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Packing The Perfect Bag For A Daycare

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Packing the Daycare bag
If you leave your toddler at a daycare or a crèche, you must be facing an everyday struggle to pack his bags. Many mothers check it many times to make sure every needed item is there in the bag. The trick is to not overload the bag but have it well-packed. Beyond milk and fresh diapers, a host of other necessities should also be checked for. It is always better to pack your child’s bag at night and label it with his name, if he goes to a daycare. These simple tips may ease your job during morning rush hours:

  • Extra Clothes:Keep some extra pair of clothes, undergarments, socks depending on the age of your child like:
    • For Infants(0-1 years of age)
      If your baby uses diaper all the time you may not need many pairs of clothes and undergarments but if he does not, make sure to keep enough of nappies and clothes for the whole day
    • For toddlers(1-2 years of age)
      By now your toddler would start walking and some even get potty trained. They get their clothes dirty more frequently than infants. Along with one extra comfortable pair of shoes, keep two –three extra dresses for him especially pants
    • For toddlers(2-3 years of age)
      If he is well trained for potty, just one extra pair of clothes is sufficient at this age
  • Bibs: Bibs are very necessary for infants and toddlers, and must be packed in a child’s daycare bag.
    • For Infants(0-1 years of age)
      Only one or two bibs would be enough for infants as someone has to feed them
    • For toddlers(1-2 years of age)
      During this age they learn to feed themselves thus 3-4 long bibs may be needed for the whole day
    • For toddlers(2-3 years of age)
      They become little expert in handling eatables but still need one or two aprons to keep their clothes clean while eating

    Daycare bag

  • Diapers & wipes:Many daycares ask the parents to bring a bag of diapers and wipes at the beginning of the month. It is better to have more than not enough.
    • For Infants(0-1 years of age)
      Keep at least 10 diapers and a pack of wipes in a bag pack for your baby. You never know when your little one may need these in excess
    • For toddlers(1-2 years of age)
      Along with 3-4 diapers keep some pair of extra pants and underwears. Toddlers at this age gets busy in playing and does not realize often that they want to pee
    • For toddlers(2-3 years of age)
      This is the time to train your toddler for potty so stay away from diapers. Pack extra pants with them
  • Medicines: One of the most important items is your toddlers’ medicines which should be kept in his bag when you plan to leave him at daycare. Medicines for fever, cough, stomach pain along with labels should be packed in his bag as per his age
  • Feeding needs:
    • For Infants(0-1 years of age)
      All the feeding equipments should be packed for infants along with sterilizers if he is formula fed or uses bottles. Keep extra feeding bottles
    • For toddlers(1-2 years of age)
      Toddlers this age are quite possessive and may require their own sippy cups, bowls, glasses, spoons etc.
    • For toddlers(2-3 years of age)
      Generally it is not needed for this age group

    Leaving the child in a creche

  • Nappy Rash cream, baby cream:You baby will surely need these so do not forget to keep these. It is better to have one extra sachet of rash cream or winter cream kept in his bag permanently
  • Sleeping gears:
    • For Infants(0-1 years of age)
      Enough sleeping mat, plastic sheet, blankets will be required for your child’s nap at daycare
    • For toddlers(1-2 years of age)
      A plastic sheet along with his favorite blanket or bed sheet would be sufficient
    • For toddlers(2-3 years of age)
      If he is in habit of taking nap you may pack one bed sheet or mat if required
  • Home address and contact details: With the children of all age you should always keep a card with your number, email & address in their bag pack
  • Snacks or meals: Depending on the daycare facilities, pack his favorite snacks or meals in a lunch box for the whole day
  • Toys:Some of the toddlers are so fond of some specific toy that they do not want to leave it at all. If yours is the same case, you may not want to forget to keep that toy along with him. This also ensures that your toddler has a familiar toy and does not feel left out
  • Hat or woolen cap if it’s cold: For sunny day keep a hat if he plays outdoor games. If it’s cold 1-2 woolen caps are must for a toddler or an infant
  • Napkins: It is wise to have 2-3 clean small napkins in his bag pack if he goes to daycare or preschool
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