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The Baby : Week 2

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Baby week 2

Wondering how did this little, tiny thing turn out so cute? Coming to terms with parenthood? Loving every inch of the angel? Well, yes your baby is one week old now and has probably gained the weight he lost last week. Your partner is feeling ecstatic but he’s not able to see the baby awake most of the times. We sure hope he’s around you to support and calm you, and you are constantly gazing at the baby, holding hands, (that’s pretty much he can hold right now!), and there have been a lot of photographs and a baby journal is on its way.

Your Baby:

He’s pooping, peeing, crying and hungry. He is also trying to adjust with the outside world. Just think where he is coming from: a protective residence with food supply round the clock and not a thing to disturb. He’s adjusting man! He can now focus on things 8-15 inches, and also roots for your nipple or the bottle. Make eye contact with him. His brain is developing like crazy, and he is showing signs of recognising you. He’s hungry every two to three hours, and sleeps most of the time. He cries for everything, this is the only way he knows to communicate – whether he wants to be fed, or wants to tell you he’s wet and sticky there, or he wants you to hold him and cuddle. If it’s getting on your nerves, try the age old technique, swaddling your baby. Wrap him in a soft baby blanket, to make him feel like home (like in your womb) and you may get lucky and his crying might be lesser now!

Old is, sometimes, precious than gold!

You, Mama

Still recovering, and breast feeding might be giving you jitters. Now that colostrum is out, engorgement will be giving you uncomfortable times, which will go away as your body adjusts to breastfeeding. It pains, yes, but you need to feed the baby every two to three hours. Wear a supportive nursing bra, and take a hot shower. Pat your breasts with a warm compress before feeding, and cold compresses post feeding. Keep yourself hydrated to maintain milk production (like you are a factory, huh!) and the simple technique of alternate breasts (two, thank heavens for them!). Sleep (heard that before) deprives you and nothing is fancy enough as of now, but a little time and patience and you are on your way to being a fab mother yourself. Did you make an eye to eye contact with the baby while she’s sucking, try figuring the color of her eyes, wasn’t it blue last week, how come its brown now?

P.S. The little angel is growing, and is still exhausted, that’s why he needs all the foods at such frequent intervals. Master swaddling, make peace with the baby.

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