Newborn Week 1

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Well, Muma, Big Congratulations!! Finally those numerous weeks have paid off; the little angel is out of your belly into your arms! Big moment, oh yeah! Though along with the little angel, you have other unwelcomed visitors like soreness, aches and pains, exhaustion, leakages and tiredness, do not worry yourself out. These are temporary signs and are on their way to exit. In the midst of all the blues, just remember that this is going to pass with time.

Your baby is also getting used to the new home, and is very tired of the testing experience he just had squeezing his way out of a birth canal, so you’d find him sleeping most the times. Infact, new born babies stay awake for only 10% of their time, and then they stay awake when you may least want it (fact!). You should have gotten handy on breastfeeding your baby by now, and try to get on more and more rest.

Your Baby:

No, not the picture perfect cherub as yet, since the baby has had a hard time coming out of you. A flattened nose, puffy eyes, a cone shaped head (if you’d been in labor for long) and swollen genitals are some of the signs of the struggle he’s been through. And you thought, it was only you! Some babies are born with a fine layer of hair, the lanugo, which will also disappear in a few days or weeks. The umbilical cord stump is going to be there for a week or two, and then will fall off. Babies also drop 7-10% of their birth weight due to loss in fluids, which is not a concern as he will gain it further in the coming week.

He doesn’t stretch? Well, being inside your womb for 9 months, he is curled up still, and will stretch his arms and legs in the coming weeks. He needs to be fed, and diapers need to be changed every now and then. He can see you only if you are close by – around 8 to 12 inches. He knows you are there for him, and will let out cries for almost every need, or discomfort, and it will be some time before you can decode the sounds. Sponge baths, nicely and warmly done are good for the baby, and frequent cleaning of the bottoms, face and neck is a must.

Jaundice is to be watched out for, consult your doctor if you think he’s yellowish than birth.

You, Mama

Recover. Whether you have had a C section or a vaginal delivery, your body has just been through major changes and you are exhausted. The breasts are large, and breastfeeding a huge task. Remind yourself it is good for both you and the baby. You will be changing sanitary pads more often, and it might pain bad while peeing. You will have soreness, and it will be there for a few more days. Sleep, when the little one is asleep, and get yourself plenty of rest. You might be feeling hungry all the time, its natural since the body is recovering and you are meeting the feeding demands of the little one. Have fibre rich food to beat constipation, if it hurts too much during feeding, call for a lactation expert, give rest to worries, and be relieved, he is all yours.

Eat well, take a hot shower while the baby’s asleep, and though you seem to be looking at all the fascinating faces and expressions the little one makes, and can’t stop touching those tiny fingers and the feet, mark our words, this is just the onset of a beautiful journey, Motherhood.

P.S.: We hope you have already clicked some pictures and have some videos ready! Time running out fast, hon, make sure you have plenty of beautiful memories stored away!

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