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It is proven that pregnancy changes a woman’s life completely. Your body is thriving to build an incredible human being inside you to make you a wonderful woman called MOTHER. It takes many physical, and emotional changes which could make you feel overwhelmed at times. To cut down on that feeling, and to clear up your doubts and confusion, you should consider joining an online pregnancy group. 

Pregnancy and childbirth bring in a lot of happiness, but sometimes it is normal to give in and feel a few emotional ups and downs. At that stage, joining an online pregnancy group can be a great support for a mother from another female who might have gone through the same situation or is in that situation. Let’s dive in deep to know more about the benefits of it and when you should consider joining.

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What is a Pregnancy Group?

The pregnancy group is the group of moms-to-be, new mothers, and experienced mothers with the same or slight age difference in children or babies. It can be of two types, online and offline.

1. Offline Pregnancy Group

In the offline pregnancy group, mothers meet once a week and discuss the situation. It is like one-to-one support where the experienced mother gives tips to new mothers. Expecting women learn a lot about being a mother in advance and also a lot of tips and tricks to handle pregnancy. The group meeting normally is held at a peaceful and calming place like a park, or a garden.  

The pregnancy group is like money-free therapy. As the experienced person or enduring person can understand the particular situation much better than anyone can. 

Here are a few benefits of an offline pregnancy group

  • Increase socialization and knowledge
  • Help to adapt better parenting style 
  • Exposure to new places 

2. Online Pregnancy Group

The online group is the pregnancy group or community that is made on social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It can be a platform where the needs of a pregnant woman are addressed with care, at your home, or in your comfort zone. The meeting and group calls can be held anytime at the convenience of members. Both new and experienced mothers can connect on calls or chat and discuss all the issues and make a way out of them.

Here are a few benefits of an online pregnancy group

  • Socializing and knowledge 
  • Can be done from the comfort zone 
  • Help adapt better parenting 
  • Even the bedrest woman can join and that will improve her health.

When Should You Consider Joining an Online Pregnancy/Mother’s Group?

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The best suggested time to join an online pregnancy/mother’s group is when you are planning for a baby or after you conceive. The initial support from mothers’ groups can be of great benefit as you learn about family planning and be aware in advance of all the situations that you might face and prepare yourself mentally. It’s never too late to join an online pregnancy/mother’s group. If you already had your baby and are in your postpartum, join in and get suggestions. You can also share your experiences with the other new moms or moms-to-be.

Benefits of Joining a Pregnancy/Mother’s Group

Here are a few benefits of joining a pregnancy group

1. Reach Out to Mothers in Similar Life Stages of Pregnancy

The most considerable benefit of a mothers group is you have access to other mothers of the same and similar phases of life. You can freely discuss any topic as they are in the same stage of life and understand the problem well. Their suggestions are much more efficient than anything because an experienced person can give wise ideas and solutions than any other. 

Joining an online pregnancy group can also help you

  • Get some shopping ideas before bringing your newborn home.
  • Get suggestions on how to stock up on things if you are at the end of the pregnancy.
  • It helps you stay aware of vaccinations and screening tests during pregnancy.
  • Gives you baby shower ideas.
  • Non-judgemental support for your emotional breakdown during pregnancy.

2. Local Recommendations

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The traditions and culture vary from place to place. Culture is the adaptation to the surroundings, according to the environment. So, the wonderful benefit is you have easy access to local recommendations from the mothers of your surrounding.

Local recommendations are better and useful if you have moved into the town just then and are clueless about things. They are also useful because if you are not so familiar with your surroundings. 

For example, if you join an online pregnancy group in early pregnancy, you might get a few recommendations about the best gynecologist in your area, nearby medical stores, prenatal yoga classes, and the best pediatrician for your baby. They can also recommend you the best birthing classes available offline and online. Your neighbors or the moms you meet online who live in the same area can be the best fit for local recommendations. 

3. A Listening Ear – Share Your Thoughts With Like-Minded Mothers

The main motive of every mother’s group is to provide a listening ear. You can share all your problems, difficulties, thoughts, ideas, dos, and don’ts, etc. It is like you always have someone to listen to you. It is believed that the minds of two different people will think alike if they experience the same situation. So, you get someone with the same thinking ability. You can share your thoughts and ideas with the mothers who will appreciate and like it. 

Pregnancy is a delicate phase, you learn, and unlearn many things during this time. Hence, it is important to meet people and open up to discussions, which will always benefit you in later phases of life. 


1. What is The Best Time to Join The Pregnancy Group?

You can join an online pregnancy group or a mother’s group once you get your pregnancy confirmation. You will start meeting many people sharing your journey, which would help you deal with a few overwhelming situations during the phase. 

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