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Is It Safe To Bleach Facial Hair During Pregnancy?

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Once you discover you are expecting, life becomes totally different and all that you used to do usually becomes a big question mark about how safe it is during this period. There is no doubt about the fact that itchy tummy, swollen ankles and stretch marks are all inevitable during this phase. However, this does not mean you also require putting up with unwanted facial hair. There is an increase of hair due to the hormonal changes during this period, which can cause you to look and feel unattractive. Though chemical ways to get rid of unwanted hair during pregnancy is not recommended, you could try some other alternatives. Read on to know some facts about bleaching during pregnancy.
Woman face bleach during pregnancy

  • Is It Safe To Bleach Body Hair During Pregnancy?
  • What Precautions Should I Take Using Hair Bleaching Products During Pregnancy?
  • What Other Alternatives Can I Use To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair?
  • Natural Ways For Bleaching Your Facial Hair
  • Symptoms Of Bleach Allergy
  • Is There Any Proof To Prove That Bleaching Is Safe During Pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Bleach Body Hair During Pregnancy?

It is largely considered safe as bleaching products contain diluted hydrogen peroxide mixed with ammonium hydroxide. A very little amount gets into your body and it is unlikely to cause any harm, though to be on the safe side you could avoid hair bleaching products for the first trimester. There is not any evidence suggesting that bleaching could harm the baby in anyway, though we recommend the following precautions to be adhered to strictly.

What Precautions Should I Take Using Hair Bleaching Products During Pregnancy?

  • Bleach is actually a kind of chemical- though considered largely safe. Consult your doctor before you apply this
  • Make sure you dab your face with cold water so that all the open pores get closed. This will take care to ensure that not too many chemicals do not infiltrate your skin
  • It would be advisable to get a professional to apply your bleach instead of opting to do it by yourself.
  • The best course would be to conduct a patch test to make sure that the bleach you plan applying is not in any way irritable to your skin at this period
  • You need to apply bleach sitting in a open area that has enough ventilation to ascertain that the chemicals and fumes are not accumulated leading to any sort of uneasiness for the mother to be
  • Never make the mistake of applying bleach if your skin already has rashes or itching of any kind
  • Do not apply it for a very long period and make sure you remove all traces from your face as is recommended on the package
  • It is important you use only branded bleach and never settle for anything local
  • Read all the instructions given very carefully before applying your bleach to avoid any unwanted complications

What Other Alternatives Can I Use To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair?

If you are worried and want to play it safe, try alternatives like waxing, shaving or using a cream. The extra hair growth on your body should resume to normal some 6 months after your baby is born, when you can g back to bleaching again. It would be a good idea to settle for a natural means to bleach facial hair. Given below are some means to bleach your face. These homes, made recipes are can surely provide you the perfect solution to camouflage unwanted facial hair.

Natural Ways For Bleaching Your Facial Hair

  • Applying the juice of a tomato is effective in lightening the hair on your face
  • Lemon with honey is also an excellent remedy to bleach facial hair
  • Milk mixed with mashed papaya is also found to be excellent natural bleach

glowing pregnant woman

Symptoms Of Bleach Allergy

If you finally do happen to use bleaching creams during this delicate stage, you need to be aware of the most common telltale signs of bleaching having poisoned you. The symptoms include:

  1. Breathlessness
  2. Vomiting and nausea
  3. Eye issues and itching or rashes on the skin
  4. Feeling of chest tightness
  5. Breathing problems like coughing and wheezing

In case you happen to experience any of the above symptoms, it is necessary that you get in touch with your doctor at once. Never panic if you find something wrong as your doctor is certain to help you get better very soon. It is found that you need to consume lots of water and sit straight up if this happens. If you are regularly using contact lenses, it is important that you get rid of that bleach at once as you need not take the risk of bleach toxicants entering your blood stream through the eyes.

Is There Any Proof To Prove That Bleaching Is Safe During Pregnancy?

Although there are no actual research discoveries that ascertain that bleaching facial hair is dangerous for the mother or fetus growing within her, there are certain apprehensions that may crop up about whether this is safe for the little life within you. Given the other options like waxing, the ideal of using bleach is best forgotten at this stage. And even if you find that this is something that cannot be avoided, make sure you wait till the second trimester of your conception. Also bear in mind the fact that skin becomes overly sensitive during this period, and this calls for extra attention to ensure your skin does not react in any way.

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