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12 Tips To Travel Safe With A Toddler

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Travelling with a Toddler
Your travel plans need to be aligned with your child’s routines, and though there is no guarantee that your child will not be fussy, there sure is a satisfying assurance that you have managed to take care of everything that your child needs. Sometimes travelling with a toddler can be nerve wrecking, throwing you off the wits with crying toddlers at the tow. When it comes to travelling with an infants or toddlers, you really need to think about many aspects. Safety is one of them. Check out these simple tips to travel safe with a toddler:

    1. While traveling by public transport/car


      • For infants(0-1 years)
        Always carry /hire a car seat if you are traveling by bus, self-driven car, taxi or train. Keep him safely seated in car seat; it will protect him from unexpected jerks. In case you are flying for a longer duration, it is good to keep a car seat if airline does not provide the same for a baby
      • For Toddlers (1-2 years)
        You should take your baby stroller along with you if you are going on long holidays. If carrying sounds tedious, hire one. Toddlers at this age cannot sit still for more than few minutes. So be very attentive to avoid any accidents
      • For toddlers (2-3 years)
        By now your child is curious to know everything. He would only want to take window seat whether you are flying or taking any other means of transportation. Be careful he does not take his hand out of the window. Have him tie a seat belt in a car. Do not allow him to go towards the door in the train
    1. Pack Enough food and water


      • For infants(0-1 years)
        Keep all feeding equipments along with sterilizer if our little one depends on formula feeds. Keep some homemade semi solid items for the whole journey so that outside food can be avoided
      • For toddlers(1-2 years)
        Keep some wafers and biscuits so that you can keep your child off from the chips, cookies, sweets etc sold in train or stations. If you have to give them any outside item, taste it before you have them eat
      • For toddlers(2-3 years)
        Toddlers this age are generally fussy eaters so you really need to focus on variety of snacks or food you are planning to pack

Travelling with an infant

    1. Medicines: Whether it’s an infant or a toddler, you must keep first aid kit and some necessary medicines in your bag pack. Do not forget to keep a thermometer, Vicks, nasal drops and a small honey bottle if you prefer home remedies for minor issues
    2. Your contact details


      • For infants(0-1 years)
        Always keep a card with your address and contact number in your baby’s stroller
      • For toddlers(1-2 years)
        The same kind of card can be kept in your toddler’s pocket
      • For toddlers(2-3 years)
        We suggest making your toddler learn a few details by the time they becomes two years old like your contact number, home address. They are smart enough for these things now
      • Extra bedding: If you are traveling during winters always keep one extra blanket to protect your child from sudden weather changes. You can leave the diapers and formula behind; these things can be bought anywhere so more than 3 days of supply would be enough. Make room for a blanket, some caps, and a small toy
      • Minimize hand luggage: Keep hand luggage to the minimum so that you can take care of your child properly. Do not presume you can manage like you used to before having a child – it is very very different now
      • Destination: If it is a planned holiday avoid going to rivers and beaches as you may end up taking care of your infant instead of enjoying. Safe destinations can lead to happy holidays

Travelling with a 2-3 year old

      • Entertaining your child is important:


        • For infants(0-1 years)
          Keep some of his rattle toys, musical toys or anything that attracts him
        • For toddlers(1-2 years)
          You may keep his favorite small toy car or blocks which may keep him busy for some time
        • For toddlers(2-3 years)
          Some colors and a color book or any puzzle pieces which are easy to carry can be a good option
      • Washing hands: Infants may not be able to move much but toddlers will most definitely touch everything when you travel. Make sure you wash their hands along with yours, before you give them anything to eat. Carry a small sanitizer, some baby wipes and small towels. This will keep them safe from germs and illness
      • Dressing right to keep them safe


      • For infants(0-1 years)
        Dress your baby in comfortable clothes so that she/he feels comfortable. It also makes your job of changing nappies/diaper easy. Fancy clothes may cause rashes on baby’s soft skin
      • For toddlers(1-2 years)
        Never dress your toddler in fancy clothes which increase the chances of falling down or getting caught with objects. Avoid bows and ribbons, too many buttons are also not a good idea
      • For toddlers(2-3 years)
        Prefer clothes which can easily be changed as you never know when your little one gets dirt/mud strains or food on them
      • Avoid infected areas: Avoid going to too crowded areas where the chances of getting infected are more to keep your baby safe. Try changing the baby’s diapers in changing rooms only
      • Taking care of ears while flying: Some of the babies suffer from ear pain due to changes in air pressure during takeoff and landing.This may be avoided by breastfeeding or bottle feeding baby during takeoff and landing

Have a safe and happy journey

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