The Nub Gender Prediction Theory

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Ever since you discover you are carrying, there is a constant curiosity within you to know whether you are going to have a boy or a girl. Apart from various myths that exist about gender prediction according to the different symptoms you experience and the various “old wives tales” that are very popular, there is a more or less scientific means to also discover accurately what the gender of your unborn baby is. If you and your spouse are quite desperate to discover what the gender of the baby is and seem really impatient to know as early as twelve weeks, nub gender prediction theory is one of the best means to find this out. Please note here that it is illegal to determine the gender of a baby in India.
Nub gender theory

What Is The Nub Gender Theory?

This theory claims to predict the gender of your unborn fetus as early as just twelve weeks. It seems all fetuses regardless of gender possess a nub shaped like a penis that is actually known as the genital tubercle. This is visible at its clearest between eleven and fourteen weeks in the genital area positioned amid the legs. It all depends on “the angle of the dangle”, which is also the other name for the nub gender theory. And even though this seems quite similar for both boys and girls, there are umpteen experts who can discover what the sex of your unborn baby is by studying this “nub”. It is quite difficult to spot the nub in an ultra sound picture and one requires a side view picture that is extremely clear and depicts the spine as well as the nub in order to predict the gender of your fetus. Even though it may be quite tough for an untrained eye to identify the nub and state the prediction, an expert can do this without any difficulty.

How Does The Nub Help To Predict The Gender Of Your Baby?

The gender of your baby depends on the angle of the nub of your fetus and also its shape and length.

  • Suppose the nub happens to be tipping upwards, in an angle not less than 30 degrees of the spine of your fetus, mostly your baby will be a male
  • On the other hand, if the nub is tipped downwards at a thirty degree angle or lies horizontally, all chances are you are carrying a girl
  • A fork like shape at the tip of the nub or genital tubercle claims that it might be a girl
  • A slight shadow at the tip on the other hand indicates the chances of your fetus being a male baby
How Accurate Is The Nub Gender Prediction Theory?

Although scientific research does not have any proof about this theory being extremely accurate to discover the sex of your baby growing inside you, it turns to be precise in majority of the cases.

  1. At about eleven weeks, the precision rate of this theory is almost 50%
  2. Twelve weeks, the accuracy of prediction is 90%
  3. Thirteen weeks, the precision of prediction is 94%

Nub gender prediction

Factors Responsible For Accuracy Of Nub Gender Prediction Theory

However, the accuracy of gender prediction depends on a lot of factors including

  1. The precision of the ultra sound taken at the prefect angle
  2. Experience of the sonographer
  3. The clarity of the picture
  4. The position of the fetus
  5. The fetus needs to be lying flat and not in any way curled up to assess the nub accurately

Although the nub gender theory does work for most people, it is advised to be patient and wait till twenty weeks to confirm whether you are expecting a boy or a girl, in countries where sex determination of the fetus is not illegal. Even if this goes wrong sometimes but if it is just for entertainment, nub gender theory would be a good bet that does mostly work out to be quite accurate in most cases. Squeeze some fun in your pregnancy with this theory.

Can I Make The Nub Gender Prediction Myself?

Although, an expert sonographer would be the best person to make an accurate prediction about the gender of your baby based on the nub, you could also give it a shot. Just make sure you tell your technician to click a perfect snap of your fetus in the desirable position that makes your prediction more accurate and simple. And now a days just surfing online will help you come across umpteen sites that tell you all you need to know about nub gender prediction and how it can be done perfectly. There are umpteen picture images in various positions of the fetus that are sure to be of great help in making your prediction.
So even though the nub gender theory may not be 100% accurate for you to begin buying pink or blue clothes for your baby or start decorating your nursery in whatever color accordingly, guessing the sex of the baby can be really fun and exciting with such predictions. So do go ahead and find how far the nub gender prediction theory will turn out to be accurate in your case.


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