Top 500 Baby Girl Names That Start With O 

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Tarasha Chandra

First photo session newborn baby. newborn. the child lies on a purple blanket Name is an important aspect of life. This is the reason that parents are very careful when it comes to deciding on a name for the baby. The name does not signify using any letter or grouping letters to form a word for them. A lot depends on their positioning and meaning as well. Across cultures, a naming ceremony is an important one and there are different ways to celebrate the same. Some follow astrological significance and yet others believe in numerology as per the date and time of birth. So, it affects the person for life and his personality. If you are searching for a name that starts with O, then this article that has top baby girl names that start with O is just for you. 

The name offers a good insight into one’s personality, dreams, goals, ambitions, etc. Below we are discussing baby girl names from all the cultures that begin with O. However, numerology states O is one of the most influential and powerful letters in the English alphabet series. It indicates number six which is for “mother”, a lady who cares and offers immense love, protection, and confidence, a nurturer to all.  Another reason why the girls whose name begins with O bear all these characteristics and do not need to be taught. Read through these top baby girl names that start with O along with their meanings to find the right one for your tiny bundle of joy. 

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Top 500 Baby Girl Names That Start With O With Meanings

While O is an uncommon letter to find names with, you will be amazed to know that there are several names with fine meanings starting with O. Among the list of these 500 names, you have every choice to choose the right name for your little bundle of joy. Let’s dive in and explore these top 500 baby girl names that start with O.  

SL No Name Meaning
1 Oabaida God’s servant
2 Oach Keen
3 Oadira Charming
4 Oaisara Sword
5 Oaj High
6 Oaka From the woods
7 Oaklee Meadow of Oak trees
8 Oaklyn Beautiful Oak
9 Oalisa Sociable
10 Oamra Fascinating
11 Oana Light full of charm
12 Oanez Chaste
13 Oasis Peaceful
14 Oba An ancient River
15 Obaidiyah Follower of God
16 Obara Small Plain
17 Obelia Fascinating
18 Obelie Pointed Pillar
19 Obharnait Color of Olive
20 Obiageli Born into wealth
21 Obil The one who weeps
22 Obilesh Lord Narsimha
23 Obinta White Sky
24 Obioma One who can win with her charm
25 Oca Splendour of the charming queen
26 Oceania Loves the Ocean
27 Och Sparkle
28 Ocheckka Affection
29 Ocie Virtuous girl
30 Octavia Gentle lady who helps others
31 Od Star
32 Oda Spreading faith
33 Odaka Apple Flavour
34 Odalia Wealthy One
35 Odalis Drawn from
36 Odanada Famous
37 Odaniya Anklet
38 Odathi Refreshing
39 Odda Complete by all means
40 Oddlaug derived of water
41 Oddny Chosen or preferred one
42 Oddrun The chosen one
43 Oddveig Moksha
44 Odeda Marked by Joy
45 Odede Strong
46 Odela Follower of Narayan
47 Odelet Little Singer
48 Odelette The guardian of the mankind
49 Odelia The Lord of mankind
50 Odelinda Little Wealthy One
51 Odella Wood Hill
52 Odera Gold
53 Odessa Wrathful
54 Odeta Blue sea
55 Odette Wealth
56 Odeya Thanking God
57 Odierna A clever and nurturing human being
58 Odika Anklet
59 Odila Name of Lord Vishnu
60 Odile A girl who follows the right path
61 Odilia The divine Laxmi
62 Odina Impassiveness
63 Odine Inspiration
64 Oditi Dawn
65 Odolina Like the blossom or the pomegranate
66 Odoti Dawn
67 Odval Chrysanthemum Flower
68 Odysseia Wrathful
69 Odzonta Sunrise
70 Oenone Defender of the confidence
71 Oeshi God’s precious gift
72 Ofelia One who supports others as friend
73 Ofilia Shield of the trust
74 Ofira Soft and mind blowing
75 Ofra Soft flow of air
76 Ofrat Fawn
77 Ogechi A fresh ending to a contest
78 Oghavati A rapidly flowing stream
79 Ogin Wild Rose
80 Ognyana Fiery
81 Ohana A person who guides or inspires others
82 Oharagi Small
83 Ohawna God’s gracious gift
84 Ohda Responsibility
85 Ohelah The one with pretty, sweet, and cute eyes
86 Ohi Message
87 Ohileshwari Queen of God
88 Ohma Linssed Flower
89 Ohnicio Honour
90 Ohona The beginning of day
91 Ohtli Road
92 Oighrig Well Spoken
93 Oihane Blossoming little girl
94 Oikantika Noble person
95 Oilell A mythical queen
96 Oindrila Another name for wife of Indra
97 Oisha Shy
98 Oishani Goddess Durga
99 Oishi Divine
100 Oishika Divine
101 Oishiki God related
102 Oishimaya No evil within
103 Oishini Goddess Lakshmi
104 Oishree Organised
105 Oishyariya Wild beautiful goose
106 Oistin Venerable
107 Oitree The light
108 Oja Vitality
109 Ojabala Having Power
110 Ojal Vision
111 Ojasa Splendour
112 Ojashvi Bright, Glow
113 Ojashwani Lustrous
114 Ojasini Energetic
115 Ojaswati Full of Brightness
116 Ojaswi Bright
117 Ojaswita Bright
118 Ojayati Vitality
119 Ojayita One who behaves in a courageous manner
120 Ojeeta Born in the month of falgun
121 Ojia Immortal
122 Ojla Opulent
123 Ojmana Speedy
124 Ojobala Having power
125 Ojvi Brave
126 Okalani Protector of nobility
127 Okame One with a round face
128 Okemia Mercy or pity
129 Oketa Orchid
130 Oki Master of all
131 Okibira Excellent
132 Okimi The bright shining light
133 Okino Young and peaceful
134 Okiri Pursue
135 Okise Deep and profound
136 Oksana Bright Light
137 Ola A bright and pleasant shining light
138 Olabisi Brings Joy
139 Olaia The person with many success
140 Olalla The person with positive qualities
141 Olana Spiritual
142 Olaniyi Glory in wealth
143 Olathe Beautiful
144 Olaug The destroyer
145 Olayinka surrounded by wealth
146 Oldwina Blue
147 Oleda The special skill for the highest almighty God.
148 Oleksandra Protector of men
149 Olena Glow
150 Olencia Blinking of an eye
151 Olene Fortune
152 Olesia The person with regards to speech, manner, and behaviour
153 Oleta Humbleness and fondness
154 Oletha One marked by simplicity
155 Olethea Honest
156 Olette Humble spotlight
157 Olevia Representing peace
158 Olexa One who defends mankind
159 Olga Holy light
160 Oli The olive plant of tree
161 Olia Holy
162 Oliana An ornamental poisonous scrub
163 Olibhe Olive tree
164 Olicia Of Noble Kin
165 Oligana One who is appreciative and beloved
166 Olikodi Brilliant
167 Olimani Brilliant
168 Olimpias The one who shines
169 Olina Joyous
170 Olinda The one with a sweet smell
171 Oline merry or jolly
172 Olinia Immaculate and refreshing
173 Olinka A patient, strong willed person
174 Olipirai Bright Crescent
175 Olirmathi Powerful
176 Olisa Combination of Elisa and Olivia
177 Olita The one who is able to fly anywhere
178 Olithia Honest
179 Olivia Olive tree
180 Olivija Olive tree
181 Oliyarasi Brilliant
182 Olja Sacred
183 Olka Country
184 Olla Precious
185 Ollie Symbol of peace
186 Olma Nourishing
187 Olonia Optimistic
188 Olta Great mind
189 Oluchi Work of God
190 Olume Love
191 Oluremi Consoled by God
192 Olwen The owner of white footprints
193 Olya A sacred spirit
194 Olympe Olympian
195 Olyssia one who protects the mankind
196 Om Prabha Radiance
197 Oma Life Giver
198 Omahara Prospering
199 Omaima Little Princess
200 Omaira Awesome
201 Omaiza Soft-hearted
202 Omaja A result of spiritual unity
203 Omakshi Auspicious
204 Omal Tender
205 Omala Earth
206 Omana Tender
207 Omarosa My beautiful child
208 Omarpreet Live Long
209 Omat Colour of Olive
210 Omayda Beautiful and sweet
211 Omayra Long life
212 Omeed Hope
213 Omeera Wonder
214 Omega End
215 Omeira Long life
216 Omema The one with delightful eyes
217 Omera Having positive attitude
218 Omette Cedar tree
219 Omi Om Sai
220 Omid Hope
221 Omida Hope
222 Omideh Hope
223 Omie Wonderful girl
224 Omika God’s gift
225 Omila Protector
226 Omina Wisdom
227 Ominotago Beautiful Voice
228 Omira Little Mary
229 Omisa Goddess of Birth
230 Omita Precious Pearl
231 Omja Born of Cosmic Unity
232 Omkareshwari Goddess Parvati
233 Omkari Goddess Parvati
234 Ommata Girl Slave
235 Omna Obedient
236 Omnavi Love
237 Omnia Desire
238 Omnidhi Divine treasure
239 Omoria Honour
240 Omorose Beautiful Child
241 Omrita Beautiful Girl
242 Omusupe Precious
243 Omvati Sacred
244 Omya Knowledge
245 Omyawati Favourable
246 Omysha The one who is smiling always
247 On choi Gracefulness
248 Ona Full of grace
249 Onaedo Gold
250 Onaifa Dignified
251 Onako God’s timing
252 Onalika Bright
253 Onampreet Always spread love
254 Onania A glow of red diamond
255 Onari Dignity, integrity
256 Onatah Third platenet from the sun, Earth
257 Onawa Excessive Attentiveness
258 Onayama Tiny
259 Onaysa Good companion
260 Ondina Tiny waves in the large ocean
261 Ondrea Strong and courageous
262 Ondrila Name of Lord Indra’s wife
263 Ondyne Little Wave
264 Ondzoli Prince of Lord Shiva
265 Oneekah Special Gift
266 Oneida Uprightstone
267 Onella Light
268 Oneta Favourable
269 Ongela The one who gets good news from heaven
270 Oni Shelter
271 Onida One who is searched for
272 Onidipa Insane
273 Onie The one who is born divinely
274 Onika A courageous soldier
275 Onikae Gem
276 Onima Analysis
277 Onisa God’s precious gift
278 Onisha Lord of the mind
279 Onjolee Offering
280 Onkarjeet Victory in the name of God
281 Onkarjot Light of God’s name
282 Onkarpreet Love of the creator
283 Ono Strength
284 Onora The one who deserves integrity
285 Onsiyah Calm, cool
286 Ontibile God is watching over me
287 Onuly Dreamy one
288 Onvi Complete
289 Onwesha In search of knowledge
290 Onycha The one with beautiful eyes
291 Onyda Long awaited
292 Ooanez Holy
293 Oodira Charming
294 Ooghavati Woman
295 Ooha Dream
296 Ooisara Empress
297 Ooma Tranquility
298 Oomiya Beautiful
299 Oona The universal one
300 Oonagh Hunger
301 Oonah Holy
302 Oopajal Reside
303 Oorja Energy
304 Oorjaswati Daughter of king Piyaravat
305 Oorjitha Powerful
306 Oormi The waves of water
307 Oormika Wave
308 Oormila Daughter of King Janaka and Mithila
309 Oorvasi Rise
310 Oorvi Earth
311 Oosma Warmth
312 Oovya Artistic
313 Ooyu Rainbow
314 Opa Nocturnal
315 Opal Gemstone
316 Opalina Jewel
317 Opall Flower
318 Opame Infinite Light
319 Oparna Goddess Parvati
320 Opeli Gem
321 Ophelia The one who is ready to help
322 Ophia Precious person
323 Ophira Like Gold
324 Ophni Wearisomeness
325 Opinder Near to God
326 Oppilaa Unique
327 Oprah Lord is my light
328 Ops Goddess of Plenty
329 Ora Of Esteem honour
330 Orabel Beautiful Seacoast
331 Orabela Stunning and beautiful
332 Orabelle Sea coast
333 Oracula Divine message
334 Orah The Lord is my light
335 Oraibia Keen
336 Oraida Eloquent
337 Orail Shiny
338 Oraina Valuable Girl Child
339 Oralee My light
340 Oralia Light
341 Oran Queen
342 Orana Moon
343 Orane Rising
344 Orania One who is like Gold
345 Oratia Place of Long-lingering sun
346 Orawin Gracious and poised
347 Orazia The one who is watching the time period
348 Orbella Prayerful
349 Orbona Protector
350 Orchi Sunrise
351 Orchika Worshipper
352 Orda Social and strong willed
353 Ordella Spear
354 Oreeda Beloved
355 Oreekha Affectionate Personality
356 Oreel Shining
357 Oreen From the pine tree
358 Orela God’s announcement
359 Orenda Magic power
360 Orengia Sweetness and sourness of Orange
361 Oreolle Golden
362 Oretha Excellence
363 Orette Excellence
364 Orfea Beautiful Voice
365 Orflath Gold Princess
366 Oria From the mountains
367 Orial Golden
368 Oriana The precious and valuable one
369 Oriane Golden
370 Oriantha From the land
371 Orianthi A beautiful flower
372 Oribella Beautiful Golden Child
373 Oriella Golden
374 Orin Flower
375 Orina Untouched
376 Orinda Gold
377 Orindita Flower
378 Orinthia Fair
379 Oriolle Golden
380 Orit Light
381 Orja Energy
382 Orkideh Orchid
383 Orla Gold- princess
384 Orlagh Princess
385 Orlaith Golden , Princess
386 Orlanda Master of all
387 Orlene Gold Princess
388 Orna Spark of the world
389 Ornait Lady
390 Ornan That rejoices
391 Orni Sparkling
392 Ornice Godly brightness
393 Oroni One that came before
394 Orpah Fawn
395 Orpita Offering
396 Orquidea Pleasurable
397 Orra Pray
398 Orrtha Charm
399 Orsina Bear
400 Orsola Little She-bear
401 Orsolya Young tiny female bear
402 Orthy Wealthy Person
403 Orub Devoted
404 Orugle Graceful one
405 Orundhoti Star
406 Orush Throne
407 Orva Golden treasure
408 Orvokki Large, flowered garden
409 Orwina Friend
410 Orwiya Female Mountain goat
411 Orya Light
412 Oryna Peace
413 Orynko Peace
414 Orzah Competent
415 Orzala Brightness of Fire
416 Orzora God’s strength
417 Osa Closer to God
418 Osadhi Herbs
419 Osana Healthy and Prosperous
420 Osanna To Pray
421 Osburga Name of a Queen
422 Oseye Happy one
423 Osha Shining
424 Oshana Palm tree
425 Oshea Child of Shea
426 Oshee Divine
427 Osheen Bright
428 Oshika Limitless
429 Oshma Luminous
430 Oshmi Personality
431 Oshna Warm
432 Oshopriya Brave
433 Osiana Young Deer
434 Ositha Idealistic and strong
435 Oskie Gold
436 Osla One who came from steep place
437 Osmanna Name of a saint
438 Osnat Belonging to God
439 Osnit Deer
440 Osoka Oak Tree
441 Ossenna Happy and versatile
442 Ossi Strong willed person
443 Ostara German Goddess
444 Ostryth Responsible person
445 Oswalda God’s power
446 Otelia Strong willed person
447 Otha Little Wealthy One
448 Othelia Wealth
449 Othili Little Wealthy One
450 Otilia Patient
451 Otrera Mother of Amazons
452 Ottie Wealth
453 Ottillie Wealth
454 Otylia Rose like
455 Otzarah Wealth
456 Ouarda Red rose
457 Oudsiyya Glorious
458 Ouhood Promise
459 Oula First
460 Ouranie Heavenly
461 Oushni Bright
462 Oushnika Queen
463 Ova Happy One
464 Ovarthini Goddess Amma
465 Ovee Small Prayer
466 Ovia Quiet and simple
467 Ovireya Queen
468 Ovisha Nectar
469 Ovishree Drawing
470 Oviya Beautiful drawing
471 Oviyam Beautiful Art
472 Ovya Artist
473 Owaisy God’s companion
474 Owena Desire born
475 Owi Lines of Shloka
476 Ownah Unity
477 Owsika Name of God, Love
478 Oxana Hospitality
479 Oya Wind warrior goddess
480 Oyaina Girl with beautiful eyes
481 Oyoko Openness
482 Oyuki Snow
483 Oyun Spring
484 Oza Strength
485 Ozaifa God’s gift
486 Ozaine Intelligent and confident
487 Ozal Vision
488 Ozanka Flower
489 Ozara Treasure
490 Ozcicek Flower essence
491 Ozella A patient and loving personality
492 Ozer Giorgeous
493 Ozera Treasure
494 Ozette Large and deep lake
495 Ozga Unique
496 Ozgul Beautiful
497 Ozgur Free
498 Ozma God’s protection
499 Ozra Virgin
500 Ozza Teacher

Personality Traits Of Baby Girls Whose Name Starts With O

Baby girl lying on back

There are certain qualities that are innate as per numerological significance. Here are the personality traits for the top baby girl names that start with O.

The letter O closely relates to the number 6, which is governed by the planet which is famous for seeking knowledge, as per numerology. So the girls whose name begins with O are

  • Intelligent
  • Truthful
  • Loving and caring 
  • Charming 
  • Benevolent
  • Helpful 
  • Determined 
  • Worried about other’s well-being 
  • With charismatic personality
  • Are kind to others.
  • They love to interact with only those they wish to.
  • Great sense of hospitability.

The only negative quality is that they can get a little dramatic to get their work done.

Numerological Significance to Name a Baby Girl With O

As per numerology, the first letter in a baby’s name helps in understanding the potential they possess. And the placement of all letters in a name can even make the parents aware of all the problems and successes they get in life. Some other significant features are

  • Letter O has strong and positive vibrations.
  • Naming the baby with O offers an inner power, such babies become brave courageous, and just to all.
  • They are determined and can acquire what they wish for.
  • They have a spiritual factor attached to them.
  • They are great mediators and can put across their viewpoints clearly.
  • They are trustworthy and balanced in life.

Thus, it is good to offer a beautiful beginning for the baby by deciding on a name that enlightens the positive attributes. A name is something that offers recognition to the baby, so it is best to thoroughly understand its significance and then decide on one. Numerology offers great insight, so it is good to follow for a better understanding. 

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