6 Kadira One who is strong and powerful
7 Kadyn Fighter
8 Kaelin Pure
9 Kahr Refers to disaster
10 Kailashi The home of Lord Shiva
11 Kaileshwari Goddess of Water
12 Kajalsri Eyeliner
13 Kajel Beauty
14 Kakalee The glow of lamp
15 Kaksha Flower
16 Kalapini Peacock
17 Kaliga Name of a place
18 Kalima Refers to Goddess Kali
19 Kamilaa Perfect; Whole
20 Kamsa Means shy
21 Kancy Honest
22 Kanyaka Other name for Goddess Durga
23 Kanzah Treasure
24 Karthika Refers to the sun rise
25 Karvari Name of Goddess Durga
26 Kashfiya Enlightenment
27 Kasmika One who is very casual
28 Katelyn Pure; Innocent
29 Kaustubha Gem of Lord Vishnu
30 Kavikuyil Sweet voice
31 Kazma Generous
32 Keosha Lovely
33 Keswita Most beautiful
34 Khanifa Refers to victory
35 Khansi A treasure
36 Kifayah Contentment
37 Kilimali Pleasing voice
38 Kinkini Anklet bells
39 Kinnary Goddess of Wealth
40 Kinthusa Submissive
41 Kizra Fresh and Green
42 Krina Beautiful
43 Krishiva Combined names ofLord Krishna and Shiva
44 Krupal One who rules the world
45 Krupitha Blessed
46 Kunalika The cuckoo bird
47 Kundhana The beautiful one
48 Kurangi Deer
49 Kuvira A courageous woman
50 Kuyil Sweet voice like the cuckoo bird

60 Tamil Girl Baby Names Starting With K

60 Tamil Girl Baby Names Starting With KAre you looking for Tamil baby names for your little pen ? Below listed are 60 Tamil girl baby names starting with K. These names are arranged in alphabetical order for easier accessibility. One can choose according to the meanings they want to imbibe in their baby girl.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Kaanapriya One who loves to sings
2 Kaarmika Black beauty; the dark skinned one
3 Kaarmugil Refers to dark cloud
4 Kaavanya One who protects others
5 Kaaveri One of the major rivers of Southern India
6 Kaaviyashree One whose motion is like poetry
7 Kadalnila The Moon that is visible just above the sea
8 Kaethana Another nae for Goddess Lakshmi
9 Kaikeyi Mother of Bharatham in the epic Ramayanam
10 Kalaikodai A gifted person with great artistic abilities
11 Kalaimahal Another name for Goddess Saraswati
12 Kalainila The Moon
13 Kalaipollil A person who deeply admires art
14 Kalaiponmathi One who has artistic talents; also refers to artistic golden moon
15 Kalaiponolli Valuable; Talented; Refers to artistic golden rays
16 Kalaiputhalvi An artistic daughter
17 Kalaithendral Refers to artistic breeze
18 Kalvikathir An educated person’s rays
19 Kamali Means lotus
20 Kamatchi Another name of Goddess Parvathi
21 Kamini A beautiful woman
22 Kamshani Goddess Shakti
23 Kaniamuthu A person with sweet personality
24 Kanimalar A sweet like flower
25 Kanimathi One who is knowledgeable and experienced
26 Kaniyamuthu One who feeds the poor; Has a kind personality
27 Kannila One who has moon like eyes
28 Kannmani One with precious eyes; Loving in nature
29 Karukullali Person with dark and beautiful black hair
30 Karunkuzhali One who has dark colored hair
31 Kasthoori Deer musk
32 Kavi Refers to poet; A wise person
33 Kaviarasi The queen of music
34 Kavimalar A flower like poem
35 Kavivalli One who is talented in poetry
36 Kaviyaazhini One who is expert in writing poems and verses
37 Kaviyana An epic woman
38 Kaviyanka One who loves to sings
39 Kayal A type of fish; One with beautiful eyes
40 Kayalvizi One who has beautiful eyes like that of a fish
41 Keeranya Refers to glory
42 Khavinaya One who uses poems to express their true feelings
43 Killi Parrot
44 Kodi malar Refers to a flower like figure
45 Kosalai The mother of Lord Rama in the mythology Ramayanam
46 Koushika Epithet of Goddess Parvathi
47 Kullali Refers to womens hair
48 Kumuthavalli A type of flower
49 Kunthi Wife of King Pandu and Queen of Hasthinapuram in Mahabharatham
50 Kurinji A flower that blooms once in 12 years
51 Kamu A girl
52 Kamul Refers to a flower
53 Kamshani The goddess of desire
54 Kampana Means unsteady
55 Kammu A young woman
56 Kamalkali The bud of lotus flower
57 Kameshwari One who is lucky
58 Kameesha The goddess of desire
59 Kamdhenu Name of a holy cow
60 Kamalla Light red colour

70 Baby Girl Names In Kannada Starting With K

Listed below are 70 baby girl names in Kannada starting with K. Some hold mythological meanings and have deeper meanings whereas some are names close to nature.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Kaali A form of Goddess Durga
2 Kaasni A bird; Pigeon
3 Kadambari Epithet of Goddess Saraswathi
4 Kadambini An array of clouds
5 Kaia Stability
6 Kaishori Other name of Goddess Parvati
7 Kajari Light as the clouds
8 Kakali The chirping of birds
9 Kaksi Means fragrant; Perfume
10 Kala Refers to art
11 Kalakarni One who is talented in arts
12 Kalapini A beautiful Peacock
13 Kalavati Creative mind; Full of qualities
14 Kalima Refers to black beauty
15 Kalindi Refers to the river Yamuna
16 Kalini A gorgeous girl
17 Kalpitha One who inspires others
18 Kalya A pleasing personality
19 Kalyani Fortunate and auspicious
20 Kamakshi Name of a Goddess
21 Kamakya Name of a Goddess
22 Kamala Lotus; Very beautiful
23 Kamalasambhava Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
24 Kamalika Lotus flower
25 Kamalini Name of a flower
26 Kamana One’s desire
27 Kameshvari Name of Goddess Parvathi
28 Kamika Means desired
29 Kamitha Loved; Desired
30 Kamleshwari Epithet of Goddess Lakshmi
31 Kampana Tremble; Inconsistent thought
32 Kanaka Name of a flower
33 Kanaka A single grain
34 Kanakabati A fairy like tale
35 Kananbala Apsara of the forest
36 Kanasu A dream
37 Kandhala One who looks attractive
38 Kanira That which is very precious
39 Kanitha Beautiful eyes
40 Kanjari Name of a bird
41 Kanjri Name of a bird
42 Kankana An ornament
43 Kansha Desire; Wish
44 Kanushi One who is loved by all
45 Kashmi Universal
46 Kashvi Means blooming
47 Katina That which is not easy; Unsullied
48 Kavitha An ode
49 Kaviya An ode
50 Kavni A short poem
51 Kayalvili One who has beautiful eyes like fish
52 Kenga Name of a river
53 Keshini A lady with beautiful long hair
54 Keshori Young girl
55 Ketika Refers to a talented girl
56 Khevna A wish
57 Kiana Divine
58 Kirthi Refers to the eternal flame
59 Kowsika Unique personality
60 Koyela Name of a bird
61 Krandasi Refers to the Sky and the Earth
62 Krisika Means prosperity
63 Krithya A girl having pleasant personality
64 Krittika Brilliant
65 Krupasankari Name of a Hindu Goddess
66 Kruti One who has a innovative mind
67 Ksema One who protect others
68 Kshanaprabha The morning Sun’s brightness
69 Ksheeraja Epithet of Goddess Lakshmi
70 Kshithi Means world

50 Baby Girl Names Starting With K in Telugu

50 Baby Girl Names Starting With K In TeluguTelugu names are often traditional in nature and hold strong yet powerful meanings. Parents can choose from 50 Baby girl names starting with K in Telugu.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Kaahini Spirited; Youthful
2 Kaamada A gentle personality
3 Kaamiya A capable and beautiful woman
4 Kaamodi Excited
5 Kaanchana Wealth; Gold
6 Kaanchi A brilliant personality
7 Kaanta Bright; Beautifu;; Radiant
8 Kaanuka A gift
9 Kaarthisha Bright; Glowing
10 Kaarunya Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
11 Kaashi A devotional place
12 Kaashvi Glowing and shiny in nature
13 Kaavya Refers to poetry
14 Kaira One who is peace loving and unique
15 Kairavi Refers to moonlight
16 Kajal Soot; Eyeliner
17 Kajorina Epithet of Goddess Parvati
18 Kajri That which is light as a cloud
19 Kakoli The preaching of a bird
20 Kalaivani The epithet of Goddess Saraswati
21 Kalavathy Another name of Goddess Saraswati
22 Kalpita Imagined; Fantasy
23 Kama Golden one; Love
24 Kamakshee Another name for Goddess Parvathi
25 Kanan A garden
26 Kanchanamala Garland made of gold
27 Kani A girl
28 Kareshma A Miracle
29 Karina Innocent; Gentle; Pure
30 Karpura Camphor
31 Kashika Bright; Shiny
32 Kavini One who can recite beautiful poems
33 Keertika A person with fame and glory
34 Keesha Refers to immense joy
35 Keshika A lady with beautiful hair
36 Keva One who is beautiful and fair
37 Keya Name of A monsoon flower
38 Kinjal Refers to river bank
39 Kiranmai Light
40 Kiranmayli Refers to light
41 Kiya A bird’s cooing
42 Komali Delicate; Tender
43 Krishanthi Name of a flower
44 Kritu Graceful
45 Kruttika Peacock
46 Kshipa Night time
47 Kushagri One who is intelligent
48 Kusmitha Flowers that have blossomed
49 Kyathi Recognition; Fame
50 Kyra Refers to Lord; Sun

60 Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With K in Sanskrit

A name becomes a permanent identity of a person in society. Thus one should take time in selecting a name for their girl child. We have mentioned 60 Indian baby girl names starting with K in Sanskrit for parents to choose from.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Kadali Refers to banana tree
2 Kairavini One who is born from the water; Lotus flower
3 Kairvi Refers to moonlight
4 Kakshi One who belongs to the jungle; Has earthy fragrance
5 Kalamala A person with garland of fine arts
6 Kamakanta Jasmine flower; The beloved of Kama
7 Kamaksi Having big eyes
8 Kamalah Born from the lotus; Also refers to garden
9 Kamalakshi Lotus like eyes
10 Kamalalaya Beautiful and blissful
11 Kamaniya Endearing and Desirable
12 Kameshi The goddess of desire
13 Kamma Who is desired and is lovable
14 Kanakalata The golden vine
15 Kanakavalli The golden creeper
16 Kanana Grove; Forest
17 Kanina The Little Finger; Youthful personality
18 Kanita Iris of the eye
19 Kankawi Gold
20 Kankawi A wish
21 Kannika Name of a flower
22 Kantimati Beautiful
23 Kanyaa Daughter
24 Kanyakumari A place in southern India, The eternal virgin
25 Kanyaratna A Maiden Jewel
26 Kapardinee One with Matted Locks
27 Karana The cause or reason
28 Karayitri Means Causative
29 Karenumati A female elephant
30 Karpani Refers to happiness
31 Karunavati Compassionate towards others
32 Kastha The Path of the Wind
33 Kavali A bangle
34 Kavyalola One who is fond of poetry
35 Kenati Another name of Rati
36 Kevalini The absolute one
37 Khecheri One who can fly
38 Kotisri The goddess of millions
39 Kripadhara One who bears mercy
40 Kripamayi A compassionate lady
41 Krishnapriya Favourite of Lord Krishna
42 Krishnaveni A lady with black braided hair
43 Krisla Another name for Lord Krishna’s sister Subhadra
44 Krushti Refers to God
45 Kundalini One with coils
46 Kunjalata Type of a forest creeper
47 Kushalini Happiness
48 Kusumaa A blossomed flower
49 Kusumavati Flowering
50 Kshetra A place
51 Kajali Means collyrium
52 Kunti Mother of the Pandavas
53 Kundha Fragrance of Jasmine
54 Kushala Lucky girl
55 Karka Crab
56 Karnapriya One who makes others listen to sweet things
57 Karuli Childish
58 Karunamayee One with a kind heart
59 Kashika One who gleams like a star
60 Kashwini One who can dazzle like the star

60 Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With K

Here we have listed 60 unique girl names that start with K. The names are arranged in alphabetical order for easier understanding. These unique names hold immense values and thus can be a great choice for new parents.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Kadiatou A child born prematurely
2 Kaia Refers to Sea or a Pure Life
3 Kaipo Sweetheart
4 Kalani Heavens
5 Kali Name of a Hindu Goddess
6 Kalisha Refers to a lucky woman
7 Kaliyah One who is beloved; Sweetheart; Noble
8 Kallistrate A beautiful army
9 Kamaria Refers to the Moon
10 Kamila A perfect one
11 Kamon Refers to the Heart and the Mind
12 Kandake Refers to the queen mother
13 Kantuta Name of a flower
14 Kapka A droplet
15 Kate Pure
16 Katniss Name of an aquatic plant
17 Kaushika Another name for Goddess Durga
18 Kavinaya A good soul
19 Kayana Pure
20 Kayla Fair and Slim
21 Kaylee A traditional gathering and dance form in Gaelic
22 Kayna Rebel
23 Keanu Cool breeze
24 Kehlani Refer to sky or the heaven
25 Kelila The crown of Laurel
26 Kendall Valley formed on the river Kent
27 Kendra Center of something
28 Kennedy Refers to armoured head
29 Kensley Refers to the valley of the spring
30 Kenya Name of a country in Africa
31 Kenzie Means Fair
32 Keren Hope’ Ray of Light
33 Kesar Refers to saffron
34 Keshet Lovely; Colourful
35 Keshiya One who is preferred by everyone
36 Keziah Means cinnamon
37 Khaivya Lucky
38 Khloe Blossoming
39 Khyati Fame
40 Kimberly That which comes from the royal forest’s wood
41 Kincso A treasure
42 Kineret Refers to the instrument, harp
43 Kinju A calm river
44 Kinsley It refers to king’s meadow; Royal
45 Kira Young; Lovely
46 Kiranmala Garland full of light
47 Kiranya A girl with good luck
48 Kirtmalini Brightness of a lamp
49 Kiruba One is blessed with god’s grace
50 Kitty A group of people
51 Klara Famous and Bright
52 Kolleen A young woman
53 Konstanze One who has a constant in her nature
54 Kora A musical instrument in West Africa
55 Krishi Refers to agriculture
56 Kunisha The cuckoo bird
57 Kunjana Refers to a forest girl
58 Kuntala A girl with beautiful hair
59 Kusha Talented
60 Kuvira Courageous lady

50 Common Girl Names That Start With K

50 Common Girl Names That Start With K

Are you looking for common girl names that start with K? Then here is 50 of them for you to choose from. Some of these names are close to nature whereas some hold religious values and are named after different goddesses.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Kaberi Full of water
2 Kajamukhi Refers to Lord Ganesha
3 Kajol Variant of Kajal
4 Kajori Goddess Durga
5 Kakarav Voice of bird
6 Kakon Insect
7 Kalabjari Epithet of Goddess Durga
8 Kalakarni One with black eyes
9 Kalash Refers to a water pot
10 Kalinda Refers to the Sea
11 Kalka Other Name for Goddess Durga
12 Kalpana Imagination; Fancy; Dream
13 Kamalavati Like lotus flower
14 Kamalinee Lotus flower
15 Kamalaja Born from the lotus
16 Kamyarshi Beautiful
17 Kanaga Means gold
18 Kangkana A young girl wearing bangles
19 Kapalini Epithet of Goddess Durga
20 Kapardini A goddess
21 Kapila A Sacred cow
22 Karalika Epithet of Goddess Durga
23 Karishna Honest
24 Kashmira Beautiful like Kashmir
25 Kashyapi Earth
26 Katyani Epithet of Goddess Durga
27 Kaumudi Moon’s light
28 Kaustuki Epithet of Goddess Durga
29 Kavera Another name of Goddess Durga
30 Kavita A poem
31 Keerat One who sings for the god
32 Keli Dark form
33 Kena Refers to a beautiful monsoon flower
34 Kerani Refers to sacred bells
35 Keyuri A bangle
36 Khadgini Epithet of Goddess Durga
37 Kshiraja Another name of Goddess Durga
38 Khushi Refers to happiness
39 Khushpreet One who has a delightful personality
40 Khwaish WIsh
41 Kiashvi Another name of Goddess Durga
42 Kinsi Honourable
43 Kishori Girl
44 Kripa Means grace
45 Kritu Grace
46 Krupali One who forgives others
47 Kshirja Goddess Lakshmi
48 Kuja Goddess Durga
49 Kundalini A bunch of jasmine flower
50 Kusumita Flowering

50 Cute and Pretty Girl Names That Start With K

Now choosing a cute and pretty girl name that starts with K becomes easier. We have mentioned 50 of them in alphabetical order. These names are not from any religion or culture specific and can be used by all parents.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Kaivalya Solitude; Isolation; Detachment
2 Kanchi Radiant personality
3 Kandarpa Cupid
4 Kanti Refers to lustre
5 Kaprisha One’s whim
6 Karishma A miracle
7 Kashish Attraction
8 Kaur Refers to princess in Punjabi culture
9 Kavishri Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
10 Kavya Refers to poem, poetry
11 Kavyanjali One who offers poetry
12 Kavyata Refers to poetess
13 Keerthana Devotional songs
14 Keshvi Name of Goddess Radha
15 Ketaki A flower
16 Kethana Home; Abode
17 Khaira Charitable
18 Khanak The sound of bangles
19 Kiara One with dark complexion
20 Kiku Name of a flower
21 Kimaya Divine in nature
22 Kiranmayi Full of light
23 Kirti Refers to fame
24 Kokila Nightingale bird
25 Koshika Refers to a small cage
26 Kripalini Compassionate towards others
27 Kripi Beautiful
28 Kripita Merciful
29 Krisha Divine personality
30 Kriti Creation
31 Kritika Name of a star
32 Kritiksha Compassionate towards others
33 Kriyanshi One who is action oriented
34 Kshama Forgiveness
35 Kshamya The Earth
36 Kshanika That which is momentary
37 Kshipra Quick, Swift movement
38 Kshiti Refers to Earth
39 Kuhu Sweet note of a bird
40 Kuhuk Sweet note of Koel bird
41 Kujira Whale
42 Kumud Other name of lotus flower
43 Kumutha One with a kind heart
44 Kunda The jasmine flower
45 Kundanika The golden girl
46 Kunika A flower
47 Kunjal Other name for Cuckoo bird
48 Kunjal Refers to overgrown trees
49 Kurinji Unique; Special
50 Kushali Clever

Choosing a name with the letter K is not difficult if you keep in mind the attributes you want to see in your child. According to numerology and astrology there are certain inborn qualities the child possesses and some are gained through life experiences. Since naming is a one time task so it’s best you go through the meanings carefully and then go ahead with the one that best suits your little princess.


1. Which Baby Girl Names Starting With K Have Nature-Inspired Meanings?

Names close to nature often hold special preference among parents. Baby girl names that start with K and are nature inspired are as follows:- Kakshi, Kashyapi, Ksita, Krandasi, Kshyama and Kehlani.

2. What Is So Special About Names That Start With K?

Names starting K are often creative and love music and art. They are peace loving and are pure in nature. They often shine most in the creative field.

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